Friday, 2014-03-07

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jayneilzenlinux: ping21:53
russell--Bryanstein: pong22:24
Bryansteinhey russell--22:33
russell--what's up?22:34
Bryansteinah just trying to join p2p network for like ages no more ipv6?22:34
Bryansteinrussell--, do you have a minnowboard?22:35
russell--i don't22:35
BryansteinAh, but you're interested?22:35
russell--there should be ipv622:36
russell--you talking about the irc server?22:36
BryansteinWell there is on one ip but the ports are different and ssl didn't work22:36
Bryansteinyes the irc server22:36
russell--hmm, /me looks22:36
russell--what ipv6 address are you trying to connect to?22:38
Bryansteinrussell--, wait let me check22:54 has address is an alias for has address
Bryansteinthose don't have ipv623:00
Bryansteinthe other 2 let me try and connect via ssl23:01
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Bryansteinthat has ipv6 connectivity but port 6660 does nothing russell-- ..on ipv4 or 623:05
russell--Bryanstein: how about
russell--it seems to be listening on ipv623:11
Bryansteinlooking now23:12
Bryansteinerr russell-- which port? I've tried 6660 didn't work23:14
Bryansteinipv4 works with 666723:14
Bryansteinon that ip at least23:14
BryansteinNor does 7000 work either which was supposed to be ssl. I have a system that only does ipv6 for my bouncer23:15
BryansteinI'll pm you real fast russell--23:16
Bryansteinclear the air in here23:16
russell--it's listening on all 6660-6669 and 7000 on ipv6, i'm not sure about ssl, looking23:16
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