Monday, 2014-03-10

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zenlinux"Welcome to Droning On, Hackaday’s new column covering all things unmanned." Nice pun.15:23
zenlinuxI'd live to find the time for a regular MinnowBoard blog series, "Gone Fishing"15:24
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blunaxelaDo anyone know of a good link to a list of different angstrom builds for the minnow?  We've tried building our own image, one with usb wifi support and no gnome, but we've run into endless errors.18:18
prpplagueblunaxela: generally there is only a single angstrom build18:19
blunaxelaThe latest one provided on doesn't support usb wifi, so I search around some (since I didn't want to get into building) and found a list of images from 06-2013 that worked great18:21
blunaxelabut I want an image without gnome18:22
zenlinuxblunaxela, one moment18:27
zenlinuxthere's a variety of images there18:27
zenlinuxthe GNOME systemd image is the main one we ship with18:27
zenlinuxbut you can get one that's simply Angstrom-systemd-image18:28
zenlinuxI think the kernel will be the same, though18:28
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blunaxelazenlinux, thanks!  I think that's just about what I'm looking for.19:00
blunaxelaSo for writing to the SD card the instructions online have me use the angstrom*.img.xz, the minimal core images in that link have angstrom*.rootfs.tar.xz19:03
blunaxelaIs the rootfs an image I can just feed into dd, or is that a new "root file system" that I need to somehow place in the sdcard's existing rootfs?19:05
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jayneilzenlinux: ping23:19
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