Monday, 2014-03-31

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zenlinuxwe're live - MinnowBoard MAX info is on our web site:
ahollercongrats to the replacement of pvr ;)16:22
zenlinuxheh, indeed!16:24
ahollernow it might be a competitor to the nuc or vice versa16:33
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zenlinuxyeah, hardware-wise, there are a lot of similarities16:40
zenlinuxThe Bay Trail NUC is around $135, and that's without any RAM16:40
zenlinuxbut it does have a case16:40
aholleryes, the minnowboard-max looks to be inbetween arm and the nuc. at least by price. don't know how fast the atom is. and there is now word about power consumption16:44
tbrI'd argue that the NUC and the max, while based around similar SoCs have vastly different intended target audiences16:46
zenlinuxtbr, agreed. I've talked with the NUC folks and they're not targeting makers or developing expansion boards like we do for MB16:48
zenlinuxand then there's the open hardware aspect16:48
ahollermakers are pretty hard to categorize ;)16:58
ahollerbutfor those requiring hdmi, it now looks like a good and especially easy to use alternative to the other stuff.17:00
ahollerah, there are tdp's17:16
ahollerin regard to case: that is a pretty nice one:17:38
ahollerI wonder why nobody before did come up with a case which includes a breadboard17:39
ahollerI already have attached a mini-breadboard to most of my little boards (beagle*, arduino) (those:
patrikCongrats to the max! :)18:47
sauerkrauseawww. perhaps I can justify a purchase of the max just for the intel hd graphics. that pvr has been the bane of me.19:00
zenlinuxThanks patrik, people seem to be receiving the board well19:00
patrikzenlinux, Yes, it's certainly a bump in performance. Looks awesome19:03
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rfLohas anyone tried the gpu of the minnowboard max? can it play 720p at 50fps?22:13
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