Tuesday, 2014-04-01

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BryansteinI see the Minnowboard Max has made its rounds...what a nice piece of hardware01:48
Bryansteinzenlinux, I'm glad you all kept that power header on there too01:49
BryansteinWell the two pin connector...man I can't wait to get my hands on it01:50
prpplagueBryanstein: hey bud01:52
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Bryansteinoh prpplague I stepped away for a bit...had a headache03:26
BryansteinHow is EE Live going? Or has it actually even started yet?03:26
calculusinquiring minds want to know if you are in San Jose, prpplague ?03:53
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thaytanindeed, Minnowboard Max looks nice06:40
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cousin_luigiDo you know if there's a version of the minnowboard with multiple NICs?07:28
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prpplagueBryanstein: you get a chance to look over all the specs for mbx?16:22
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NigelTufnel_howdy all16:33
NigelTufnel_Intel employee here. I have a bunch of questions for the community16:36
prpplagueNigelTufnel_: greetings16:40
* prpplague is from circuitco16:40
prpplagueNigelTufnel_: what kind of questions do you have?16:40
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NigelTufnel__my main question is about the XDP header16:41
NigelTufnel__it appears on the schematic. Will it work out of the box with ITP or Lauterbach?16:41
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prpplagueNigelTufnel__: we have a small adapter board that plugs into the expansion header on the minnowboard max that provides the standard 60 XDP header16:45
prpplagueNigelTufnel__: although it is the 60 pin xdp header we only implement the 26-pin signals, so yes you can use ITP and lauterbach, but you are limited to a single observation port16:46
* prpplague goes to get a camera16:46
prpplagueNigelTufnel__: http://elinux.org/Minnowboard:MinnowMax_JTAG16:53
prpplagueNigelTufnel__: still there?16:57
NigelTufnel__I'm back17:09
NigelTufnel__also, has anyone experimented with FDK?17:09
NigelTufnel__and prpplague, where can I get this JTAG board?17:10
prpplagueNigelTufnel__: intel can purchase them directly from circuitco17:17
prpplagueNigelTufnel__: FDK?17:17
NigelTufnel__firmware dev kit. An alternate to UEFI/EDK17:18
prpplagueNigelTufnel__: ahh, no clue if anyone in intel is doing that17:18
prpplagueNigelTufnel__: the intel folks on the team are doing UEFI , which circuitco is doing coreboot17:18
NigelTufnel__FDK is also known as FSP17:20
prpplagueNigelTufnel__: ahh17:20
prpplagueNigelTufnel__: yea i have trouble with all the intel acronyms17:20
prpplagueNigelTufnel__: yes there is a FSP package for baytrail that has been tested on minnowmax17:21
NigelTufnel__we do too17:21
NigelTufnel__we use it in the labs17:21
NigelTufnel__this is cool17:22
NigelTufnel__prpplague: can you send me or PM info on ordering the boards?17:23
prpplagueNigelTufnel__: boards are not available yet for general public, however you may be able to go through some of the intel contacts17:23
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NullMoogleCableQuad-core E3845 ooooo20:15
ahollermachinery works. it seems to have hit every news provider. theregister and heise have a note too.20:21
mmetzgerMy collection of SBCs is getting a little nutty and now I get to add MBMax to the mix...20:22
ahollerthey all are trying to ride the maker hype ;)20:22
prpplagueNullMoogleCable: you are welcome20:43
calculusspeaking of...20:52
calculusprpplague: are there any plans for MinnowBoard and Maker Faire Bay Area (week before Memorial weekend)20:53
prpplaguecalculus: sorry i don't know of any20:54
prpplaguecalculus: not to say there aren't any, just i don't know of them20:54
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