Wednesday, 2014-04-02

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anomalystneplace selling a case and/or powersupply for the new board?00:48
prpplagueanomalyst: the new board won't be available until june of this year00:56
prpplagueanomalyst: but yes when it is available, there will be a power supply and case available00:56
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dbc_So, minnowboard max has no CAN bus?06:10
dbc_What's the simplist way to hang a CAN controller onto a MAX?06:10
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lesboo hi09:06
lesboi cannot find product listing09:06
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aholler_the window to buy hw has become quiet small. things are announced many months before they are available and when they are available, that's often just for a few months ;)09:36
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aholleroh, he's already gone, patience is a virtue ;)09:37
bluelightning'tis often the way with those not familiar with IRC09:38
bluelightningperhaps it's our modern instant-gratification culture09:38
aholleryes, and I still sometimes fail to see the quit message, especially if I forget to use tab which prevents this ;)09:39
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anomalystis there neplace selling a case and/or powersupply for the new board?18:51
prpplagueanomalyst: the new minnowmax is not available to the public yet, but when the board IS available, a case and power supply will be available as well18:52
calculusis the power supply the usual 5V/x amps barrel jack?18:55
prpplaguecalculus: yea18:55
prpplaguecalculus: 5V@2.5A18:55
anomalystprpplague: hopefully it will have room for a 2.5 sata drive18:56
prpplagueanomalyst: the case will be designed to be used with the lizzy lure which will include a single mPCIe slot and a single mSATA slot18:57
calculusgoodie, because I think I have 5V@4A floating around here, maybe 3A ones instead18:57
prpplaguecalculus: yea those should be fine18:57
calculusprpplague: thanks19:00
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NullMoogleCablemight be worth while to have some sort of locking power con on the board19:23
anomalystNullMoogleCable: mebbe the case will have some kind of wire bail to hold it in place. Maybe someone can 0ffer a 3D printed plastic one that could be epoxied19:27
calculusyeah, a power connector with magnets19:28
NullMoogleCableis there a printable case for the minnow?19:34
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