Thursday, 2014-04-03

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dbc_Is there a cheap & practical way to get CAN bus on the new MAX?00:36
prpplaguedbc_: yes00:56
prpplaguedbc_: a CAN Bus Lure will be available for less than $3000:56
dbc_What chip is it using, and how does it connect to the proc?01:03
prpplaguedbc_: the base design uses SPI to connect to the processor01:05
dbc_So, I'm guessing it uses the (pretty old) MCP2515 controller?01:05
prpplaguedbc_: basically it is the same as this arduino shield -
prpplaguedbc_: yes indeed01:05
prpplaguedbc_: if there is a specific can bus implementation you are interested in, please let us know01:06
dbc_I'm experimenting with CAN bus for robotics.  The original Minnow was interesting because  I only needed to add a transceiver and a connector.01:08
dbc_The '2515 is not really well-endowed with match registers, etc, compared to the built-in CAN controllers in the typical ARM Cortex-Mx part.01:09
dbc_To be honest my first reaction to losing built-in CAN on the MAX is to be really bummed.01:09
prpplaguedbc_: yea can bus was not one of the items we got a lot of interest in, and in fact the baytrail does not have an integrated can bus controller01:10
dbc_Well, if Intel yanked CAN out of the chipset I understand why it got removed from the new MInnow.01:11
dbc_I had a CAN lure for my robot bus sketched up, but I guess I'll scrap that and go back to my BeagleBone Cape project. Cheers.01:14
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calculusbummer, I was hoping he would have suggested another part01:49
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asterisk_i am a hardware engineer, and have lot of experience for the asterisk (a communication software, IPPBX ), i have designed PCM bus IP core of FPGA and used in ATOM series board, now i found the Minnowboard, it is so exciting, and i want to open my IP core based on Minnowboard Max, i want talking this in details, someone can tell me who i can talk to Minnowboard team in details, i searched website, but can find a mail address to t03:13
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asterisk_sorry, cant find a contact information to talk about for how to do this03:14
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prpplagueasterisk_: there is a mailing list you can post on03:19
prpplagueasterisk_: or you can email me directly and i can put you in touch with the people you need to discuss it with03:20
asterisk_oh, thank you, i will email to you right now :)03:20
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asterisk_Hi Danders, mail sent to you, please check it out04:01
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aholler_the MCP2515 is a pretty bad part05:23
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* mranostay trolls back in05:29
mranostayaholler: how so?05:29
zenlinuxheya mranostay, I had dinner tonight on Santana Row05:30
zenlinuxthanks for the suggestion05:30
mranostayzenlinux: it is no san francisco but it is the happening place in SJ05:30
zenlinuxyeah, I'd say so - they even have a Tesla shop05:30
mranostayyou'll love the bar closing times in SJ 12:3005:30
zenlinuxI'm not much of a drinker anyway. It was a 2 beer night for me, and I'm already back at the hotel.05:31
mranostayzenlinux: going to ELC?05:31
zenlinuxthat's the current plan, but sometimes, plans can change05:32
zenlinuxand you?05:32
mranostayyeah speaking05:32
mranostaytaking the 3 days after and going to SF05:32
zenlinuxjust a caltrain ride away05:33
mranostay7p flight back on Sunday.. which i've learned i needed05:34
zenlinuxnot taking the intel air shuttle?05:34
mranostaynah i doubt the times would line up05:35
zenlinuxyeah, plus you'd have to get back down to santa clara05:36
ahollermranostay: I once had fun with it:
mranostayzenlinux: well flying into SJC so i have to get back :/05:37
ahollerthe chip has no real buffers05:37
mranostaybut hillsboro airport is a pain to get too05:37
ahollerwith fast speeds it becomes pretty ugly05:37
mranostaynot locking up my bike for a week in one spot in the open05:38
mranostayzenlinux: i find the people that live in hillsboro weird.. why would you want to live in the suburbs :)05:40
zenlinuxI agree, but I think when people start having bigger families, the burbs start to become more attractive05:41 some schwag from the ST folks, that Nucleo board and the stm32 discovery board05:42
zenlinuxyou can never have too many microcontrollers05:43
mranostayzenlinux: time is the issue05:43
zenlinuxyou make the microcontrollers automate you life to save you time :)05:44
* calculus should have joined zenlinux tonight05:48
zenlinuxcalculus, you at EE Live?05:49
calculuszenlinux: nope, but work/live nearby enough to meet05:49
zenlinuxah, some other time perhaps - maybe during ELC, which will also be in san jose05:50
calculusI look forward to it05:50
ahollermranostay: if I remember correctly, the chip has just one receive buffer. so while you are reading this buffer, the chip can't receive anything06:07
ahollerthis quickly ends up with errors06:07
aholler(at hi speeds)06:07
mranostayaholler: ew half duplex06:07
mranostayor not even06:08
mranostayjust stupid full duplex design06:08
ahollerso it goes like that: mcp fills small buffer -> irq -> cpu empties buffer (reads it) -> cpu signals mcp buffer ready for more06:12
ahollerso if somethings at the can bus while the cpu is active, the mcp can't store it and you have errors06:13
aholler(there is second receive buffer the mcp does switch to)06:17
ahollerit's worse than the fifo on conventional serials ;)06:20
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rjordanshello all12:43
rjordansis there any mailing-list or something that I can register to so that I can get a reminder when the new minnowboard max is released?12:44
rjordansand is there someone with edit rights to the minnowboard wiki?  there is a typo in the channel name on
rjordansit has an 'o' too many12:45
bluelightningrjordans: fixed, thanks12:51
bluelightningrjordans: as for mailing list it looks like there is this:
bluelightning(that's linked from the website)12:52
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rjordansah, bluelightning, thanks for the mailinglist, I missed that one13:16
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prpplaguepatrik: greetings20:07
patrikprpplague, hey20:07
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