Friday, 2014-04-04

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riddlessooooo...... since minnow is x86 it should be able to run windows right?03:25
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dosse91hi! i have a quick question about the minnowboard max. i know it's a stupid idea, but does windows 8 run on it?10:08
FUNdosse91: i think -> possible10:13
FUNbut i don't think it is ideal10:16
FUNwindows 8 is too big for embedded system10:16
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tbrwasn't this supposed to be answered in the FAQ?10:18
FUNit's not on FAQ10:18
FUNgoogle shows that there is a pdf instruction on how to install windows on minnowboard XD10:20
tbrwhat's a "minnowboard xd"?10:24
FUNXD is smile10:25
FUNbig smile10:25
FUNeye closed XD10:26
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Valduarehi guys13:51
Valduarethe max looks pretty interesting13:57
Valduarewonder when we’ll see things like this with more ram13:59
Valduarequiet channel...14:33
FUNValduare: what part of 'minnowboard max' do u like?15:18
Valduareformfactor x8615:21
Valduarei see the soc can support 8 gigs total15:21
Valduareand quad core15:21
Valduareany ideas when that version will be out? :P15:21
FUNmy guess is... q415:22
FUNdo u know x86 assembly?15:23
Valduarewonder if these type of boards will get down to the 40-60 dollar range15:23
FUNI wish this max board is priced at 40 usd and kicks beagleboneblack15:25
Valduarebeaglebone black is arm15:26
Valduarethere are some projects that are not functional on arm environments yet that i’d like to run15:27
Valduareso this max board looks very promising to me15:27
FUNhm... binary blob...15:27
FUNit looks like the price will be around 130 usd15:29
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Valduarea bunch of these in quad core with 8 gigs of ram each  setup with ubuntu MaaS and juju and openstack would be fun too15:29
FUNactually dual-core15:30
Valduareaye hte 129 model is dual core 2 gigs of ram15:30
Valduareintel states that the board can support the quad core version of the proc though15:30
Valduarewhat are you looking to use these boards for?15:31
FUNvideo processing15:31
FUNbut i think arm cortex-a15 does better with more cores15:32
Valduarewhat exactly with video processing15:33
FUNuse opencv to construct 3d model representation on realtime (with slight delay is ok...)15:35
FUNthat's part 115:35
FUNuse 2d map and constructed model to eliminate errors15:36
FUNthat's part215:36
FUNgenerate multi-path from point A to B15:37
FUNthat's part 315:38
FUNI also want to save images and video segments.15:40
FUNtoo many things to do with one device.15:40
FUNValduara: I searched juju on google. nice google image ;-)16:48
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