Monday, 2014-04-07

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FUNI would like to see benchmarks for minnowboard-max02:13
FUNi mean atom e3825 (minnowboard max)02:16
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BhaalI am not a minnowboard owner, but as soon as the MAX come out I plan on being the owner of many units...  PLEASE hurry up and bring them to market :)02:32
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xlinkz0hey, just curious if the upcoming minnowboard max will have quicksync09:52
xlinkz0or any other h264 encoder / decoder ?09:53
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tbrxlinkz0: given that the SoC is known, you could probably look that up in intel specs10:10
xlinkz0tbr: ark doesn't specify10:10
BhaalAnyone know yet what kind of bus performance I can expect when transferring data over gigabit network, pulling data off USB3 and dumping to Sata, all at the same time?10:15
ahollerBhaal: the devices behind usb3/sata will likely be the limiting factor10:16
tbrreturns NIL, so I'd say no10:16
Bhaalaholler: Ahhh so there would be no other bus bottlenecks then?10:17
Bhaalcpu will keep up?10:17
xlinkz0so it won't be able to transcode in real time a camera stream :(10:29
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zenlinuxmorning everyone15:56
zenlinuxI've posted a "media/press fact check" section on our MB MAX announcement page, since some misinformation is spreading about the board15:57
patrikzenlinux, Who's claiming that the Max has PowerVR? (If that's what they're saying)16:16
patrikany articles?16:18
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zenlinuxpatrik, no one's saying max has powervr, they're confusing the "Intel HD Graphics" on max with the HD4000 Graphics16:20
Guest78355has anyone tried to communicate with an arduino using the minnowboard? I just switched over from the beaglebone black which was running ubuntu and it had the capabilities. The angstrom preloaded onto the minnow does not have the proper communications with the arduino. Ive tried opkg install kernel module for the cdc acm but it response with unknown package. Can anyone point me to the right direction?16:22
patrikzenlinux, ah ok, I would have given up on mankind if that where the case :)16:24
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mranostaypatrik: i have already :)16:43
mranostayzenlinux: been to dorkbot recently?16:44
zenlinuxhi mranostay17:22
zenlinuxI haven't, actually. You?17:22
mranostaythinking of going tonight17:39
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zenlinuxI have prior arrangements for this evening, but I definitely need to bring a MB MAX to the next meeting.18:00
calculuswoo, a sneak peek18:18
calculusa wild minnowboard max has appeared, catch it with a poke ball18:18
ahollerdo it like those did it with an *phone user. get him to a bar ;)18:21
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