Monday, 2014-04-14

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calculustook a look at the mailing list, only saw 3 posts for people interested in a quad-core minnowboard max18:05
calculusI suppose that does not help much for interest18:05
wmaronepolling solely on the mailing list is probably a poor place to do it18:08
tbryeah, also the emails didn't look /that/ great18:08
prpplaguecalculus: that's just the ones that have posted on the list, we've gotten about 30+ requests directly to circuitco18:13
prpplaguecalculus: which reminds me i need to post a response there18:13
tbrthat on the other hand isn't /that/ bad18:13
tbrprpplague: out of curiosity, does that need a different PCB or can you do it with the same and it's just stocking the CPUs etc.18:14
* warthog9 would admit to liking the idea of a quad core sku, but I'm kinda biased18:18
* calculus is also interested in quad core and more memory, if only for having more oomph in the same package18:25
prpplaguetbr: i spent a large amount of time making the main PCB compatible with every model of baytrail-i and baytrail-m18:28
prpplaguetbr: in addition it supports 1GB,2GB, and 4GB combinations18:28
prpplaguetbr: drop in18:28
prpplaguewarthog9: quad core version with 4gb ram will be available, we just haven't decided on a price yet18:29
warthog9I know18:40
calculusprpplague is such a forward thinker18:44
calculusI wish some of the guys I work with could plan for the future18:44
ahollerhmm, just have read about the beaglebone rev c and wonder if it will have otg instead of mini-usb.18:53
aholleroh, sorry, offtopic18:54
ahollersome names make me feel like I'm in another channel ;)18:55
prpplagueaholler: no18:55
prpplagueaholler: same as before, only difference is a few design tweaks and the 4gb emmc18:56
ahollerI assumed that. thanks.18:57
ahollerbtw., otg for the minnowboard would be nice too. ;)19:01
ahollereven if intel on a client-side is something long not seen ;)19:03
prpplagueaholler: minnow or minnowmax?19:03
ahollermax, no need for pvr. but it's just a suggestion ;)19:04
prpplagueaholler: yea, the baytrail doesn't have support OTG19:05
prpplagueaholler: not allocation for it19:05
ahollerthe max doesn't have an usb-client too, right?19:07
ahollerat least not at the specs19:08
prpplagueaholler: correct, the max is based on baytrail-i19:08
prpplagueaholler: ans since baytrail-i has no OTG support, max doesn't19:09
ahollerI've never read or seen an intel-datasheet ;)19:09
prpplagueaholler: for baytrail?19:10
ahollerany, so I know almost nothing about the cpu/soc/whateverbridge ;)19:10
aholleromg, optioal ecc in a non-server-intel-cpu ;)19:20
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