Friday, 2014-04-18

calculusahh rats, we have a team meeting April 29-May 101:14
calculuszenlinux: ummm, we should plan for some evening while you are in town and I can get away from my guys for dinner or something01:14
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zenlinuxhi calculus03:52
zenlinuxit turns out I actually will not be at ELC this year03:52
zenlinuxalthough I am going to be at Maker Faire in May03:53
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calculuszenlinux: yay, Maker Faire... I can be there too05:18
calculuszenlinux: do you need a volunteer?05:18
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zenlinuxcalculus, we actually won't have a booth at maker faire, and I'm just going for fun, not for work this time15:04
zenlinuxalthough I can see myself getting sucked into an intel booth for a while15:04
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calculuszenlinux: intel has had some cool booths in the past, one year they had the ping pongs bouncing around instruments and making music17:32
zenlinuxah right, that was a re-creation of a computer animation video that was popular some years ago17:33
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