Thursday, 2014-04-24

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T0mWJust started working with the new MinnowBoard that I ordered.  This is the original and not the MAX.  I've lots of experience with sysVinit and booting off sd (mmc) and sata type drives using lilo / grub.    But, this UEFI / systemd stuff has me totally stumped!17:13
prpplagueT0mW: welcome to the new world of UEFI17:13
T0mWIs the UEFI bios the loader?  It replaces the traditional loaders such as lilo / grub?17:13
T0mW~lart dave17:13
prpplagueT0mW: UEFI is basically a replacement for what in the good ol' days was known as the "BIOS"17:14
T0mWgot that17:14
T0mWwhere is the loader on the mmc card?17:14
prpplagueT0mW:  the UEFI will look for a filename called bootx3217:14
prpplagueT0mW: that file is basically whatever bootloader you are going to use17:15
prpplagueT0mW: for most situations, there is no real need to change it17:15
T0mWI built the angstrom (core-image-minimal), loaded up an SSD drive using and attached it to the board sata port.17:15
prpplagueT0mW: if you are just booting some generic linux17:15
T0mWproblem is I want to boot from sata17:16
prpplagueT0mW: if you generated the image properly from the angstrom core for minnow, it should have created a partition marked boot, which should have the bootx86 file17:17
T0mWok, mounting the fat partition to take a look17:17
prpplaguesorry i said, bootx86, i meant bootx3217:17
T0mWnm, not there.  Thought that parted showed me that one existed.17:18
prpplagueT0mW: you can check out the sdcard file system as an example17:18
dvhartangstrom builds grub-efi, gets installed as EFI/BOOT/bootx32.efi17:19
dvhartyou can use the to prepare the SATA drive just as you would a USB drive17:19
dvhart(a USB to SATA adapter makes this easier)17:19
prpplagueT0mW: dvhart is from intel on the minnowboard team there17:20
prpplagueT0mW: he is a lot more familiar with UEFI stuff than i17:20
T0mWdvhart: as root, with the SSD in the dev machine as /dev/sdi, I did: 'sources/meta-minnow/scripts/ /dev/sdi deploy/eglibc/images/minnow/core-image-minimal-minnow.hddimg /dev/sda'17:22
T0mWnaming /dev/sdi as target and naming /dev/sda as the device name to boot.17:22
T0mWhowever, the UEFI bios drops to a shell without the sdcard17:23
dvhartthat is expected17:23
T0mWSo, I tried to change the boot order / default device.17:23
dvhartif you want to boot from SATA by default, please follow the instructions with the "bcmd" command in the meta-minnow README17:23
T0mWthat in './setup-scripts/sources/meta-minnow/' ?17:25
T0mWdvhart: nothing there about the bcmd.  I tried searching all READMEs for 'bcmd' and came up empty.17:28
T0mWmaybe I'm following the wrong guide for cloning & building angstrom, I followed:
dvhartSorry, I meant bcfg17:31
T0mWpasting text into screen is terrible, tiny buffer on the minnow.17:35
T0mWwhat's the default root passwd?17:38
T0mWfor angstrom17:38
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T0mWdvhart: thanks, that info is what I needed to get going.17:45
T0mWprpplague: found where EFI/BOOT/bootia32.efi  is located.17:45
T0mWprpplague: this is more like it!  I wasn17:50
T0mWprpplague: this is more like it!  I wasn't too impressed with booting off the mmc (sd) card, but, the SSD is a huge improvement.17:51
T0mWdvhart: I have two products I want to use this on.  One goes into production Q3 2014 and currently has PC104+ module on it, the other is a new design under development.  This is a nice board.17:53
dvhartT0mW, wonderful to hear! Thank you.18:00
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prpplagueT0mW: hey, i forget, why was it you wanted the original but not the minnowmax?18:07
T0mWprpplague: basically, the original has all the I/O we would need.  while the max is stripped down.18:09
dvhartit's missing CAN... but otherwise it isn't all that stripped down18:09
prpplagueT0mW: what I/O is missing?18:11
T0mWyeah, well, we want to do VOIP / telephony with one product and I'm not sure what electronics I would have to add for the HDMI audio.18:11
T0mWthe products would be using LVDS type LCD18:11
T0mWSo, the HDMI is not much of a gain for us.18:12
prpplagueT0mW: ahh right that was what it was18:12
prpplagueT0mW: yea you can added a TFP401 to decode the hdmi for use with the LVDS18:12
T0mWI'll have to do a DVO->LVDS circuit for the MAX.18:12
prpplagueT0mW: pretty easy to do18:12
prpplagueT0mW: yea18:12
prpplagueT0mW: however, we can certainly do an oem version of minnowmax with LVDS18:12
prpplagueT0mW: it's been on my concideration list for some time18:13
T0mWprpplague: saw that, pretty straight forward.  Actaully, I think that I'll have to do that TFP401 and take it down to RGB as many 10inch LCDs still use it and not LVDS.18:13
prpplagueT0mW: yea18:13
T0mWprpplague: we are locked into the darned PC104+ module for a while as they did a bulk order. The boss asked if I could replace the PC104+ with a minnow and only gave me three weeks to do that. I told him no as I would need two external interrupt inputs to the Atom and would not commit with that unknown.18:15
prpplagueT0mW: ahh18:15
T0mWI'm pushing really hard to kill that product and replace it with a new design.18:16
T0mWprpplague: we'll talk next week.18:16
T0mWprpplague: oh, the other reason was the USB gadget was missing from the max.18:21
prpplagueT0mW: ahh right18:24
dvhartYeah, I was sorry to see that go :/18:26
dvhartIt's a better fit on Max than the original two just for size reasons - but.... maybe in a respin somewhere down the road we can get that and an audio jack back18:26
dvhartwhile still keeping costs down - that's hard part18:26
dvhartbase bon had to trump some of those in order to meet the $99 MSRP18:27
dvhartI know a great company that will happily respin a few hundred for you....18:27
T0mWlol, yeah, I think I know somebody there.18:29
T0mWor, we have a perfectly good PADS-PC setup, we could do the layout ourselves and have circuitco run them off.18:30
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warthog9la la la updating firmware on my v121:59
dvhartwarthog9, :-)22:01
warthog9dvhart: yeah it was down a 0.93, seemed like a good idea to update22:01
* dvhart bitbangs the minnowmax io22:01
warthog9and I'm starting to get some life out of the lizzy22:01
warthog9dvhart: yeah22:02
warthog9and I ordered a couple of usb 2a fakers and usb volt/amp meters22:02
warthog9to double check how much power I'm pulling out of the batteries22:02
warthog9wheee my gbe apparently lost it's mac address22:16
warthog9and there's something wonky with the msata22:16
dvhartyou can ref lash it with the flash tool22:16
warthog9the efi one?22:16
dvhartthere is a -M option iirc22:17
dvhartto write the MAC22:17
warthog9wifi works though :-)22:18
dvhart[x] verify pwm22:37
warthog9[x] wifi works ;-)22:38
warthog9dvhart: also, for what it's worth, I have a small collection of mini pci-e half to full adapters22:41
dvhartgreat, my selection is limited22:41
warthog9I ordered a pile a couple of days ago since the screws on the one I was trying to use didn't work22:42
dvharteither the pwm are lying to me, the driver is broken, or I have a fundamental gap in my understanding of the terms period and duty22:57
dvhartwould someone like to verify?22:58
dvhartif units are ns22:58
dvhartand period=1000000000 duty=50000000022:58
dvhartthen it should blink on/off once per second22:58
dvharton for .5s off for .5s22:58
seaLnelooks like that to me?23:01
dvhartI just get brighter or dimmer less, as though they were running at a MUCH higher frequency23:02
dvhartLEDs not less23:02
seaLneunless duty is supposed to be a fraction of the period rather than a duration in it?23:02
dvhartdocs are pretty clear:23:04
dvhart 69 period - The total period of the PWM signal (read/write).23:04
dvhart 70         Value is in nanoseconds and is the sum of the active and inactive23:04
dvhart 71         time of the PWM.23:04
dvhart 7223:04
dvhart 73 duty_cycle - The active time of the PWM signal (read/write).23:04
dvhart 74         Value is in nanoseconds and must be less than the period.23:04
seaLnesounds right then23:04
dvhartwill follow-up with the driver authors23:04
dvhartthanks for the sanity check23:04
seaLnenp :)23:04
seaLneare there any more details on the lizy than on the lure wiki page? i hadn't even realised that mpci to pcie adaptors existed and had been thinking about doing a pcie lure23:06
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dvhartseaLne, poke prpplague next time you see him23:13
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seaLnei had been wondering if it was him working on it as he had done the bob, thanks23:14
dvhart[x] uarts spew data23:49
dvhartonly api remains23:52
warthog9tasty spi23:53

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