Thursday, 2014-05-01

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Bryansteinrussell--, you alive?00:14
russell--Bryanstein: sort of!00:40
Bryansteinha...I figured out what was my irc issue!00:41
russell--what?00:41 carrier decided to filter all of my irc traffic :o(00:41
russell--oh, yeah00:42
BryansteinI thought it was you were definitely was my problem00:42
BryansteinYes wtf was that all about00:42
russell--we saw that too00:42
BryansteinI have tunnels from wayyy back to 200800:42
russell--apparently they were having some kind of abuse issue00:42
russell--you have to take their ipv6 quizes to get unblocked00:42
Bryansteinwell they claimed that if you got Sage certification you'd be unblocked00:43
Bryansteinwell that is a farce00:43
* Bryanstein is a Sage lol00:43
* russell-- has to leave keyboard again ... biab00:43
Bryansteinsure thing..later00:43
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warthog9Bryanstein: yeah I accidentally deleted my tunnel from way-back-when and had to jump through the final hoop to get sage to unlock irc again *grumbles*05:42
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halsteadMinnowBoard powered.
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