Saturday, 2014-05-03

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BhaalEverything still on target for MB Max to be available in June?08:19
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prpplagueBhaal: so far everything looks good for shipping minnowmax for mid june15:40
Bhaalprpplague: That is excellent news...  I never bought the original, but the Max is perfect for me are a data recovery platform, so chances are I will probably be ordering multiple units....  Will they come with the standoffs in the picture?  Or just the board? (I am assuming the latter) ..15:42
Bhaalprpplague: And thanks for getting back to me :)15:42
prpplagueBhaal: just the board15:43
prpplagueBhaal: but we will have some kits available15:43
prpplagueBhaal: standoffs and powersupply15:43
prpplagueBhaal: cables and such15:43
prpplagueBhaal: basically a small starter kit15:43
BhaalI am happy with just the board...  Mostly because if I do purchase multiple I will probably run them off a single hacked up ATX supply, so it powers a HDD and USB3 hdd dock15:44
prpplagueBhaal: yea good plan15:45
BhaalI cannot wait!!!15:45
BhaalOhhh, and for the next minnowboard take a leaf from ASRock maybe, small board and atom and a gazillion sata sockets....   SANNNNNNNNNNNN15:47
BhaalJust a thought hehe15:47
BhaalAnyway, I must away to bed now...15:48
Bhaalprpplague: Again, thanks for the heads up!15:48
prpplagueBhaal: no worries, laters15:48
owl-v-why minnowboard max don't have esata or msata?16:07
owl-v-because minnowboard can't power sata-device?16:09
owl-v-laptop can power them easily16:09
prpplagueowl-v-: esata and msata are both basically the same as sata, but just with different connectors16:10
prpplagueowl-v-: the max has a sata connector and you can easily purchase a cable that goes between sata and esata16:10
prpplagueowl-v-: an add on board will be available called the SeaCat Lure that will provide a connector for mSATA16:11
owl-v-and the power?16:11
owl-v-where do they draw from?16:12
prpplaguegenerally eSATA external drives come with their own power supply16:12
aholler_that's why esata is useless ;)16:13
prpplagueif you use a standard SATA hard drive you can either use the +5V header on the board, or another power supply16:13
owl-v-they could have made it onboard esata/msata socket16:13
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prpplaguefor the mSATA lure, the power is generated from the shared power supply for the minnowmax16:13
prpplagueowl-v-: like i said, eSATA and SATA are essential the same16:14
prpplagueowl-v-: providing an eSATA socket does not provide power16:14
owl-v-msata socket?16:14
prpplagueowl-v-: msata does provide power16:14
prpplagueowl-v-: it is powered via the expansion connector16:15
owl-v-sata draws power from onboard 5v?16:16
owl-v-i don't know if the onbard power regulator can handle the current.16:16
prpplagueowl-v-: i am confused as to what you are asking for16:17
prpplagueowl-v-: both sata and mSATA have been heavily tested running from the minnowmax16:17
prpplagueowl-v-: if all you want is a sata or msata powered without an external power supply, that works16:18
owl-v-but i don't know how to power ssd with sata cable connected. i don't know how to provide power to ssd.16:19
prpplagueowl-v-: is the ssd mSATA or just SATA?16:19
owl-v-just sata16:23
prpplagueowl-v-: see the white connector in the top right hand corner marked J2?16:23
prpplagueowl-v-: that is a +5V power connector that can power most SSD devices via the sata connector16:23
prpplagueowl-v-: my recommendation is to just get a mSATA lure and add the ssd there16:24
prpplagueowl-v-: makes life easy16:24
owl-v-the board looks really good16:25
owl-v-but what about power socket?
prpplagueit's pretty standard cable you can find at most pc shops16:28
owl-v-so, the yellow line(+12v) not used.16:32
owl-v-prpplague: thanks16:34
prpplagueowl-v-: correct16:36
owl-v-do u know when this minnowboard max will be released?16:37
prpplagueowl-v-: it is on schedule to begin shipping in the middle of june16:39
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