Wednesday, 2014-05-07

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felipekaiserhi i have 1 question for the board:do i can install debian for x86 (im a noob xD)14:45
felipekaiserany1 on????14:48
felipekaiserok fuck yaself -.-14:48
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zenlinuxheh, and debian is even listed as the official os for mb max on the web site15:12
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zenlinuxmorning warthog9, are you all orientated and buried in new employee online training courses by now? :)16:10
dvhartzenlinux, we've been busy MaryShelley'ing some hardware together for him :-)16:15
zenlinuxawesome. I imagine he'll struggle with configuring the proxy for a few days before he gets all settled in ;)16:16
warthog9zenlinux: naw, I was actually pretty close on that16:24
zenlinuxwarthog9, trust me, you missed a protocol16:31
warthog9I'm sure I did16:35
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warthog9prp_plague / prpplague : ping22:17
prpplaguewarthog9: ding ding ding22:18
warthog9we have a winner!22:30
warthog9prpplague: actually so I've got a vague demo idea for maker faire in 2 weeks if you are curious ;-)22:30
prpplaguedoes it involve a needle, some chickens, and some foul language about a king?22:32
warthog9no it involves K-9, a tripod, a kinect a minnow and some sort of bright easy to computer vision see "token"22:34
warthog9bolt a tripod and the kinect to K-9's open back, and see if we can get him to follow the token22:34
warthog9and possibly relay the live video to a remote minnow max22:34
prpplaguewarthog9: pretty challenging for 2 weeks22:35
dvhartin two weeks I might be able to get back to a kernel that boots22:35
dvhartone of those days22:35
warthog9dvhart: I've got a laptop!22:36
warthog9dvhart: downside - it runs windows 822:36
warthog9so it's not clear if I have a "working" machine or not22:36
dvhartthat's pretty clear22:36
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