Wednesday, 2014-05-21

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zenlinuxwarthog9, you should know be the full owner of the MinnowBoard G+ page16:05
zenlinuxer, *now*16:05
warthog9zenlinux: I noticed that the manager thing was working16:06
warthog9and it does peg me as owner16:06
zenlinuxyeah, I think with owner status you can now do a bit more, such as add new managers and such16:06
warthog9g+ doesn't actually have a horrible interface for dealing with these kinds of pages16:07
warthog9I'm reasonably impressed16:07
zenlinuxthey've improved things a lot over time16:07
warthog9at least some social media sites are improving16:07
warthog9it's almost refreshing16:08
dvhart3.14 -rt ran cyclictest overnight on minnowmax16:32
dvhartnice to get around to that finally16:32
prpplaguedvhart: dandy16:33
dvhart~60us max latency - no load, no tuning, just a quick run16:33
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