Saturday, 2014-05-24

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Supergeek800What would be the difficulty of getting Arch to run on a Minnowboard?00:17
Supergeek800Debian is supported, and Fedora, CentOS, and Mint are unsupported but known to work, however what if someone wanted to install Arch on one or were crazy enough to attempt Gentoo on one?00:19
ahollerwhat should be the problem? No need to become crazy.00:23
Supergeek800Well, Gentoo would take *ages* to compile on an Atom.00:25
ahollerdepends on what you want to install. and an atom isn't that slow.00:25
Supergeek800Arch, if possible to get working on a Minnowboard, would be up and running in about the time it would take to get Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, or Mint, give or take some change.00:26
Supergeek800And DM and DE would be LXDM and MATE. Browser would be Firefox. Multimedia would be VLC, and a bunch of emulators would go on there to turn it into a portable gaming system of sorts.00:27
Supergeek800I'd also install Tbird for e-mail, and Pidgin for chat.00:27
Supergeek800Which compiling all that in Gentoo would take a while, if I were to attempt it on one.00:28
aholleryou just could use a faster box with more ram as compile machine. no need to let the atom do that.00:30
Supergeek800BRB. DInner's done.00:31
ahollerI even do use gentoo on a rpi, that's really slow ;)00:32
Supergeek800Microwaved pizzarolls ftw. lol00:33
Supergeek800I'd still generally prefer Arch unless I'm actually gaining any performance from compiling anything.00:35
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Supergeek800Of course Debian Stable or CentOS should work fine too if I'm not looking for the newest stuff possible, which I am, so that's where Arch or Fedora would come in.01:08
BryansteinI have Arch running on the minnow01:42
BryansteinNo very fast and it works like a champ01:42
BryansteinSupergeek800, btw Debian stable works fine as well as testing and Unstable01:43
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BryansteinSupergeek800, you have a minnow yet02:44
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BryansteinSupergeek800, I've got them all on a raid array, Fedora, Arch, Debian, Ubuntu and RHEL502:45
Supergeek800I may just go for Arch should I get a Minnowboard or Minnowboard Max.02:52
BryansteinSupergeek800, what exactly is it that you want to do with it?02:54
Supergeek800Just play with it, mainly.02:54
BryansteinI'm asking because Minnowmax may be better for some things that Minnow isn't02:55
warthog9actually had some interesting anecdotal comparison today between minnow and max for computer vision stuff02:58
warthog9max is significantly more powerful at least on that front02:58
BryansteinI don't remember having ANY issues installing arch...well hmmm actually there was a network driver issue but mind you this was errr like 9 months ago but that was a kernel issue02:58
warthog9that might have been worked out in a more recent kernel then02:59
BryansteinYes and actually getting decent graphics performance on recent versions of X. I don't know as I don't have a Max yet but I do know how it is on the current minnow02:59
warthog9Bryanstein: I can safely say: signifigantly better03:00
warthog9Bryanstein: did you see I spent the day writing documentation?03:00
Bryansteinwarthog9, where?03:00
Bryansteinwarthog9, looks nice03:02
warthog9getting there03:02
Bryansteinwarthog9, did you test it against emgd?03:05
warthog9I'm not sure which driver we had03:06
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seaLnewarthog9: the wiki is looking nice now, any idea when information about the MinnowBoard MAX High-Speed Expansion Port is going to be available?05:42
warthog9seaLne: beyond the basic "this is what's on it" information?05:43
warthog9I.E. pinouts and such?05:43
seaLneyeah, also what the connector is?05:44
warthog9it's the same kind of connector on the max as it was on v105:44
warthog9only smaller05:44
warthog9seaLne: let me double check on Tuesday what can / can't go up yet05:50
warthog9though that reminds me I should pop downstairs and see if the case has cured05:50
warthog9and my tollerances are *WAY* too tight05:53
* seaLne guesses one of
seaLnewow TE make an awful lot of different connectors06:04
warthog9ok I'll have pictures of the first print on the case up in a minute06:06
warthog9yeah, my tolerances in the case are horrible06:12
seaLnelooks like it is getting there though06:26
warthog9that was the first try06:28
warthog9if I get the tolerances fixed I might upload the sketchup file06:29
warthog9let people start playing with it06:29
warthog9I suppose since some folks are up and awake, what do you want out of a case?06:32
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zenlinuxwarthog9, it should house my minnowboard and have a cup holder18:48
warthog9zenlinux: doable, but you'll only be able to use warm drinks ;-)18:50
zenlinux"it's my network file server...and my tea warmer!"18:51
* warthog9 might need to pick up an FDM printer just to speed up testing18:51
warthog9and a laser cutter18:58
warthog9man I want a laser cutter so bad18:58
zenlinuxdon't we all18:59
tbrI thought that's what hacker spaces were for?19:22
warthog9tbr: none out here in hillsboro19:31
warthog9though there's talk of starting one19:31
warthog9wheee ok second version of the case in the printer, 14hrs to go21:17
warthog9and printing it at twice the resolution as the last one21:20
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