Wednesday, 2014-05-28

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owl-v-any news about final production?01:48
prpplagueowl-v-: it's on it's way01:50
prpplagueowl-v-: everything is gearing up01:50
prpplagueowl-v-: no issues currently01:50
owl-v-final price is unknown?01:54
prpplagueowl-v-: $99 for the single core 1gb ram01:55
prpplagueowl-v-: dual core with 2gb ram is $13901:55
prpplagueowl-v-: the high end dual core and quad core prices have not been announced yet01:55
owl-v-will quad core have 4gb ram?02:06
prpplaguewe haven't made a decision on that yet02:08
prpplaguewe are getting conflicting requests02:08
prpplagueabout 60% just want 2gb02:08
prpplaguethe other 40% want 4gb02:08
ahollerso make 3, ideal for windows 32bit03:30
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owl-v-i thought minnowbord-max is 64bit.10:13
tbrit was a windows joke10:24
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riadNassiffeHello, good morning everyone !! Can I make questions about the minnowboard here?11:45
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riadNassiffe_ Hello, does someone know if the BeagleBone Black or BeagleBone-xM can switch frequency in a continuous range as raspberry pi?15:48
jkridnerriadNassiffe_: it is more in discrete operating points. what is the value of having a continuous range if you cannot alter the operating voltage? is that really what pi does?15:49
riadNassiffe_The value of using the continuous range even if the voltage is not continuous is to control the CPU temperature.15:51
riadNassiffe_Pi allows you to modify the frequency in the range from 100MHz to 1GHz, but the voltage is modified in some points.15:52
riadNassiffe_At least is there a place where I can find the information about the minnowboard available frequencies?15:57
prpplagueriadNassiffe_: the original minnowboard did have some performance scaling, but it was limited15:58
prpplagueriadNassiffe_: the new minnowboardmax is based on baytrail-i15:58
prpplagueriadNassiffe_: all the core documentation for the baytrail-i series is available via the Intel download pages15:59
prpplagueriadNassiffe_: which includes information on frequency scaling15:59
prpplagueriadNassiffe_: i'll see if we can get a detailed wiki page created with that info15:59
* prpplague fires off an email15:59
prpplaguewarthog9: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^16:00
riadNassiffe_Thank you very much, I will take a second look at the intel documentation.16:00
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prpplaguedvhart: hey, riadNassiffe_ was looking for some info on frequency scaling for the baytrail-i on minnowmax16:07
prpplaguedvhart: can we get an AR setup to create a wiki page on that?16:07
riadNassiffe_Yes, what should I do to help you to create the wiki page?16:08
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prpplagueriadNassiffe_: one of the minnowboard team can get it started and we will link it off the main minnowmax pages16:09
prpplagueriadNassiffe_: you are welcome to contribute to the pages16:09
prpplagueriadNassiffe_: is an open wiki16:09
calculusI saw the k-9 at maker faire16:11
riadNassiffe_ok, my help will be limited about the information on Intel documents, because I only will be able to buy the board if it supports continuous frequency scaling16:12
warthog9riadNassiffe_: I've got up on the wiki already, we are using the E3815 and E3825 for the processors16:13
warthog9riadNassiffe_: ok what do you mean by continuous frequency scaling?  Assuming you've got power management turned on in your OS the CPU will frequency and power scale like any modern Intel cpu16:15
riadNassiffe_I would like to set any integer value for the frequency between the maximum and minimal frequency value.16:16
riadNassiffe_I want to do that so control CPU temperature and power consumption.16:17
warthog9riadNassiffe_: well most CPUs you can only choose from a set list of frequencies16:17
warthog9but if I'm understanding your question you want is the ability to force a specific frequency no matter what?16:18
riadNassiffe_Yes, unfortunately.16:18
warthog9that can be done under Linux16:19
riadNassiffe_I am not sure. What I know is that the processor used by the raspberry pi support this feature.16:20
warthog9riadNassiffe_: got a pointer (I'm looking now but if you've got the documentation open it would help)16:21
warthog9and what's your thermal limit look like?16:21
riadNassiffe_For now I am analyzing the impact on the board power consumption and how much I have to reduce in order to control temperature.16:23
warthog9riadNassiffe_: are you just trying to get to a constant temperature?16:24
warthog9the only folks I know who tend to lock their cpu to a specific frequency are those trying to avoid the slight lag in the frequency chance from low power to high power16:25
riadNassiffe_no, I am trying to avoid a certain threshold.16:25
warthog9riadNassiffe_: and
warthog9the single core part has a max TDP of 5W16:26
warthog9the dual core 6W16:26
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warthog9you can, in software on Linux, have the CPUs stay at a frequency16:27
riadNassiffe_Yes, this is one of the reasons I want to buy this board16:27
warthog9if you lock it to a constant frequency your TDP should become constant at some point, but it will never go down16:28
warthog9riadNassiffe_: you might be better off looking at something like thermald16:29
riadNassiffe_I looking on it now, but there is no information about the frequency.16:29
warthog9have it monitor the core temperature of the cpu, and should that spike then force a throttle16:29
warthog9riadNassiffe_: brb need to change locations16:33
riadNassiffe_warthog9_: what means brb?16:34
smurrayriadNassiffe_: brb == be right back16:35
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warthog9and he left17:01
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riadNassiffeDoes any one can execute the command cpufreq-info in a minnboard device and show me the result?21:09
prpplagueriadNassiffe: if you post to the mailing list, someone should be able to post that for you21:12
riadNassiffeprpplague: Thank you, I will post it on the mailing list now.21:15
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