Thursday, 2014-06-05

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Guest32050hi all. i have just received a minnowboard in the mail and was trying to get an operating system other than angstrom up and running on the board. i have a brand new microsd to install the new operating system on and I tried doing a simple dd of a debian iso to the microsd but i have been unsuccessful in booting it on the minnowboard. the board gets to the uefi shell and at that point i am sort of at a loss for what to do.17:23
Guest32050i have read the wiki on how to bootstrap debian on the board but i was wondering if someone could explain to me a little bit more about the process of getting an operating system working.17:24
Guest32050i have been reading around the web and i think i need to create a separate boot/efi partition in addition to the root partition but im not sure really where to start there. i also would like to boot a livecd image just to see the os working but have not been able to do that either17:26
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lykw hello everyone, may I ask of your advice-knowledge for a solution to my problem?18:33
prpplaguelykw: ask away18:34
prpplaguelykw: if someone is available, can help, and has the time to help, they will respond18:35
lykwthank you prpplague,  I need access to my luks-encrypted partition. aside from what can be done with software-based tools, for which I have slim hopes, I'm desperately seeking to know whether data like keystroke history or clipboard history can be extracted from the system for less than 3 months ago.18:37
lykwfor ex. from hardware components of my machine18:37
prpplaguelykw: how is this related to minnowboard?18:38
lykwoh sorry. maybe because I thought you're "open", "hardware" and "atom" (processor)18:42
lykwand because I wouldnt mind helping, regardless.18:45
lykwI'm bursting into tears how the world is so "open" these days18:47
prpplaguelykw: you are welcome to ask around, but generally this channel is for specifically related to the minnow and not general linux support19:27
lykwI clearly stated what kind of information I sought here, which is anything but linux support.19:34
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halsteadlykw, Without expensive advanced equipment I can all but guarantee you there is no way to pull keystroke or clipboard history out of active memory. And if it's been power cycled history is basically gone for good.19:53
lykwhalstead, is it known in what sort of devices is this power cycled history is to be found?19:57
lykwif it is a new technology in new machines, I most likely dont have it.19:58
halsteadlykw, I don't understand the question exactly.19:58
halsteadlykw, You want to pull data out of active memory?19:59
lykwhalstead, I need my password. and a keystroke history would contain my typing of the password, or a clipboard history would contain my copy-pastes of the password many times. my question was, whether I can pull these types of data from anywhere in the hardware. because for a lost password there is not much hope with software-based solutions.20:02
lykwwhen a luks-encrypted is concerned20:03
halsteadlykw, Have you rebooted the machine that you did the typing into and copy pasting?20:04
lykwhalstead, yes20:06
halsteadlykw, Then even with expensive equipment there is basically no chance. If you had an unencrypted swap file there may be a very tiny chance something useful could still be there. Not likely though.20:12
halsteadAnd there is no sort of keylogger or anything like that in minnowboard. So no special recovery techniques apply.20:13
lykwhalstead, earlier you referred to a "power cycled history" it what you mean with rebooting?20:16
smurrayI believe he meant: if the device has been power cycled, the history is basically gone for good20:23
halsteadsmurray, That's what I meant. Thanks!20:24
lykwoh, yes. of resonated somehow like a technical phrase.20:25
lykwI didnt ever think it would be that our surveilled world, do things really disappear after a reboot, like flushing a toilet?20:26
halsteadlykw, You might find interesting.20:30
lykwhalstead, I've started reading, interesting indeed.20:38
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