Wednesday, 2014-06-18

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BhaalThe problem I see is this: processor + USB2 + ethernet + emmc/sd card ... Its been done...05:37
Bhaaland done\05:37
Bhaaland done again05:37
BhaalHowever ... USB3 + SATA + gigglybit Ethernet + a half decent CPU .. Hasn't been done... till Max....05:38
BhaalNow we're cooking with gas!05:38
seaLnei was wondering what the meaning of "SB" in the +5v headers means?05:56
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inflexHello all - another "Can't wait for the MinnowMax" person here :)06:42
BhaalGee inflex, haven't I seen you somewhere before?06:42
inflexBhaal: mmm... in the depths of recovery hell most likely :)06:42
BhaalWait, you make it sounds like we go to AA06:43
BhaalWait, I just made it worse didn't I? haha06:43
inflexNow, when will the Minnow be gracing my benchtop... because my recovery machine seems to be flaking out on me.06:43
* Bhaal has his fingers crossed for sooner rather then later :)06:47
inflexI'm envisaging making some racked array of MMs with docks as well06:50
BhaalYeah that is my plan...06:53
Bhaalgpio can control the dock and the cooling fan as well...06:54
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inflexAnyone got schem details on the MM's input power stage? ie, is it linear block and then fanned out to individual switchmode for the various voltages, or does it just go from straight DCIN -> switchmode stages?07:19
inflex( I'm *guessing* the latter )07:19
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basicahey everyone, I see that preorders are now possible with the max. I was curious if anyone knows where/if cases will be made available for it? thanks! :)07:50
basicasame goes with a power supply. I'm from AUS so I don't know what my chances are like with that :)07:51
inflexbasica: also from AU here.07:58
inflex( so is Bhaal )07:58
basicahello inflex and Bhaal :)07:59
basicaI'm pretty impressed with the max. It's got impressive hardware - what interests me the most is the gigabit ethernet which I'll definitely be taking advantage of08:00
Bhaalbasica: I am pretty sure if you buy from au.mouser then you will probably get an AU PSU08:00
basicaoh, does it come with a psu when you buy the max? I didn't see that08:00
BhaalI don't know, but I know the originals had the optional package08:01
Bhaalbasica: Also, be careful pre-ordering, I know au.mouser has the item, but the minnowboard website still says "coming soon"08:02
BhaalIts been like this for the past week or so08:02
basicayeah, I also noticed the price was quite expensive. about $50 more than the minnowboard has it listed08:02
BhaalSame for US pricing08:03
basicaI might try a bit more patience and wait for the offical release :) I've been wanting this so bad since I saw the announcement in april08:03
Bhaalbasica: Hahaha, yeah, we have been as well (inflex and myself)08:03
basicawhat plans do you guys have with the max once you get your hands on one?08:04
BhaalOver the last week, other similar spec'd devices have popped up, but there is always something missing, seems the Max is still the only unit which has all of what I want...08:04
BhaalJust one?08:04
* Bhaal has plans for 5-15units08:05
basicayeah, I agree. I mainly want gigabit ethernet and decent video playback as I plan on using it as a media server08:06
basicabut most units don't have gigabit ethernet or poor video playback08:07
basicahahaha, 5-15 is pretty impressive. I think I'll get one, maybe two. I probably need to replace my rpi08:07
BhaalI will be using them for data recovery08:08
basicaseems like a good use, especially considering how cheap they are08:09
basicaoh, and being an intel based cpu is nice too. means more distros to choose from even though I'll probably stick to arch08:09
BhaalAh, ubuntu here...  But yeah, each to their own...  I will rack them up, and hopefully the whole thing will be as automated as possible...08:14
basicayeah, I use ubuntu on my pc. I like arch for my rpi though and will probably do the same with the max as it's a very minimal system so uses little space and resources08:19
BhaalThe only problem I have with Pi is lack of memory...  It's capable of quite a bit, but its lack of memory is the problem...08:20
BhaalI tried using it as a Zoneminder server last night, after 3 camera feeds it runs out of ram...08:21
BhaalBut there was more then enough CPU08:21
BhaalOh, and I am talking about the video branch of zoneminder, not the one which saves billions of jpegs...08:22
BhaalSo its reduced to monitoring the office and rack temperatures and controlling associated ventilation08:23
basicahaven't heard of the zoneminder, might need to take a look into it.08:24
basicayeah, for me the pi is ok for what it's doing, just gigabit would be nice. copying large files at 5-6mb a minute is a bit tedious08:25
basicaa second, not a minute08:25
basicait's pretty cool too that it's at least doing something useful. I got a pi that I wanna play around with too. I'm gonna get a breadboard and experiment with led lights and a temp sensor myself08:29
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BhaalI refresh the minnowboard website at least a couple of times a day hoping it stops saying "Coming soon" .. Dammit, hurry up!10:39
av500you want it to say "Sold out!" instead?10:41
BhaalHell no!10:43
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ecdheWho has built their own minnowboard image with yocto?15:29
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ecdheIs there a repo I can clone to build my own minnow board image with yocto/poky?16:31
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warthog9ecdhe: have you pulled yocto and the meta-minnow bsp?17:09
warthog9ecdhe: and have you seen ?17:10
prpplaguewarthog9: minnowmax's are swimming17:16
warthog9prpplague: \o/17:19
ecdhewarthog9, yes, I saw that link, but I wasn't sure how to pull it into my poky dir.17:35
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warthog9ecdhe: you should just need to put it in, I think, the top level dir19:23
ecdhewarthog9, I put it there; I git-cloned the openembedded core, meta-intel, and meta-minnow19:24
ecdheThen I added a reference to each in bblayers.conf19:24
warthog9that sounds right19:24
ecdheAnd I specified MACHINE ?= "minnow"19:24
ecdheI'm getting an error from the OE core:19:25
ecdhe PACKAGE_ARCHS variable does not contain TUNE_PKGARCH19:25
warthog9ecdhe: ok, let me recreate what you are doing19:25
ecdhegit clone git://
ecdhesame thing for meta-intel19:26
ecdhealso, clone git://
ecdheall into the poky directory.19:26
ecdheThen in bblayers, add the fullpath to meta-minnow and meta-intel19:27
ecdheFor openembedded, you'll have to add an extra "/meta" because the layer.conf isn't in the directory that git clones for you.19:28
ecdhemine looks like "....poky-dora-10.0.2/openembedded-core/meta "19:28
ecdheDid I mention I'm using dora?19:29
warthog9no, but that's useful :-)19:30
warthog9ecdhe: ok trying to recreate19:39
warthog9ecdhe: what target are you trying to make?19:39
ecdhewarthog9, I'm trying to get a minnowboard image together, so I went with the sato target.19:39
ecdheI pulled the layers into hob instead.  I could select minnow as a target -- but when I did, hob crashed.19:52
ecdheCould this be bleeding edge git repos causing the issue?19:52
warthog9ecdhe: not sure19:54
warthog9I'm fighting a different error and I don't have pidge sitting in the cube next to me to verify I'm doing this right19:54
warthog9ok give me a sec, I just had a physical int thrown20:01
ecdhewarthog9, I'm still getting an error, but I learned something; git:// is already included in poky so there's no need to clone it separately.20:18
warthog9ok getting there, I don't have dora 10.0.220:29
warthog9but I'm basing on 10.0.120:29
warthog9ecdhe: yeah I'm getting dora 10.0.1 minimal to build right now20:33
warthog9sato is complaining about the graphics stuff20:34
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warthog9I forgot how long an initial yocto build takes21:23
ecdhewarthog9, do you know where is?21:52
ecdhemeta-intel is complaining that it can't find that file.21:52
ecdheI found a copy in the poky source, but the meta-intel layer is expecting it to be in the meta-intel directory structure.21:55
ecdheParseError: ParseError at /home/user/Desktop/poky-dora-10.0.2/meta-intel/conf/machine/include/ Could not include required file conf/machine/include/x86-base.inc21:59
ecdheI'm going to try with a newer version of poky.22:21
warthog9ecdhe: I had to call out the path explicitly in those files, but it's working22:27
warthog9I've got some notes to take up with the yocto build engineer tomorrow when she's in22:27
ecdhewarthog9, I see you went to Iowa!22:33
warthog9ecdhe: I did :-)22:35
ecdheMe too, studied CS from '05-07 there.22:35
ecdheI went to Kirkwood for my first two years, so I wasn't around until fall 0522:36
ecdheI'm still in the area.22:36
ecdheI need to head home for dinner, but I'll be here tomorrow bright and early.22:37
ecdheI'm making progress, I'll keep you posted.22:37
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warthog9ecdhe: yeah I was at U.Iowa from '00 to '0423:31
warthog9so you just missed me23:31
warthog9ecdhe: maybe next time I'm back to visit my folks I'll let you know, we can go grab a burrito at Pancheros :-)23:32

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