Saturday, 2014-06-21

BhaalHmmm, will ordering directly from circuitco (when its available to do so) be significantly cheaper?00:35
BhaalAnd anyone have a rough idea on postage price?00:36
inflexI'd be guessing ~$5000:45
inflexbbl, time to go to the stores00:45
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thaytanBhaal, ohai there12:44
BhaalDidn't know you were even on freenode :)12:58
Bhaalthaytan: Just seeing pics of Arthur helping you choose batteries and stuff at the shop13:00
BhaalGood to see you are putting him on a path already (though it may not be the one he follows of course)13:00
BhaalA *good* path13:00
thaytanyeah, lots of fun13:06
thaytanand screaming when we dragged him away to the next thing :)13:06
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