Monday, 2014-06-23

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inflexAny near official figures yet on power consumption?13:17
prpplagueinflex: nothing has been officially posted yet13:18
av500"it consumes power", we garantee that!13:19
prpplagueinflex: unofficially, i have a standard usb keyboard and mouse, with a usb3 thumbdrive, and hdmi running on the dual core 1.5A @ 5V13:29
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inflexnot bad, 7.5W peak, so let's say probably closer to 5~6W13:44
* inflex needs to quickly hurry up and sell his ASUS eeebox to pay for his MMax :D13:45
seaLneso mouser have sent me a "confirmation" email saying that they will send me a conformation when my mmax ships...14:20
seaLneconfusing :-)14:21
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warthog9seaLne: remember to plan to plan the plan17:13
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BhaalWhen will the circuitco ordering be available?23:28
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warthog9Bhaal: no announcements on availability have been done yet23:32
BhaalYah, was hoping to get the inside scoop :)23:38
warthog9Bhaal: SOON23:39
warthog9Bhaal: I should have a camera pointed at my whiteboard23:39
warthog9Bhaal: it says, and I quote "Is the MinnowBoard Max Released Yet? NO."23:40
warthog9if I had time, I'd add that to the website23:41
warthog9sadly I've got so much other stuff going on trying to get the board out and such, I can't23:41
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