Tuesday, 2014-06-24

inflexI don't think I've ever been as excited for a compact system to come out as I am for this MMax... okay, maybe I was for the Asus eeebox B20200:37
inflexBut the MMax is so much more of what I want00:37
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BhaalIs there any provision for more gpio pins?06:11
BhaalAhhh the 60 pin has gpio on it as well...06:17
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warthog9Bhaal: well 4 gpios, though those are mainly expected to get used on high speed expansion boards11:56
warthog9Bhaal: did you take a look at the wiki's low speed pinout for the max?11:56
warthog9Bhaal: http://elinux.org/Minnowboard:MinnowMax#Low_Speed_Expansion_.28Top.2911:57
warthog9the note specifically (not to quote myself but)11:57
warthog9"NOTE: Pins 5-26 are shown above with their PRIMARY configuration, any pin may be switched to being a generic GPIO as well. This would give a total of 22 GPIOs, with two of those being PWM capable."11:57
warthog9so there's 6 more or less dedicated gpios, w/ 2 pwm in the connector by default (our numbers don't count the pwm as gpios, fyi)11:58
inflexBhaal: damnit... should have added current sensors!12:07
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carpmanwarthog9: ok, got my printer online. I would make one suggestion, for FDM printing the bridge over the HDMI requires support, but if I tell it to print support I tries to support the lettering as well. Maybe move that to the top piece and just have the pillars on the bottom? Nice model though.13:05
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prpplaguewarthog9: please note when not using the JTAG interface on the high speed expansion header, there are 8 gpios available13:11
av500prpplague: do I need DT fragments to use the GPIOs?13:12
prpplagueav500: yea something like that13:12
* prpplague jokes with av500 13:12
seaLnedoes any know if the HS pcie tx/rx pairs go to the same on a socket and the card has them the other way round or should they be swapped at the pcie socket?13:23
seaLneor even are they already labled for the cards point of view would be a third possibility i guess13:26
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BhaalAhhhh, This is all just teasing me! Darn it! haha13:37
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inflexyou're up late Bhaal14:39
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