Wednesday, 2014-06-25

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ahollerav500: they are just deferred, keep waiting00:32
aholleror try defrag00:38
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warthog9av500: re dt fragments: no, sorta, kinda.  Linux is in a state of flux on how to properly expose gpios and things like spi.  I *THINK* they way we have it doesn't require the DT settings as we expose them via acpi, which picks them up form there01:17
warthog9carpman: yay!01:17
warthog9carpman: i got a couple of suggestions from olof johnson so I'm going to go play with it some.  Sadly my printer is not playing nice so I'm kinda stuck for testing01:18
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ahollerhmm, archos goes btle, the smart plug looks useable01:38
warthog9aholler: for what?02:20
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aholler_warthog9: mainly to measure power05:20
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av500warthog9: so ACPI can do the needed pinmucing and function switching?09:11
ahollerav500: is the protocol used by those smart home objects open?09:40
aholleror will I have to hack them?09:41
av500aholler: it's basic BLE GATT09:43
av500so the usual BLE security applies09:43
av500you can trivially pair one of the peripherals09:43
ahollerso nothing proprietary on top? sounds unlikely as btle-security is non-existent09:44
av500you cannot listen to an existing connection easily since BLE/BT encryption is used09:44
av500how good that is I have no idea09:44
aholleras said, it's non-existent. But thats good, so I don't have to hack ;)09:44
av500maybe we did add rot-13 on top09:44
ahollerok, let's wait until the plug appears.09:45
av500coworker says something about 128bit AES being used09:45
av500thats part of BT I guess09:46
av500or BLE09:46
ahollersend me one and I will check it out ;)09:46
* aholler pulls out his ubertooth09:48
ahollerdriving to some unnamed home in order to have fun ;)09:54
aholleranyway, just announced at the right time asI already thought about getting a fritz!dect 20010:06
ahollerand the price for the smart plug is very appealing:
av500for that price, I would get 210:17
ahollerI would suggest to offer a c/c++-sdk for makers10:18
ahollerto build a minnowboard controlled k-9 which barks when some motion is detected ;)10:23
aholleror whimpers if he sees his owner10:29
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warthog9av500: the muxing is done via firmware, but what those pins are is exposed via acpi16:29
prpplaguewarthog9: talking about the low speed header signals?16:30
warthog9prpplague: yup16:30
prpplaguewarthog9: the firmware and acpi only setup the default functions16:31
prpplaguewarthog9: under linux you can control that muxing directly16:31
warthog9prpplague: the conversation was how did that info get exposed into linux, there was thoughts it needed DT to do it16:32
prpplagueDT all the things16:32
warthog9brb me.move_location(work)16:33
warthog9ret = 0;16:54
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prpplaguewarthog9: can you ask dvhart to jump on irc?17:21
warthog9as soon as he's off the phone17:21
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prpplaguewarthog9: thanks17:22
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ecdhewarthog9, do you know of anyone doing SPI from the minnowboard?19:06
ecdhewarthog9, I would love a reference design.19:06
prpplagueecdhe: minnow or minnowmax?19:07
ecdheprpplague, minnow.19:07
prpplagueecdhe: there are a couple of spi references on the lures pages19:07
ecdheprpplague,  is there even a lure available?19:10
prpplagueecdhe: not currently, but the design files are there19:11
prpplagueecdhe: we decided to hold off on the lures for the original minnow until we could get the MAX launched19:12
ecdheprpplague, interesting.  We are designing products around the minnow and realized this week that we can't get the lures for prototyping.19:12
prpplagueecdhe: the design files are CC-BY-SA19:13
prpplagueecdhe: easy to order and make yourself19:13
ecdheprpplague, we can do that, we were just thrown off because it seemed like the board fab for the minnow was reluctant to sell them.19:14
ecdheprpplague, do you have a link to SPI reference source code?19:15
prpplagueecdhe: not sure i understand what you mean about the reluctant to sell them19:15
prpplagueecdhe: what kind of SPI code are you looking for?19:15
ecdheprpplague, an example program that interacts with a SPI peripheral that's not the eeprom.19:16
prpplagueecdhe: from userspace via something like spidev interface?19:18
prpplagueecdhe: or are you talking about a kernel driver?19:18
ecdheprpplague, userspace.19:18
ecdheThe code we ultimately have to get running is python, but we can wrap a C example if you have one of those.19:19
prpplagueecdhe: then there is nothing specific about minnow, or any other system running linux, the spidev is spidev is spidev19:19
calculusecdhe: *hint* prpplague works for the manufacturer of the minnow19:19
ecdheThanks prpplague.19:23
prpplagueecdhe: the whole purpose of having a generic interface under an OS is to make sure it is the same across any system running the same OS should be able to use the same functionality19:24
prpplagueecdhe: userspace interfaces should function exactly the same no matter what hardware it is19:24
ecdheprpplague, it doesn't always work that way with embedded, there are several userspace libraries of varying qualities for the platform we are migrating from.19:25
prpplagueecdhe: i can assure you, if it's accepted into mainline kernel(with very few exceptions), it works as required for the spec19:26
prpplagueecdhe: core interfaces like spidev and i2cdev are the same19:26
ecdheprpplague, I really appreciate the guidance.  We've already succeeded in prototyping with minnow and yocto, the combination really helps for rapid development.19:28
prpplagueecdhe: np19:28
ecdheprpplague, we are continuing to invest in minnow and migrating away from tossing raspberry pi into things. (rpi is the embedded board with the messy spi situation.)19:29
* prpplague is all too aware of the issues with RPi19:30
ecdheprpplague, if you work for circuitco, is there anyway we could buy a prototype BOB lure off of you?19:33
prpplagueecdhe: aren't they up on boardzoo?19:34
* ecdhe feels dumb.19:35
ecdheWelp, that's what we'll do.19:36
ecdhedouble thanks, prpplague!19:37
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