Thursday, 2014-06-26

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av500warthog9: prpplague: I still dont get what I as a user have to do to use the GPIOs04:42
koenbang them05:59
warthog9koen: from a Linux perspective you just open the (can't remember if it's dev or sysfs ) entries, and read or write to them06:02
koenand how would an in-kernel driver work?06:05
koenthat would require acpi, right?06:05
warthog9koen: the in kernel driver would read the info form acpi, and expose those entries06:05
warthog9but that driver is already done06:05
koenI mean a gpiolib driver06:08
koenthat consumes gpios06:08
warthog9are you asking how that library would read that data out?06:08
warthog9It's really just as simple as echo "value" > /dev(or sys still can't remember)/gpioN06:09
warthog9for writes and cat /dev(or sys still can't remember)/gpioN06:09
warthog9for reads06:09
koenI'm asking how an in-kernel gpio consumer would get the needed data06:09
koenand ensure the muxing is setup right06:10
koene.g. leds-gpio, gpio-keys, i2c-gpio06:10
koenthat kind of thing06:10
koensysfs is not an API nor suited for bitbanging06:10
warthog9I don't know how an in kernel driver would query that offhand06:11
warthog9dvhart might know when he wakes up in the morning06:11
Bhaalwarthog9: Will the gpio work with the same software as what's used on the RPi ??06:11
koenBhaal: it's using the same abstration layer06:11
warthog9what koen said06:12
koenbut running ARM binaries will be difficult06:12
warthog9well you could run the rasberrypi stack in a qemu instance06:12
BhaalIndeed it would, I did not say "exact same compiled runtime" :)06:12
warthog9not 100% sure off the top of my head how you would import the gpios from the host to the guest06:12
BhaalI meant the same commands...06:13
warthog9Bhaal: that should be the same06:13
koenjust make sure it's using sysfs and not /dev/mem06:13
warthog9we aren't trying to reinvent the wheel06:13
BhaalWhich means it would use the same procedures, so really its not a hard thing to use then..06:13
warthog9using /dev/mem is never a good idea06:13
koenit's what people use for GPIOs06:13
Bhaalwarthog9: That is good to know, I assumed it would be, figured gpio is gpio ... cept for wiringPi ... then things get a little different06:14
koen'cause doing it properly as a kernel driver would be crazy06:14
warthog9koen: the people who use /dev/mem are just lazy06:14
koensysfs will get you a few kHz06:14
BhaalNow, warthog9: What does your whiteboard say?06:14
warthog9Bhaal: No.06:14
warthog9hasn't changed yet06:15
BhaalYeah, now Mouser is saying 16 weeks06:15
BhaalNot that it means anything I guess06:15
* warthog9 hadn't heard that06:15
* warthog9 goes to look06:15
warthog9it does say 16wks06:16
BhaalThat seems slightly crazy06:16
BhaalWhere do they get their data from?06:16
warthog9Bhaal: magic 8 balls and random number generators would be my guess06:17
warthog9I wouldn't expect it to take 16 weeks06:17
warthog9Bhaal: but keep in mind I'm over on the Intel side of things, not the CircuitCo side of things06:17
Bhaalwarthog9: Ahhhh ok, good to know06:18
warthog9koen: if you aren't around tomorrow morning (pacific time) I'll check in with dvhart, since he's been down in that code and I haven't yet, see if I can get you something more concrete06:18
Bhaalwarthog9: Any idea the amount of the first production run?06:19
Bhaalof the06:19
warthog9even if I did know numbers I wouldn't be able to comment on that06:20
BhaalOhhhhh sorry06:20
warthog9no worries :-)06:20
warthog9for the most part I'm an open book06:26
koencc-by-sa book?06:46
av500warthog9: so pinmuxing is exposed in sysfs?06:51
BhaalSo warthog9 is intel and prpplague is circuitco?06:57
av500warthog9: will you be at mentor summit?07:05
inflexWhaaaaa... where are our Minnows :(07:47
inflexNot sure how many more circuit boards I can design before I get impatient :)07:48
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macmeckanyone heard a word on the availability of Minnboboard MAX lures? I read that the seacat lure will be available along with the MAX... but end of june is coming closer and I find nothing yet08:31
seaLnewhat is the seacat lure?08:57
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macmeckthe new lizzy... it's called seacat for Minnowboard MAX09:42
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aholler_seen as seldom as nessy ;)10:05
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prpplaguemacmeck: ping14:57
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macmeckWas there a question? Using IRC in the mobile and losing connection all the time15:11
prpplaguemacmeck: seacat is being tested right now15:11
macmeckOh cool15:12
prpplaguemacmeck: there are couple of tweaks needed, but headed to production within 7 to 10 days15:12
macmeckLike it! :-)15:12
prpplaguemacmeck: the seacat has one mpcie and one msata15:13
prpplaguemacmeck: probably offer some variations with a single slot that can be used for either mpcie or msata as well15:14
* prpplague needs to come up with a name for that lure15:14
zenlinuxprpplague, in honor of a #caturday one of these days you should give away a seacat - or offer a one-day-only discount code15:14
prpplaguezenlinux: hehe15:14
prpplaguezenlinux: you know what a seacat is right?15:14
macmeckAfter production start it will be available at the distributors?15:15
prpplaguemacmeck: yes15:15
macmeckCool, thanks!15:15
zenlinuxprpplague, doh!15:15
macmeckBy the way, i like the msata+mpcie board15:17
macmeckBetter than one Option only15:18
prpplaguezenlinux: hehe seacat is carib name for squid15:18
macmeckAny price range yet?15:18
prpplaguezenlinux: hehe the first set of lures all have names that mean squid15:18
prpplaguemacmeck: i don't have the numbers handy15:19
prpplaguemacmeck: iirc the MSRP was $34.99 for the seacat15:19
macmeckOkay, thanks15:20
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prpplagueinflex: you need to do it Game of Thrones style...15:30
prpplagueinflex:  Where Are MY MINNOWS?15:30
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prpplagueinflex: soon my friend, soo15:56
prpplagueinflex: the minnows are swimming15:56
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warthog9prpplague: name suggest - you have seacat, seadog ;-)16:17
inflexprpplague: very nice.  I won't be doing a lot with them other than maybe one for a personal little machine, and then 3 or 4 for HDD data recovery systems, combined with my other controller boards16:20
warthog9carpman: true16:20
warthog9but funny16:20
inflexI marvel at the designers and the software that is used to generate these complete systems.  Easy on my end, 2 layers, sometimes 4, no impedence matching, no timing limits16:21
prpplaguewarthog9: next lure is the ojing-eo lure16:23
* warthog9 is going to need a lookup table16:23
inflexprpplague: just glad they're coming to fruition... finally :D16:24
prpplagueinflex: they were always there, like i said, we just decided to wait for max16:24
inflexprpplague: well, likewise.  With the combo of the SATA, USB3 and gigabyte it finally ticked off everything I needed16:25
inflexWell, it's 2:30am, I best head off, got work in a few more hours.  Good thing I'm my own boss.16:27
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