Friday, 2014-06-27

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sejethomasAny update on when "Coming Soon" is?21:33
prpplaguesejethomas: within two weeks for pre-orders to be filled at mouse21:38
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sejethomasprpplague: Great. Are there any estimate on when the board will ship?21:46
prpplaguesejethomas: like i said, two weeks21:46
prpplaguesejethomas: if you have pre-ordered at mouser they'll start shipping then21:46
prpplaguesejethomas: pre-orders get filled first21:47
prpplaguesejethomas: then the rest will go to stock21:47
prpplaguesejethomas: other distributors will be coming online within the next 30-45 days21:47
sejethomasprpplague: Oh. I have misunderstood the frontpage then. I thought there it would be two weeks before you could pre-order. Just checking up on mouser now then :)21:48
prpplaguewarthog9: might want to double check the wording of the landing page when you get a chance21:52
prpplaguesejethomas: no worries21:52
sejethomasprpplague: I seem to have problems finding the E3815 at mouser?22:00
prpplaguesejethomas: the single core version isn't shipping yet only the dual core22:07
prpplaguesejethomas: the single core will be following in a few weeks22:08
prpplaguesejethomas: all the big orders have been for dual core so far, so the single core is a little behind on the builds22:08
sejethomasprpplague: Ok. I might go for the dual one then.22:11
sejethomasprpplague: Are there an22:11
sejethomasprpplague: Are there any experience with running a media center on the minnowboard?22:12
prpplaguesejethomas: not from me, maybe one of the other minnow team22:12
prpplaguesejethomas: minnowmax is more targeted towards embedded applications, but there isnt a reason you couldn't do something media center related22:13
sejethomasprpplague: Yea I know, but it seems that the minnowboard is almost as good as some of the Intel NUC with half the price-tag22:15
sejethomasprpplague: and having experince playing full HD on a raspberry pi, it should be no problem for the minnowboard. right?22:16
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prpplaguesejethomas: well please note, that the processor on the RPi was specifically designed to be a set-top-box device and has a GPU optimized for that purpose22:43
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