Monday, 2014-06-30

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Bhaal2 weeks?!?!?!  Now I am happy to hear that!  But my bank balance is screaming NOOOOOOOOOOO haha01:17
thaytanyou should get a calmer bank account01:37
thaytanBhaal, what are you planning?01:38
Bhaalhehe calmer bank balance... :)01:49
Bhaalthaytan: Planning on using them for data recovery..01:50
BhaalThey ahve the perfect combo of USB3, sata and gigabit network01:50
BhaalThey will also be useful for other things...01:51
BhaalI am automating as much of the process as possible to the point I can have multi nodes doing recoveries at the same time.  I need to make some money..01:54
thaytanfingers crossed!01:58
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BhaalAh, there will always be people with dying hard drives who want their data back :)02:14
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BhaalQuick question: Will the Max's have suspend to ram capability?07:19
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catman_I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice on whether I should get the minnowboard or a raspberry pi as far as learning the basics of electronics engineering.14:22
seaLnecatman_: the pi might be a better choice based only on that info as it has a good comunity and example projects already also approx third of the cost. all really depends what you want to do14:33
catman_I already own an arduino, but I feel its lack of processing power for things like reading from a database and other memory-intensive things really cripples the things I want to do with it, like making a file server and the like.14:36
seaLnethose uses aren't related to "learning the basics of electronics engineering" though14:38
catman_I'm just interested in all of the capabilities of devices like the rpi and minnowboard. I want to learn as much as possible about the capabilities of the platform and the performing the actual wiring while understanding what I'm doing.14:39
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warthog9Bhaal: it's expected but there's a known bug on it right now16:22
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Bhaalwarthog9: So nothing unusual for Linux then?  :)  Suspend and Hibernate seem to work sporadically and is very much motherboard dependant ... Which is annoying...22:20
Bhaalwarthog9: Thanks for getting back to me22:20
warthog9Bhaal: we know that suspend works on a very similar system using the same SOC so we know it works22:27
warthog9just have to track down what's wrong in our version of the firmware22:27
warthog9so it will work, but I can't say it's working yet22:27
BhaalThat's cool, I'm happy with that :)22:39
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