Wednesday, 2014-07-02

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Bhaalprpplague: Would you know if there would be problems running multiple Max's off the same PSU?  I am planning on having banks of 5 Max's running off a regular PC PSU ... just wondering if there is any noise issues I would need to be concerned about...?03:26
BhaalThe PSU would also be power 3.5" 4TB drives and a usb3 hdd dock for each Max...03:27
prpplagueBhaal: no problems running it off a +5v supply that can deliver the appropriate current03:49
BhaalGood to know, thanks03:50
prpplagueBhaal: google doing the same thing with multiple pandaboards03:50
Bhaalprpplague: Did you make a decision for the quad core version?03:50
prpplagueBhaal: same applies03:50
prpplagueBhaal: no not yet03:50
prpplagueBhaal: we have a meeting on it monday03:50
Bhaalprpplague: Ahhh ok, will look at the panda board info03:51
BhaalGlad things are progressing, wish there was room for a ram slot :)03:51
prpplagueBhaal: possible future variation03:52
prpplagueBhaal: the baytrail-i has two memory channels03:53
prpplagueBhaal: we might be able to do a version with sodim03:53
BhaalThat would be interesting indeed, probably a year or 2 away though?03:54
* prpplague makes no comment03:58
prpplagueBhaal: remember minnowmax has been 18 months in the making...03:59
BhaalThis is true :)  And what an awesome board it looks to be...04:03
Bhaalprpplague: What is the USB3 transfer rate like?  Is it slowed down by the atom at all?  And the sata?04:03
BhaalGawd darn it, so having trouble containing excitement about the Max...06:55
BhaalOk, now I am super excited...  getting fibre connected to the house on the 9th...08:10
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inflexdamn you Bhaal13:14
inflexI think I'll deliberately delay sending you your USB-GPIO switching controller, just so your MMax knows how it feels13:14
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BhaalHahaha, Don't worry I already have a gift in mind for you :)13:15
Bhaalinflex: chances are it will still beat the Max here :/13:16
inflexLet's just hope the boards don't get lost13:16
BhaalHope not, that said, I haven't had a package from china go missing yet13:17
inflextrue, and being on EMS it should be okay13:26
inflexwhich reminds me, time to refresh13:27
inflexbah, still stuck in Shenzhen13:27
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BhaalThose postal workers need to work faster darn it!13:43
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kappa12981hi all. looking at any info re: yocto compatibility on max board17:55
kappa12981not sure to wait for the max or go with original minnowboard17:55
prpplaguekappa12981: hehe wait for max17:55
prpplaguedvhart can comment on the yocto support17:55
warthog9kappa12981: the max is going to be supported through the core-i7 bsp, so it's actually going to be more standard than the old board17:57
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kappa12981is going to be supported? has it been verified internally yet that it works will all devices?19:44
kappa12981warthog9: is going to be supported? has it been verified internally yet that it works will all devices?19:44
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