Thursday, 2014-07-03

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Bhaalwarthog9: "Current estimate of public availability is June 2014."  I think the website needs some minor modification :)06:32
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Bhaalwarthog9: Would it be possible to overclock the atom on the Max?13:24
BhaalNot saying I would as it won't be required for most whta I would use these boards for, but should the need arise is it possible?13:24
koenBhaal: overclocking on intel cpus is usually done in the BIOS13:33
koensince the powercontroller isn't under control of the kernel13:33
koenthat's how it is on my buildserver13:33
Bhaalkoen: I guess the question I am asking is: Will we have access to that kind of stuff on the Max13:34
koenI'd prefer everything to be under kernel control...13:34
koenif the max firmware is like original minnow one: no13:34
koenall that is in the evil closed source binaries13:34
koenwhich various people at intel call "open source" but isn't13:35
BhaalAh well...  would be nice to have the ability, like you say from the kernel, like with the Pi's13:35
koenthe attitude at intel is that you as a mere mortal cannot possibly understand the controller or bridge chips13:37
koen"the memory controller manual has a *thousand* pages" <- direct quote13:38
koenI was thankfull for the mute button on that conference call13:39
BhaalWell for ME as a mere mortal, they would be correct :) ... BUT if the Raspberry Pi team can provide a simple switch in a text file that sets the clock speed, then why can't Intel? :)13:39
koenBhaal: the other side of the story is that old kernels "just work" on newer intel boards because the firmware handles everything13:39
koenthe rpi way is retarded13:40
koensince it's firmware as well13:40
koenI think you can do a lot with hwmon and sysfs nowadays to overclock things13:40
BhaalTrue, about older kernels...13:40
BhaalAnd sure, it might still be firmware on the Pi but at least the clock speed can be easily changed (not that I have ever done it)13:41
BhaalAnd to be honest, I have never overclocked a CPU, if it cannot do it at the speed it was designed I believe you are using the wrong hardware :)13:42
BhaalBut I do like to have the option hehe13:42
BhaalI don't think I would have a need for overclocking the Max though, not for what I am using it for which is pretty much data transfer between hdd's13:43
carpmankoen: clearly whoever said that has never seen a TI TRM ;)13:45
koencarpman: never seen an ARM design13:46
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warthog9Bhaal: I don't think you'll really be able to overclock it with the uefi firmware, maybe with the coreboot stuff16:27
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