Friday, 2014-07-04

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Bhaalwarthog9: Yeah, I can't see me needing to right now...  It was just a "whats possible" question...00:02
warthog9Bhaal: yeah, don't know how overclockable the chip will be, but definitely not going to be exactly easy out of the box for now00:37
warthog9I'd be curious to hear if anyone does though00:37
BhaalI haven't overclocked anything, mostly because I cannot normally afford massive amounts of disposable hardware ... so I leave them at the speeds they are designed for so the continue to operate for many years...00:39
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* inflex would be more likely to underclock it... but unlikely09:37
inflexmy uses are going to be IO bound anyhow09:37
thaytanBhaal, I've never destroyed a piece of hardware by overclocking09:51
thaytanit's possible, but usually you just make it unstable and it crashes09:51
inflexthaytan: then you're not doing it far enough!  Anyhow, more heat means shorter life, general rule for all electronics.09:52
thaytaninflex, they're all disposable after 3 years anyway :)09:54
inflexIt'd be nice to roll equipment out after 3 years, look forward to that09:57
* inflex sadly has a bad habit of using semi-broken equipment that customers have disposed of.09:57
inflexThough the device I'm doing the work on for customers is new and fully working - but will soon be replaced by Minnows09:58
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asdanybody home?15:48
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hoyohi, does any body tried xbmc on the MinnowBoard MAX  and can say anithing about the performance?18:44
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