Monday, 2014-07-07

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WaitingBoardAnyboday home?03:32
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av500the minnows have gone home to roast04:43
seaLnehas anyone found enough information on the max HS connector that specifies the location of the pins so that a footprint could be created? the docs on seem to miss that out?05:02
prpplagueseaLne: a footprint for Eagle is already created05:35
prpplagueseaLne: for both the HSE and LSE connectors05:35
prpplagueseaLne: as well as lure outlines with placement of holes and connector positions05:35
prpplagueseaLne: they'll be posted in the coming weeks05:35
av500prpplague: can you make microsoft give out free Minnows?05:36
seaLneprpplague: is there a reason to delay those?05:51
prpplagueseaLne: no delay, just on a schedule05:52
prpplagueseaLne: the datasheets for the connectors have plenty of info to create a footprint if needed05:52
prpplagueseaLne: are you planning to use Eagle or something else?05:53
seaLnewhich datasheet did you find info on the location of the pins relative to the connector shape? PLUG ASSY FH 0.8 B-T-B CONN. ON TAPING (EMBOSS) 0.5 seemed to me to only have info about the external dimensions of the connector05:55
seaLnei quite possibly missed something05:56
prpplagueseaLne: i'll have to look06:02
prpplagueseaLne: i thought it was linked on the wiki, but it doesn't appear06:02
prpplagueseaLne: yea, its the pdf file under "Catalog Pages/Data Sheets" on the TE page06:04
seaLneprpplague: do you know if the PCIe pins labled TX should be connected to a PCIe socket TX or do they cross over to be connected to RX on the socket?06:05
seaLneprpplague: awesome thanks06:05
seaLnei must have missed that when looking through the docs on the product page, it had seemed so weird to miss that info out :-)06:06
prpplagueseaLne: PCIe signals are always(or should be) label with respect to the host device, and generally don't require "swapping" , so the answer is that the TX should go to the typically marked TX signals on a PCIe or mPCIe connector06:07
prpplagueseaLne: yea06:07
prpplagueseaLne: what are you creating ?06:07
seaLnea board with a standard pcie X1 adaptor for using a firewire card in to use for a vga capture device for the KDE conference video recording06:09
seaLneprpplague: thanks for your help06:09
prpplagueseaLne: ahh interesting06:09
warthog9seaLne: have you seen the m-pci-e to x1 pci-e adapters?06:34
seaLnewarthog9: yes thanks, but i am also doing this for experiance as well :)07:20
Bhaalprpplague: What was the date the MAX's were meant to land at Mouser?09:58
Bhaalprpplague: Also, when might you be planning to release a lure with a m-pci-e socket on it?10:00
av500warthog9: you at mentor summit?10:01
Bhaalprpplague: Orrrr perhaps a lure with another NIC on it? :)10:02
* av500 wants a lure with an rpi on it10:03
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ahollerprp^2: I have fully working hotplugable usb-rtc's ;)16:03
ahollermaybe circuito might build such16:03
ahollerunfortunately patches for the kernel are needed to fully use them, and they will likely never end up in mainline16:04
prpplagueaholler: we are swamped with work, we are actually in a meeting now trying to determine which projects to refuse16:09
aholler(fully use = kernel sets time at boot)16:09
ahollergit more people and grow16:09
prpplagueit's not people, its machines16:10
aholleroh, investment16:10
aholleranyway, such a rtc might be usable for arm and intel, so you could make two clients happy16:11
prpplagueaholler: make discuss in a couple months16:11
ahollerbut not for a price one can get a rpi for ;)16:12
ahollerI wonder how many people will buy this cape16:14
warthog9av500: will I be at mentor summit: yes, I do need to double check something with carols on how to proceed with something though16:16
prpplagueaholler: what cape is that?16:18
ahollerI'm speaking about the rtc-cape you mailed me16:25
ahollera bit late, but ... ;)16:25
prpplagueaholler: ahh16:32
prpplagueaholler: we've sold a little over 1k of them so far16:32
prpplagueaholler: it's been pretty popular16:32
prpplagueBhaal: i'll answer you questions about lures when i get out of this meeting16:33
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prpplagueBhaal: the seacat lure (aka mpcie/msata lure) is in pre-production testing now16:40
prpplagueBhaal: the calamari lure is done and fabs are ordered16:41
prpplagueBhaal: an as of yet unamed lure that provide arduino style headers is in pre-production16:41
prpplagueBhaal: and we have about 10 other lures in prototype phase now16:41
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kappa12981is there an ETA on delivery of max dual core boards?16:50
prpplaguekappa12981: the first of the pre-orders will be filled via mouser in the next 7 to 14 days16:52
kappa12981prpplague: thanks. any idea what the first order size was? i just preorder last week16:53
prpplaguekappa12981: pre-order size or production size?16:54
kappa12981prpplague: preorder size. trying to figure out if i'll be part of that first batch16:54
prpplaguekappa12981: if you preorder now, you'll get in the queue16:55
kappa12981prpplague: great. thanks!16:55
kappa12981is there an available lure board for mini pcie cards?16:56
warthog9kappa12981: in pre-production testing16:56
kappa12981warthog9: ok. thanks16:56
warthog9prpplague: should I add that to the wiki / website?17:06
prpplaguewarthog9: you can if you would like17:06
prpplaguewarthog9: i'll send you the full spreadsheet17:06
prpplaguewarthog9: are you already back from your airport shuttle service?17:10
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warthog9prpplague: I'm back20:50
warthog9prpplague: but obviously we have a meeting in like 9 minutes20:51
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warthog9prpplague: I'm around whenever you want to re-start that discussion from Friday21:30
warthog9err Thursday I guess21:30
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