Tuesday, 2014-07-08

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Bhaalprpplague: Thanks for letting me know that info, I look forward to turning a Max into an over powered border router :)02:23
warthog9Bhaal: you are not alone in that ;-)02:23
* warthog9 knows of at least one other who's already planning out how to deploy a pile of them in a data center to take over running a wireless ISP02:24
BhaalI am just getting fibre connected to the house this week, not on a high speed plan yet though, but my current mikrotik router is only 100mb ... I dont think it will be long before I need to shift to gigabit interfaces...02:25
warthog9Bhaal: I've got fiber to the house 100/20, and yeah, I switched to gig-e long ago02:26
warthog9and I've been slowly upgrading into 802.11ac access points02:26
BhaalCurrently only going with a 50/20 plan .. Still on a quota though...  Thankfully though we can have multiple providers on the same fibre...02:28
warthog9Bhaal: seriously?  That's pretty sweet02:28
BhaalI plan on having a small quota with the real good ISP, and a bulk download/upload on a unlimited less reliable ISP...02:28
warthog9they just pass a vlan down and throttle based on the vlan?02:28
Bhaalwarthog9: Yeah, but the fibre is terminated on govt own/operated termination box, it will just output on a separate rj45 socket for each ISP connection...02:30
BhaalAs far as I am aware anyway...02:30
warthog9slightly obnoxious02:30
warthog9I'd rather have it on a vlan I think02:30
warthog9mind you my fiber terminates into an rj45 connection, and is then vlaned through two switches to get to my router in my house02:30
BhaalFTTP is very new in Australia and well, most people won't be getting it anymore because of our stupid Govt... the new Govt is busy screwing up almost every aspect of life except for those in big industry02:31
warthog9my home network is probably more complicated than most businesses02:31
Bhaalwarthog9: You're such a geek!02:31
BhaalMy house is wrapped in cat5e...02:32
warthog9Bhaal: I have a replica k-9 in my living room, I think geek is a bit of an understatement ;-)02:32
BhaalOnly presently have a single 802.11g AP ... but it only services my notebook which I use in the kitchen, my phone and a Pi which is datalogging my weather station...02:33
Bhaalwarthog9: Yah!  I seen it on your YT video02:33
warthog9Bhaal: yeah I've got *counts* 17 tablets, 2 ebooks, 9 laptops, a chromecast, a pile of squeezebox radios all, 3 phones02:35
warthog9ohh the harmony remote controls02:36
* warthog9 should just stop counting02:36
Bhaalhahaha I am guessing you are a collector? :)02:36
* Bhaal has 2 kids instead of all that stuff...02:36
warthog9Bhaal: well the tablets are mostly because of the two star ship bridges02:37
warthog9the rest are the laptops between me and my SO02:37
warthog9she's in computer security, I'm in systems architecture / embedded systems (obviously ;-) )02:38
BhaalAre you the person who bought the old ST bridge sets?02:39
warthog9Bhaal: no02:39
Bhaalstage sets02:39
Bhaaloh, made your own then?02:39
warthog9but I've built 3 artemis bridges02:39
warthog9Bhaal: https://www.flickr.com/groups/ussq <-- bridge 102:40
BhaalAh fairymuff, Have you pictures online?  I've seen ST bridges before02:40
warthog9https://www.flickr.com/photos/warthog9/sets/72157640157773476/ <-- bridges 2 and 3 (built at the same time)02:41
BhaalAhhhhh, so these aren't in your house specifically :)  wait...  Is your house a ST ship or a tardis? :)02:42
BhaalAnd if not, WHY NOT?!?! :)02:43
warthog9no, and the SO would likely murder me02:45
warthog9she loves ST02:45
warthog9she puts up with my Dr. Who stuff02:45
BhaalBut she doesn't love it enough to turn your house interior into a ST ship? :) Oh well...02:47
warthog9probably not, and we are renting anyway so putting in that much effort just to move again soonish02:48
BhaalOther then "for the fun of it" what are the bridges for?02:48
BhaalAhhhhh Understood02:48
warthog9Bhaal: first one was a commission job for the Albuquerque Comic Expo02:50
warthog9second two were mainly a for the fun of it02:50
BhaalAhh nice..02:51
warthog9yeah, keeps me busy02:52
warthog9mind you http://www.elinux.org/Minnowboard:MinnowMax#Board_Layout kept me busy most of today02:52
BhaalIs that going to be the heatsink?02:53
warthog9that is the production heatsink02:54
BhaalI am guessing that is your board that came without a heatsink so you stuck that one on instead of the big green one?02:54
warthog9nope the big green one was ditched for the A1 (and subsequent) boards02:55
BhaalAh fairymuff .. *mildly* surprised :)(02:55
BhaalAlso..  That 5V header, would it deliver enough current to drive a regular 7200RPM 2.5" drive?02:56
warthog9it'll push an amp02:57
BhaalThough once a hdd is spinning its current draw should be lower02:58
warthog9personally I wouldn't use it for that02:58
warthog9I'd split the incoming 5v line and run it off the main 5v line02:59
Bhaalcept the drive is always powered even if the Max is turned off...03:01
BhaalJust looking at it, seems most 2.5" drives use under an amp03:01
BhaalI want to use another Max as a zoneminder server, if I can keep it self contained I would be very happy...  Actually...  Would be pretty cool to had a 2.5" HDD lure :)03:04
warthog9Bhaal: talk to prpplague on that one03:05
warthog9Bhaal: they are doing a lure with msata on it03:06
Bhaalprpplague: Idea of a lure: 2.5" HDD lure (HDD/SSD)03:06
prpplagueBhaal: easy enough03:06
prpplagueBhaal: only consideration is the power consumption03:07
Bhaalwarthog9: yeah, but would be nice to just slide a drive into a onboard sata+pwr connector and screw the drive to the underside of the board and drop the board on its lure mounts...03:07
prpplagueBhaal: an easier solution would be to have it as a LSE lure on the top side, and just have a short sata cable connect the two boards together03:08
prpplagueBhaal: that way you could get +5v from the top side03:08
prpplagueBhaal: easy setup but.... going for the "sweet" configuration would be bottom side03:09
prpplagueBhaal: a 2.5" hdd connection on the bottom side with another usb host slot03:10
BhaalWell food for thought, it will be a little while before I can afford a Max for that purpose, so an appropriate lure might be out by then03:11
prpplagueBhaal: well we are setting aside some boards for "advocates"03:12
BhaalI don't possess the knowledge to design a lure, but will happily road test03:12
prpplagueBhaal: hey, i doubt "siskel and ebert" had the skills to make a good movie, but that didn't stop them from doing insightful reviews ;)03:14
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BhaalThis is true :)03:14
prpplagueawe man03:14
prpplaguethere is more than one aholler now?03:14
prpplagueisn't one enough?03:14
* Bhaal runs for the hills03:14
BhaalAwwww, another idea for a Lure...  TV Tuner lure03:16
BhaalThe MAX STB :)03:16
BhaalIdeally 4 tuners on it...03:16
prpplagueBhaal: well technically you could just use a pcie card03:17
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BhaalTrue, would be a great use of the wasted space inside an actual STB :)03:18
BhaalTuners only need USB though03:19
Bhaal4 USB2 tuners on a single host works fine03:19
warthog9Bhaal: what you really want is a minnow + a stack of hd homeruns ;-)03:19
Bhaalwarthog9: $$$++++03:20
warthog9I don't see a lure being that much cheaper ;-)03:21
BhaalI can run 2 x dual USB tuners on a Pi recording to a single USB2 1TB drive..  all via TVheadend...03:21
BhaalI did have issues with my particular tuners though, really need some USB NOVA-T's03:21
Bhaalwarthog9: yeah I guess not...  Still, connecting a couple of tuners isn't had via USB03:23
warthog9ok I'm heading home03:33
Bhaalprpplague: What would be involved in advocating?03:37
prpplagueBhaal: just answering questions on the channel03:52
prpplagueBhaal: posting info on the wiki pages03:52
prpplagueBhaal: and monitoring the mailing list for questions03:52
prpplagueBhaal: that kind of stuff03:52
BhaalAhhh, cool, though I am still the one asking questions :)03:59
* Bhaal signs up to the mailing list, forgot to do that the other day, got distracted by the kidlets (its school holidays)04:01
tbrprpplague: if you need help with that, I've got lots of time on my hands for the forseeable futureā€¦07:07
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inflexso bored waiting...10:28
inflexBhaal: really hope those PCBs arrive tomorrow, else I'm going to go insane sitting around with nothing to stuff.10:28
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BhaalYeah, I'm all out of ideas...11:04
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edekHi guys. Does Minnowboard Max support WOL ?17:33
prpplagueedek: the hardware support is there, but we don't have it as a software requirement currently17:34
edekprpplague: so will it work what I install linux there?17:36
prpplagueedek: i did not understand your question17:36
edekI'm not entirely sure what software req do you have in mind17:36
prpplagueedek: x86 designs such as the minnowmax require a "bios" of some sort17:37
prpplagueedek: the minnowmax will be available with coreboot or uefi17:37
prpplagueedek: currently neither of those support WOL17:37
edekoh so it's started using some binary?17:37
edekand then actual OS kicks in?17:37
prpplagueedek: yes and no17:37
prpplagueedek: yes it is just like a standard PC17:38
prpplagueedek: in the aspect that it does require some firmware to be loaded to that will start the OS17:38
prpplagueedek: that firmware tells the OS what hardware capabilities the device supports17:38
prpplagueedek: in this case, the UEFI and coreboot tell the OS that it does not support WOL17:38
edekAre sources available?17:39
edekWOL is a great feature17:39
edekI won't buy device which doesn;t support it :)17:39
prpplagueedek: sources will be available for UEFI and coreboot shortly after the release of max17:40
prpplagueedek: but there is a lot more to it than that17:40
prpplagueedek: what is your use case for WOL?17:40
edekremote wakeup to save energy17:41
edekand autosuspend on idle17:41
edekit's simple as that17:41
prpplagueedek: well the max isn't like a standard pc with regards to the amount of power consumption17:41
edekI know, currently I'm running PI17:41
edekit doesn;t use much energy, but devices attached to it can - like drives or other devices17:42
prpplagueedek: well WOL will likely be a low priority item as it is not someting that a lot of people request17:42
edekI see17:42
prpplagueedek: i was not aware the RPi supported WOL17:43
edekit doesn't that's why I;m switching17:43
prpplagueedek: in fact i can't name a low cost dev board that does support WOL17:44
prpplagueedek: have you found one?17:44
edekI got a list of devices17:48
edekI'll come back later and let you know what I found17:48
edekthanks very much for you time17:48
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calculusso its low priority, but would docs be available so the community at large can implement things that are low priority18:50
warthog9calculus: depends on what docs you are after19:33
warthog9calculus: we'll have the board schematics and such out, and the firmware eventually19:33
warthog9but if you need docs out of the realtek for the chip, I don't know if those are available19:33
warthog9I'd assume they are, but that may just be my own wishful thinking19:34
prpplaguei've add an action item to follow up on it19:38
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calculuswarthog9: in particular I was after the WOL feature being discussed earlier (hardware supports it, but software does not)21:01
calculusbut I am sure there are other such features that would be nice to have that the hardware supports, but the software does not21:01
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Bhaalprpplague: I would be happy to have WOL support...  Does the Max have a weighted wishlist anywhere yet?21:59
* prpplague points Bhaal to /dev/null21:59
* Bhaal makes age inappropriate faces at prpplague22:00
BhaalEh...  It doesn't use so much power that its a big concern, but once I have a bank of Max's running (I am envisioning 15-20 units) it would be nice to have idle units go to sleep but can be woken by lan (by my yet to be completed web frontend)22:04
BhaalBut I think it will be a while before I get to that point, so not something I am expecting on release :)22:05
Bhaal0805 ... Where is the NBN tech!  I hate these 4hr windows dammit!22:06
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