Wednesday, 2014-07-09

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BhaalSo the NBN is connected, and damn its fast!06:31
BhaalWhat was a 36ms ping is now a 3ms ping (including a wifi hop)06:32
tbrwhat's NBN?07:02
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av500NBN Co - National Broadband Network - Australia | Home07:13
tbrthat reminds me that my new VDSL modem should have arrived by now, and a contract confirmation...07:51
Bhaaltbr: Fibre to the home (for some people, vdsl for the rest)09:12
BhaalIt was suppose to be FTTH for the entire country, but then the Liberals got into power and they axed it and said "This other method is much cheaper" but its way more expensive... they will roll it out and no one will connect to it...  especially considering it will cost them $5k to do so09:13
tbrhere it's FTTB, but as it's a rental appartment I won't even try to get a Cat6 to the basement so I could upgrade to 1G/100M09:13
tbr100/10 is "ok"09:14
BhaalWell the FTTH is meant to replace the copper, but the Liberals want to leave it in the ground putting vdsl dslams on every street corner...09:14
tbrthat /was/ an OKish intermediate solution, but nowadays I wouldn't want any copper09:15
BhaalYeah, neither does anyone else who actually understands the long term implications09:16
tbrif I buy property, I'll make sure it either has or will have FTTH. In that context it might even be easier to just move to the country side. They get structural funds and such.09:16
BhaalLiberals got in with 2% swing, so they will eb out in 2yrs...  and hopefully the ALP will put FTTH back on track...09:17
alfadirnot sure where you are, just shopping for a new internet connection (DE).. my parents can get FTTH (SE) but in DE it is pretty much dead now09:23
alfadirany DE tips for a good provider ? :)09:23
av500depends on where you are09:25
av500there are many local ones09:26
alfadirwe are moving back in end of Aug. The new address has VDSL according to Telekom09:27
av500check the cable provider09:27
av500KablBW in your case I guess09:27
alfadirno cable in the street09:27
av500we have Unitymedia here and they offer up to 128Mbit/s09:28
alfadirok unitymedia and kabelbw are the same now09:28
alfadirthe fast connection i have in Sweden is why i lurk here, looking for a OpenVPN (and possibly other thigns) server. minnowboard max looks nice09:29
alfadirwell, powerwise09:29
alfadircurrently live in CZ where a friend have fiber for less than 200 CZK.. less than 10 Euro..09:30
alfadirwhat do one need to use the second sata on max? just "cable connection" or some logic ?09:33
av500well then VDSL is your best option09:36
av500all the other are just reslling it anyway09:36
alfadircheapest VDSL offer was so far 20 Euro for Vodaphone DSL Zuhause S + VDSL option. but not sure if there are more hidden costs ? as Tkom wants at least 30 for that..09:41
alfadirjust want pur internet, no need for services09:42
alfadirbut sure, from 13:th month 10 Euro extra and a binding time of 24 month09:44
alfadiranyway, since i moved to germany i have paid more for slower links than my parents.. and they live in a village in Sweden with 21 houses.. 10 km from the next large city of 5000 inhabitants :P09:46
alfadiri guess i just have to just order somewhere and not think about it..09:46
alfadirthis Lizzy loure for the Max, are there more details for it ?09:47
alfadir(MiniPCIe / mSATA Lure(aka 'Lizzy' Lure))09:50
av500thats german internet for you09:50
alfadiri know09:50
Bhaalalfadir: Ahhh, I am in Australia, so yeah, cannot help you sorry09:58
Bhaalalfadir: FTTH is a huge big deal here in Australia09:59
ahollerin germany they even have put fiber in all streets in the east and don't use it.10:06
ahollerjust look de-mail, and no quetions should be left ;)10:07
alfadirit is ok, have my servers in SE, just need an uplink but selecting provider is always hard..10:07
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