Friday, 2014-07-11

BhaalWow, nice Lure there!00:35
BhaalThe ika lure00:36
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BhaalSo...  Hummingboard...  Not much smaller, not much cheaper, but certainly no where near the power of the Max...07:10
BhaalNot to mention the ease of use of the Max being x86 etc07:11
av500so many boards07:11
av500a new one every week07:11
av500so little time to port the community on each07:12
tbrav500: we need a portable community runtime07:14
koenI've been working in embedded too long07:15
koenso I see now extra "ease of use due to x86"07:15
koenthe reverse actually07:15
av500all my old DOS games still work....07:16
koenlet's hook up an i2c peripheral07:16
av500koen: sure, is there an USB driver for it?07:16
Bhaalkoen: I guess to a degree you are right with that...07:25
koenx86 is great, till you need a change in the firmware07:26
av500koen: BIOS update on a flopyy?07:26
Bhaalkoen: I am new to it all...  Got a few Pis but they aren't doing anything exceptional...  So still learning..  By ease of use I mean I don't have to compile stuff, I can be lazy and use pre-packaged stuff..  I know there is raspbian etc, but its not a full port of debian for instance...07:27
BhaalThat said..  If the Max was Arm7 or whatever, I'd still probably buy it, so long as it had USB3 (that actually works at USB3 speeds) and SATA2...07:30
BhaalHaving GPIO is a bonus07:30
BhaalNot to mention the pci-e lane07:30
av500in short, if it was an ARM "PC"07:31
Bhaalav500: yes yes07:32
BhaalNot dedicated embedded tech...07:32
Bhaalav500: Its the small form factor, at an affordable price which does it...07:33
BhaalOh, and the low low power consumption07:33
BhaalJust thinking, what I would love to see is an 8 port sata raid lure!07:34
BhaalAsking a bit much? :)07:34
av500Bhaal: ma coworker has an atom based small motherboard that cost him €120 for like 2 years already07:34
av500and it goes does to 5W or so too07:34
av500its even intel branded07:34
av500so, the max is nothing novel in that regard07:35
Bhaalav500: I wasn't looking for such devices 2yrs ago...  But now I have a need for them, but nothing I or (inflex *points* over there) have found at a reasonable $AUD price that also has the feature set we are looking for07:36
Bhaalav500: Which is basically gigabit ethernet, USB3, SATA2 ...07:37
Bhaalav500: By reasonable price I mean sub $150AUD07:37
av500that one is an older design, €5007:37
av500you need to add RAM07:37
av500I think intel stopped that motherboard line07:38
av500but if they did not, it would be €100 and with usb3 today07:38
Bhaalav500: Ummm, thats more then $150AUD07:38
av500€50 is $60 US07:39
Bhaal$73 AUD07:39
BhaalAnd I know those boards are out there...07:39
BhaalThey were options from ebay etc...07:40
BhaalBut again, no USB307:40
BhaalAnd I didn't want to be adding pcie cards etc07:40
av500as said, intel stopped that line07:40
av500then they suddenly re-invented it with the minnows :)07:40
BhaalWho can blame them :)07:41
Bhaaleither way, this is what I want, so this is what I am going to have :)07:42
BhaalHURRY UP!!07:42
Bhaalprpplague: So..  Would an 8 port sata raid lure be asking a bit much?07:43
av500arent there external sata multiplier boxes?07:44
av500ah yes, sub $150 AU07:44
tbrthat was my immediate thought07:44
tbrSATA multipliers exist07:45
av500tbr: it has to be "cheap"07:45
tbrI got mine used for 50€, came with 2x2TB disks07:45
av500this is the one my coworker has:
BhaalOhhhh, now my eyes are open!07:46
av500it has 2x sata07:47
av500so intel has not stopped them07:47
av500and it has gigE too07:48
av500hmm, I should buy one07:48
Bhaalav500: That board still doesn't have USB307:50
av500I know07:50
av500as said, its two years old07:50
BhaalAnyway, will the Max support a port multiplier?07:50
av500no idea07:50
av500it was not made for that07:50
BhaalI know07:50
Bhaalhence why I suggested a raid controller on a lure access the pcie lane07:50
koenthere are 2 kinds of PMP, I think it supported the sw kind07:53
koenyou'd have to ask intel07:54
Bhaalprpplague: Does the Max support sata port multipliers?07:55
Bhaalwarthog9: Does the Max support sata port multipliers?07:55
BhaalThat's better :)07:55
BhaalGawd if it does then I am going to be a very happy camper07:57
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ahollerget a logic analyzer to answer those questions09:07
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prpplagueBhaal: yes the hardware does support sata port multipliers14:38
prpplagueBhaal: have we tested it? no14:38
Bhaalprpplague: That would be on both sata ports?14:38
BhaalYou're a good man!14:39
carpmanbeware port multipliers. There be dragons.14:39
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warthog9carpman, Bhaal: dragons and lions and bears.  They are supported, but many just don't work, even on better hardware16:31
warthog9I'd likely go usb3 before braving sata port multipliers16:32
prpplaguewarthog9: did you finish that gpio list?16:41
prpplaguewarthog9: carpman was asking about it16:41
warthog9prpplague: I've got 6 pins that aren't right17:04
warthog9and I have to figure out the "why"17:05
warthog9dvhart brain picking as soon as I'm done with this meeting17:06
prpplaguecarpman: what info is incorrect on the wiki?17:09
carpmanwarthog9: those six pins are on the low speed header?17:09
warthog9carpman: yes, I haven't confirmed the high speed ones yet either but those should be fine17:15
warthog9fine == easily calculated17:15
warthog9even though calculation involves sacrificing a goat in the server room17:16
carpmanwarthog9: hmm, can you tell me which six? prpplague wants me to get this proto lure out the door and I'm trying to get all the pins labled.17:17
warthog9carpman: pins 6, 8, 13, 15, 17, 1917:18
warthog9otherwise the wiki is correct17:19
carpmanwarthog9: oh, awesome. none of those are ones I labled as GPIOs, just what function they are17:20
prpplaguecarpman: do we want the lure to list the GPIO numbers in linux? or the the GPIO as it is from the processor?17:20
prpplaguewarthog9: how are the signals listed in the UEFI setup?17:20
carpmanprpplague: I'd say linux.17:20
warthog9will those gpio numbers be the same outside of Linux though?17:20
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carpman<snarky One True Operating System comment> no, but how hard will it be to discover OS whatever's gpio numbers using the GPIO from the processor?17:22
carpmanit might make sense to have it listed as it shows in linux and have a wiki page with the translation for other operaing systems17:22
warthog9that's almost a garauntee17:23
warthog9I.E. a slight expansion of the table that's on the wiki17:23
warthog9is this just paper documentation?17:24
carpmanwarthog9: no, Its on the silkscreen for the proto lure17:24
warthog9carpman: this is the ika right?17:24
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carpmanwarthog9: no, this is just a proto area and labled holes17:25
carpmanika is something else entirely17:25
warthog9got it17:25
warthog9if it was me I'd map to the low speed connector pins17:26
warthog9and "see wiki for gpio mapping"17:26
carpmansound reasonable, prpplague?17:27
prpplagueone sec17:28
prpplaguecarpman: yea17:28
prpplaguecarpman: i agree wit warthog917:28
prpplaguecarpman: just map to the names on the LSE17:29
carpmank, will do17:29
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prpplaguedvhart_: ping20:17
prpplaguedvhart_: hey20:20
prpplaguedvhart_: need some quick feedback20:20
prpplaguedvhart_: we can create a minidisplay lure with that small display now20:21
prpplaguedvhart_: or we can wait for a few weeks and20:21
prpplaguedvhart_: design one with a 2.8" display that includes touch20:21
prpplaguedvhart_: what say you?20:22
dvhart_IMHO we should wait and do the larger screen with touch. We have a couple of those larger displays, haven't hooked them up yet20:22
dvhart_warthog9, ^ ?20:22
dvhart_warthog9 agrees20:27
warthog9prpplague: I totally agree21:04
prpplaguecarpman: please note21:05
warthog9prpplague: noting that if I'm actually lucky and get through a couple of things I plan on bringing one of those displays up and testing it today21:07
warthog9(since I've got a 2.8in one sitting in my cube with me)21:07
warthog9and as I'm also curious about it for the dog21:07
prpplaguecarpman: ok, heading out to meet with the arch linux guys about max and such21:08
prpplaguelaters folks21:08
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warthog9ohhh that sounds like fun21:08
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