Monday, 2014-07-14

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Bhaalprpplague: Has the first shipment been sent to Mouser yet?08:54
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groszekHi. does anyone have minnowboard max yet? I'm interrested in simple openssl speed test09:21
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tbrgroszek: only the Intel people09:34
groszekah I see, too bad09:34
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tbrand they won't wake up for another few hours09:34
tbrbut it's really just an Intel CPU09:35
groszekTrue, but I don't know if it's fast enough to support my vpn :)09:36
groszekwell guess i'll wait for first batch to deliver, internet will probably explode with reviews09:36
tbryou do gbit VPN?09:37
groszekWell, ~130 mbit09:38
tbrI doubt that will be an issue, at all, on any recent intel hardware09:39
groszekdo you maybe know what kind of boot process it'll have? does it have bios or uefi?09:41
groszekuefi board would be incredible :)09:42
tbrbios is dead09:42
groszekI don't like the boot process of boards such as rpi, magic-files-on-sd-card + weird bootloaders. x64 atom based board would be nice breath of sanity09:43
tbrRPi boots it's VC4 first and then only starts the ARM, that's what makes it quite unfortunate.09:45
tbrMost other boards just do u-boot, and that's quite sane09:46
groszekthanks for the chat09:49
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ahollerI use u-boot on an rpi too10:09
ahollereasy to do10:10
tbraholler: you still need the magic blob for VC4...10:11
ahollersure, but for people which do know u-boot, using it on the rpi makes things more comfortable10:12
tbrit's still meh. lipstick on a pig and all that10:13
ahollerand makes it possible to get the kernel from various sources like network and usb10:14
aholleranyway, this isn't a topic here.10:20
ahollerbesides that I prefer u-boot instead of uefi. ;)10:22
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