Friday, 2014-07-18

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Bhaalprpplague: Ahhh ok, thanks for the update03:44
Bhaalprpplague: Was it a large amount of Max's sent to mouser?03:44
prpplagueBhaal: large is relative04:27
prpplagueBhaal: but yes there were a lot04:27
prpplagueBhaal: but with that said, no everyone who has pre-orders is going to get them shipped04:27
prpplagueBhaal: we are starting another production run on monday04:27
prpplagueBhaal: with successive production runs every week04:28
seaLneprpplague: you had said a few days ago when i asked about a signal on the high speed connector that could be used to tell if the max was up and running that there were a few. do you have any suggestions? some of the XDP_* are a bit hard to guess what they do, i'd wondered about PMC_CORE_PWROK but thought it could be up before the max was really up04:44
seaLneworst case i guess would be using a GPIO pin set to go high in the system startup04:46
prpplagueseaLne: there is the power good signal, the system reset , and three different power rails that are all integral to the boot process, all can be used in to determine when the system is up an runnign04:48
prpplagueseaLne: worst case, you can always declare one of the GPIOs as for that usage04:48
calculusprpplague: are you going to be open with numbers like I have seen with the bbb on
seaLneprpplague: ok, thanks04:49
prpplaguecalculus: i dont understand the question04:50
calculusprpplague: this, but for the minnow04:57
prpplaguecalculus: what about it?04:57
calculusare you going to post numbers of minnows shipped over time?04:59
* warthog9 offers prpplague some delightful tea05:01
prpplaguecalculus: yes, but we won;t start posting all of that info until we go into full production05:02
prpplaguecalculus: we are currently just filling pre-production and pre-orders05:02
prpplaguecalculus: which is why we have not release the schematics and design files as well05:02
calculusprpplague: fair enough05:07
prpplaguecalculus: i can tell you the initial demand is on par with beaglebone black05:09
calculusthat is pretty cool05:11
calculusit means order and wait in line instead of waiting for stock to show05:11
calculusa good place to be05:11
calculusfor the builders, not so much the consumers having to wait in line05:12
aholler_don't consume, done. ;)05:17
Bhaalprpplague: Thanks heaps for the update it is appreciated06:31
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prpplaguewarthog9: ping16:20
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warthog9prpplague: pong16:36
prpplaguewarthog9: i am sending back the seacat lures and the two max boards16:38
prpplaguewarthog9: i am unable to replicate the issue you and dvhart reported16:39
warthog9prpplague: ok16:59
warthog9prpplague: you sending back the wifi and msata drives too?16:59
prpplaguewarthog9: i've modified one seacat to use your micron msata16:59
prpplaguewarthog9: you can keep that one for yourself16:59
warthog9I'll have to mark it17:00
prpplaguewell make the change on the production17:00
* warthog9 nods17:00
prpplaguewe will just need to make sure people understand that you can't use a mPCIe in the mSATA slot17:00
warthog9a big silk screen will help with that17:00
prpplaguei am baffled why a company the size of kingston would not use the proper card type signal17:01
warthog9the board of slight stupidness17:01
warthog9no clue17:01
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aholler_warthog9: big names, small brains. working in a big company doesn't make people much smarter ;)21:21
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warthog9aholler: sometimes I miss the start-up world21:23
warthog9then I remember I like not working 120hrs a week, and weekends21:23
warthog9mind you I'm probably still doing 80hrs, but at least mostly no weekends21:28
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samchello all, does anyone know if someone's tried some iperf tests on the minnowboad max? I'm interested to know whether it can saturate the GigE interface21:43
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prpplaguesamc: i've done a few tests and the performance for the nic is exactly as expected for gige21:54
prpplaguesamc: no real deviation21:54
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samcthanks prpplague, just to be clear, you can hit ~940Mbps with iperf in both directions with TCP?22:06
prpplaguesamc: i don't have the numbers in front of me22:07
prpplaguesamc: ping me on monday and i can re-run the tests for you22:07
samcwill do, much appreciated22:07
samcI only ask because plenty of GigE based embedded boards out there (mainly MIPS based routers) will top out nowhere near 1Gbps. I've got high hopes for the minnowboard max!22:08
* prpplague just finished an 82 hour work week and decides to go home and drink22:09
prpplaguesamc: no worries, i'll get the info on monday22:09
samcsounds well deserved!22:09
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warthog9still need to get a board file written up for the analog pins23:10
warthog9so that can get tested / checked23:10
warthog9but I've verified that pinout :-)23:11
warthog9carpman: --^ seems to work ;-)23:11

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