Tuesday, 2014-07-22

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macmeckI just read about installing Ubuntu on MinnowBoard MAX. I wonder about the last remark after updating the kernel "However, after installing with this method, HDMI sound output still didn't work."13:39
macmeckdoes that mean that using ubuntu there will be no sound at all via HDMI?13:39
macmeckor hast this been solved in the meantime?13:39
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warthog9macmeck: If memory serves me correctly, the kernel that Ubuntu ships with is just old enough to not have an updated driver for hdmi sound to work15:09
warthog9the next version of Ubuntu (no idea when it's due out, I'm slightly out of the release cycle) will likely have that resolved15:10
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macmeckwarthog9: ubuntu currently ships with 3.13. the wiki says that the original kernel should be upgraded to 3.14 or newer. nevertheless, HDMI sound seems not to be working according to the wiki17:37
macmecknext ubuntu version with kernel 3.15 is scheduled for october17:39
dvhartHDMI audio works with a 3.14 kernel17:39
dvhartmacmeck, which bit on the wiki specifically?17:39
macmecklast line of the ubuntu section17:40
dvhartHrm. I suspect that needs to be revisited. THere was some churn in the firmware around audio that may have complicated Max's testing.17:41
dvhartI'm not running ubuntu, but audio is working for me on 3.14.17:42
macmeckfor the other distros there are some comments that HDMI audio is working after upgrading to 3.14. that's why i'm curious for ubuntu17:47
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warthog9macmeck: we know audio works with 3.14(1596...), I don't know if it works with 3.13.  I don't think it does which is why that note22:01
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warthog9and of course my timing is horrible22:01
warthog9go figure ;-)22:01
warthog9Bryanstein: btw have you tried finding us on the show floor yet?22:01
warthog9There's a package with your name on it if you do find us22:02
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