Wednesday, 2014-07-23

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Bhaalprpplague: Where is CircuitCo's factory?06:38
tbrcco is in texas06:40
BhaalAhhhh, so they produce the boards, then send them to china only for china to push them back out...06:41
tbrout of curiosity, where do you see the china bit?06:41
BhaalThought Mouser was pretty much china based...06:43
warthog9I always thought mouser was US based06:48
warthog9"based in Mansfield, Texas, United States"06:49
warthog9Mouser --^06:49
BhaalHmmm, ok, not used to seeing electronics stuff NOT made in china :)06:50
warthog9well it's made in Texas, it's kinda like a foreign country ;-)06:51
Bhaalor coming out of china I mean06:51
BhaalWell it is to me anyway, but at the very least it shouldn't take so long to come out via postal system...06:52
warthog9are they claiming 6 months +/- 10 years for something?06:52
BhaalHahaha no, but anything from China tends to take weeks06:53
BhaalNot including factory lead time06:53
warthog9I've actually had some good luck with a couple of Alibaba buys06:53
warthog9all of them have shown up in 2-3 days of purchase06:53
warthog9yeah, it's kind of frightening06:54
warthog9the screen on k-9 was an Alibaba find06:54
BhaalI doubt that would happen for AU ... Sometimes AU customs sit on packages for a day or so...06:54
warthog9showed up 2 days after I paid for it06:54
warthog9Bhaal: yeah, I've heard AU is a pain06:54
warthog9though speaking of AU so far my bid to go to LCA next year hasn't been shot down06:55
Bhaalwarthog9: As a keynote or on behalf of Intel?06:55
warthog9down doing minnowboardy things06:55
warthog9I submitted 3 minnowboard talks, and one on file synchronization06:56
warthog9haven't heard back from LCA on those yet, but I floated the idea past the bosses and they didn't shoot it down as an absolute no06:56
BhaalI want to go, but cannot afford it ... Being in New Zealand and all...06:57
BhaalErrr, the conf is in NZ for 201506:58
warthog9yeah, we'll see closer to Jan06:58
warthog9if I do head down I'll try and take some time and pop up and chat with some maker spaces in the area06:58
warthog9catch up with folks doing interesting things06:58
BhaalI won't even be able to make the 2016 conf unless my business plans take off...07:00
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chunderbunnyMorning all08:37
chunderbunnyI have a question about the Max. How are people powering SATA devices connected to the board?08:37
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Bhaalchunderbunny: It would depend on what type of sata device...  If its an SSD its suggested you might be able to power it via the J2 which was originally meant to be for a CPU fan, however its theorised you can pull 1A via that header, which might be enough for an SSD...10:34
BhaalRemember...  Theorised...10:34
Bhaalchunderbunny: Otherwise, not sure...  Maybe use a different power brick, big enough to power both the Max and the HDD...10:35
chunderbunnyOkay, I’ll maybe experiment when it arrives10:35
Bhaalchunderbunny: I am planning to have a regular ATX PSU powering the max and a 4TB drive sitting over the top...  (I plan on having a whole school of Max's running off the one PSU though)10:35
Bhaal(I may have punned just there)10:36
chunderbunnyI was hoping for something a little quieter in order to improve the WAF10:36
BhaalKnow what you mean...10:37
BhaalBut I am not going to be running just a single Max so yeah, otherwise go with a bigger brick10:37
chunderbunnyThe J2 is attractive because it makes it easier to turn things on/off10:37
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prpplagueBhaal: hehe, mouser is about 30 minutes from the circuitco offices14:48
prpplagueBhaal: circuitco is in Richardson, Texas and mouser in mansfield14:48
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warthog9Goood morning16:52
bluelightning... vietnam!17:04
tbrfrom the delta to the dmz17:18
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warthog9Bryanstein: ping17:57
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