Thursday, 2014-07-24

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Bhaalprpplague: Ahhhh, so you can pretty much drive the boards there yourself? :)09:23
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scorpiuswouldn't displayport be better than HDMI for the MAX?20:27
prpplaguescorpius: hehe20:32
prpplaguescorpius: i assume you are the one that just emailed about that20:33
scorpiusI would strongly vote for DP as opposed to HDMI for the upcoming MAX20:38
prpplaguescorpius: hehe, well you are about 8 months too late for the suggestion, hehe21:06
prpplaguescorpius: we are already in production, hehe21:06
prpplaguescorpius: but several variations on the Max will be available in coming months21:06
prpplaguescorpius: one with DP is under consideration21:06
dvhartyou know what I love about systemd?21:09
prpplagueoh lord21:17
* dvhart is trying to sort out some new images for minnow max with updated gstreamer, systemd, etc21:23
dvhartlots of banging head on desk today21:23
carpmandvhart: whats not to love, systemd does your thinking for you.21:24
carpmanotherwise you might make the wrong decisions.21:25
ahollerdoesn't it already has a package manager included?21:37
dvhart"it" being?21:38
ahollermight be the next thing, check for updates if a services fails or the kernel oopses21:48
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carpmanthe next thing is systemd-userspaced21:49
carpmanenough of all these disjoint projects implementing a userspace, systemd will just take over all of userspace21:50
ahollerisn't that already their in form of cgroup-managment?21:51
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prpplaguedvhart: remind me to tell you about the dream i had on sunday night... hehe21:51
carpmanI really want to caption over that scene in TRON where Allen is trying to explain that TRON isin't part of the MCP21:52
dvhartprpplague, sounds ominous21:54
prpplaguedvhart: more funny than ominous, but relating to systemd21:55
ahollercarpman: isomorphic algorithms have to come for help21:55
calculusall your OS are belong to systemd22:15
prpplagueall your OS will become systemd22:35
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