Friday, 2014-07-25

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aholler_they should integrate the kernel into systemd04:57
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av500aholler: that is the plan05:48
ahollerreminds me at pinky and brain ;)06:36
BhaalSo...  warthog9 Can you sit on your K9?07:37
warthog9Bhaal: no07:37
warthog9support structure isn't that strong07:37
BhaalSo its not this big then?
BhaalOr as you say, support structure07:37
warthog9it's that big07:38
warthog9just not that strong since I don't have the luxury of a single internal structure07:38
BhaalAhhhh, no wonder your partner says that's enough Dr. Who for one house :)07:38
warthog9the dog breaks down into 3 major pieces07:38
BhaalAhhh ok07:38
warthog9 <-- what it takes to ship the dog somewhere07:39
warthog9well dog + me anyway07:39
warthog9 and from this week07:41
warthog9the dog is obviously still reasonably well liked by conference goers07:41
warthog9Bryanstein: --^ you are in the photo too there :-)07:42
warthog9Bhaal: actually that photo does a decent job of showing the upper framing07:43
BhaalIt does!07:45
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BhaalJust out of question are cco still manufacturing the original minnowboard? plenty of imbedded applications for it?09:18
av500I guess they do09:24
BhaalJust curious...09:24
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prpplaguefireglow: greetins18:41
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fireglowhave you thought about using coreboot for the MAX?20:47
prpplaguefireglow: it's already going into mainline support20:54
prpplaguefireglow: we'll have coreboot load instructions up in a few weeks20:54
fireglowprpplague: cool!20:55
Bryansteinwarthog9, congratulation again on your award buddy!21:30
BryansteinIt was cool seeing you up there on stage...well with another buddy of mine, Deb Nicholson21:31
warthog9Bryanstein: I'm just glad I was able to get you your board :-)21:41
Bryansteinwarthog9, :oP me too! I'll be spending some time to get acquainted with it tonight...your award was a pleasant surprise though21:42
BryansteinWhen they called your name I was like :oO way to go OSCON for recognizing warthog921:43
BryansteinThey actually called your warthog too lol21:43
warthog9yeah they were all worried about calling me warthog921:44
warthog9I'm like "seriously, there's more people in this community who know me as warthog9 than my real name"21:44
BryansteinWell that's how I "really" knew it was you...irc nicks are almost like gpg sigs prpplague. for instance. I feel more comfortable calling him that although I know his name21:45
BryansteinI only refer to you guys by your name if I'm talking to someone that doesn't know you...after I've called you your nick, lol21:45
BryansteinAre they Oreilly pics up yet from the awards? Another friend of mine Deb Nicholson got an award too. I took a couple blurry images with my camera21:46
warthog9Bryanstein: I've seen the video21:46
warthog9haven't seen pics21:46
zenlinuxheya warthog921:48
* warthog9 waves to zenlinux 21:48
zenlinuxis your formlabs printer back in action yet?21:48
warthog9in transit back from California21:48
warthog9last I checked Fedex claimed Wednesday21:48
Bryansteinhowdy zenlinux, thanks for dropping by the bbq, it was good seeing you again and talking PDX.21:49
zenlinuxBryanstein, likewise! Do let me know if you're in the area again21:49
BryansteinSure thing, I want to be there for Debconf...well I really need to be there for Debconf this year which is Aug 23-31 but that's wayyy too close to Fossetcon21:51
zenlinuxI'd be down to visiting fossetcon but I'm not sure what september holds for me employment-wise21:52
BryansteinWell you should submit a talk21:53
BryansteinIf things turn into a conflict, we can adjust accordingly but otherwise if you come you should definitely be heard!21:53
BryansteinWe could also have you as a back up...assuming that there won't be a work conflict21:54
zenlinuxI'll give it some thought21:54
zenlinuxwhat's the deadline for submissions?21:54
BryansteinHeh..August 3rd21:55
* zenlinux makes a note of it21:56
BryansteinIf you were in a back up slot then that would definitely be extended21:57
warthog9ok everyone, I'm knocking off for the weekend22:04
warthog9I'm going to go make ribs22:04
warthog9and sit in my backyard22:04
fireglownice, enjoy :)22:04
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