Saturday, 2014-07-26

BhaalMorning peeps00:05
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* Bhaal pokes inflex and prpplague 00:42
Bhaal(Those were pokes, not pings)00:42
prpplagueBhaal: what's up?00:47
BhaalWas just saying hello and hoping all is well in the land of prpplague ...00:48
BhaalMouser are saying the 4th Aug or something for shipping now...00:48
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prpplagueBhaal: that date is so no accurate00:49
prpplagueBhaal: mouser never has it right00:49
prpplagueBhaal: we have another shipment going out on thursday00:49
prpplagueBhaal: with shipments going out every thursday or friday00:49
prpplagueBhaal: we are really cranking up on the production now that we have all the bugs worked out on the production line00:50
Bhaalprpplague: You mean it will be longer or less time?  I viewed that date as reasonably close to now....01:00
prpplagueBhaal: less01:00
prpplagueBhaal: they are already filling pre-orders01:00
BhaalWould have loved an email today saying it's being shipped :)  But I am not going to argue too much01:00
BhaalYeah, have noticed the "on order" amount going down...01:00
Bhaalslowly though01:01
BhaalBugs were affecting what was coming off the line in a working state?01:01
prpplagueBhaal: no, just typical first run items01:02
prpplaguei.e. tweaking the solder paste01:02
prpplaguemaking sure all the components are lined up properly coming off the pick-n-place01:02
prpplaguethat kind of stuff01:02
prpplagueBhaal: very typical of a first production run01:03
prpplagueBhaal: for example one of the parts that comes on a reel, the datasheet had the parts on the reel in one direction, yet the actual reel had them 180 degrees out01:03
BhaalOhhhhhh that's a problem :/01:04
prpplagueBhaal: think of it as a dress rehersal01:05
prpplagueBhaal: before the bigger runs01:05
BhaalYou guys have done a great job so far (aside from missing June *cough*) :)01:05
prpplagueBhaal: next couple of runs are 1k each01:05
prpplagueBhaal: with 2500 and 5000 following01:05
prpplagueBhaal: with 10k runs starting in october01:05
BhaalSo the previous batches have been ~100 I assume?  given the slow ship from Mouser...?01:06
prpplagueBhaal: and if things go well we will have two other CM's coming online to do 10k units each per month01:06
prpplagueBhaal: 300 qty batches01:06
BhaalWow, that is a lot of boards!01:06
BhaalCan I ask how many of the original MB you sold?  roughly?01:07
prpplaguewe already have POs for a lot01:07
prpplaguethe original didn't sell many01:07
prpplaguetotal of about 2500 units01:07
prpplaguebut sales of the original minnow was not the goal01:07
BhaalGetting out there?01:07
Bhaalbeing the goal?01:07
BhaalI see e14 are still carrying a few in stock01:08
BhaalWell, you got my interest, and inflex's01:08
prpplagueBhaal: if you watch that video, with the understanding that we had already started on minnowmax when i did that interview01:10
prpplagueBhaal: we had already understood where it needed to go01:11
* inflex looks01:18
Bhaalprpplague: Watched, great interview!01:21
prpplagueBhaal: thanks01:22
BhaalIts very good to see it paved the way for the Max01:23
BhaalSeems like Intel picked the right people for the job01:24
BhaalOh, who have you got making cases for it so far?01:27
prpplaguecan't say atm01:28
BhaalI don't need any straight up, but if I was to use it as a PC for my kids I would love a VESA mount case...01:28
Bhaalprpplague: also, can you guys contact sata expander manufacturers for samples to test with?  or have them sent to me??? :)01:29
prpplagueBhaal: warthog9 has gotten some hardware for testing01:30
prpplagueBhaal: but it is low priority01:30
BhaalAhhh didn't know this, cool01:30
BhaalAgain, its not something I am going to need straight off the bat, but if there is a product which works I will be very happy...01:35
* prpplague wanders off in search of a glass of beer and to harass his wife01:38
BhaalHahaha enjoy!01:38
BhaalThanks for your time prpplague01:39
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calculusprpplague: you got it all wrong, the harassment starts with asking the wife for the beer20:32
* calculus jokes with prpplague 20:32
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Bryansteinwarthog9, ping21:54
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