Monday, 2014-07-28

Bhaalprpplague: So...  Can I update the firmware other then via the firmware header if I do it before losing hdmi?02:55
Bhaalcoz I don't have an AVR programmer02:55
prpplagueBhaal: yes there is a software tool for doing it03:12
Bhaalprpplague: Got a fix for the bug yet? :)03:40
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inflexBhaal: oh, that was my wrong04:27
Bhaalinflex: figured I should ask as I will probably have one which won't have an updated firmware06:09
tbrheh, developer boards, that's why I like to keep stuff around that helps me recover from such situations. :)06:23
Bhaaltbr: I am only just getting into it...  I have no doubt I will need someone at some point though :)07:02
Bhaal*sigh* Mouse still hasn't shipped my Max....07:17
BhaalErrr..  Mouser...07:18
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BhaalCan someone point me at a suitable programmer for uploading firmware to the MMax via the SPI header?10:20
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samchello, has anyone tried iperf on the Minnowboard Max? I'd like to know if it can max out the gigabit NIC. I suspect it can, but I'm keen to get confirmation before ordering12:42
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prpplagueBhaal: we are looking into the issue now14:36
prpplagueBhaal: see if we can replicate the issue in house14:36
prpplaguesamc: yes it can max out the gige14:36
prpplaguesamc: i have it on my todo list for this week to post the info...14:36
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* Bhaal hears a loud pop14:37
BhaalOh its ok...  That was just the sound of air rushing in to in to fill the void prpplague left as he vanished..14:38
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samcprpplague: thanks very much15:54
prpplaguesamc: hehe there is no need to double up on asking. i'll answer either here or the support/contact/sales @ minnowboard15:55
samcah, just an unfortunate co-incidence... I asked a few months ago via contact@minnowboard but didn't hear back, so after I saw your encouraging answer today I thought I'd chase up about the possibility of a larger deployment. I should've noted that the throughput question was resolved though.15:57
samcanyway, I've ordered one now and look forward to hopefully talking more tomorrow15:57
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prpplaguedvhart: ping17:49
prpplaguecarpman: reply to that thread asap with the #exactsteps17:55
carpmanoops, I provided #precisesteps18:03
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prpplagueBhaal: just fyi18:54
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warthog9prpplague: yay19:39
tbrthat max looks really nice and small19:44
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Bhaalprpplague: Oh now that is nice!  Sustained as well, very good!20:43
warthog9Bhaal: it wouldn't surprise me to sustain that over 2-3 gbe ports without much issue21:00
BhaalIts much better then I expected21:13
BhaalAre the USB3 and SATA sharing lanes with themselves or the NIC?21:17
Bhaalwarthog9: I think that is best aimed at you?21:17
warthog9Bhaal: "sharing lanes", you mean pci-e?21:17
Bhaalyes...  Will all of them still perform when they are all loaded up?  Though I doubt under my circumstance the CPU itself will be loaded up with process load...21:21
warthog9well usb in general is going to chew up cpu cycles21:22
warthog9mainly because of the lack of DMA out of usb21:22
warthog9usb ties directly back to the CPU21:23
BhaalI will be moving data USB3<->SATA and potentially at the same time SATA->Ethernet21:24
BhaalWhen I am pushing data out the NIC what kind of penalties should I expect on the USB3/SATA ?21:24
BhaalI mean HDD data...  USB3 HDD dock21:25
warthog9usb3 I need to pull up the schematics to remember how that's wired in21:25
warthog9Bhaal: so it's mostly usb3 split to nic and sata?21:26
BhaalUSB3 will be going direct to SATA21:27
warthog9Bhaal: give me 10 - 15 minutes so I can get out of this call and look that up21:28
BhaalBut sometimes at the same time I will be taking data from SATA and pushing it out the NIC21:28
Bhaalwarthog9: No rush on this, I am aboyut to fly out the door21:28
Bhaalphotographer wants photos of my kids on fair rides for a newspaper article...21:29
warthog9Bhaal: usb2 and usb3 are coming straight off the SOC21:32
prpplagueBhaal: no they aren't shared21:35
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BhaalGah, painful morning23:45
BhaalThanks warthog923:46
Bhaalprpplague: So, could I expect reasonably close to full speed off all interfaces at the same time?23:46
prpplagueBhaal: yes23:47
prpplagueBhaal: else why have them?23:47
BhaalGood point :)  Just asking :)23:47
BhaalI am very impressed now, wasn't expecting that to be honest, most because most of these dev boards with smaller CPUs/SoCs tend to be to underpowered...23:48
BhaalThe Pi for instance...23:48
BhaalThough I do understand its original purpose was to teach, not become what it has...23:49
prpplagueBhaal: SoC's are tools, they are designed for the job they need to do23:50
prpplagueBhaal: you don't expect to have gige on a tablet23:50
prpplagueBhaal: baytrail has more in common with laptop than embedded boards23:50
prpplagueBhaal: so your typical performance for such this is more targeted23:51
BhaalVery true, and what an amazing laptop it would make!23:52
BhaalIt seems though that it would do almost anything I would throw at it...23:54
* Bhaal questions why he left pre-ordering for soooo long :/23:55
warthog9Bhaal: about the only thing I've had any grumbles about is the software raid performance on the max23:58
warthog9the E3825 churns out about 800MB/s or so, my older i7 on a desktop churns out about 17,000MB/s23:58
warthog9according to the Linux raid5/6 driver and it's internal benchmark to pick the "best" algorithm23:59
Bhaalwarthog9: Can't you guys at Intel to make a 12 port hardware raid lure for it :)23:59

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