Thursday, 2014-07-31

Bhaalwarthog9: Did you hide the prod down there so your partner couldn't use it on you? :)00:02
* Bhaal ducks and runs00:02
warthog9Bhaal: naw, she just kicks me out of bed00:02
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askingi am wondering when your guy to release Minnowboard MAX UEFI codes, also, as the WIKI said when the board start to shipping, you will release the board design files for the users reference, but i have no see it in WIFI, what is the schedule? thank you03:06
prpplagueasking: you've ask a number of things03:09
prpplagueasking: i will be happy to address them one at a time03:09
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prpplagueasking: the UEFI firmware is close to a "final" state which will allow for general release. we want to make that all aspects of the firmware are well document and no major issues have been found.03:10
prpplagueasking: the coreboot support for minnowmax will be pushed to mainline coreboot within the next 7 to 10 days03:10
prpplagueasking: the max is actually shipping now, mouser has begun filling backorders for those who had pre-ordered03:11
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prpplagueasking: the design files will be released under CC-BY-SA license at the end of next week03:11
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prpplagueasking: the minnowmax does not include a wifi module03:12
prpplagueasking: you can add one using one of the high speed lures or via usb03:12
askingthank you, Prpplague, i mean i have not seen the design files in WIKI :), not WIFI03:13
prpplagueasking: ahh03:13
prpplagueasking: yes the design files are going through final review before posting03:13
askingcool, i like the coreboot, so, the BIOS(UEFI) of minnowboard max just support coreboot?03:13
prpplagueasking: the willbe posted as CC-BY-SA license03:13
prpplagueasking: the max ships with a UEFI implementation03:14
prpplagueasking: however, you can re-flash the max with the coreboot implementation if you so choose03:14
askingok, i got it, that will be cool :)03:14
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* Bhaal drums his fingers on the desk...10:56
av500desk shrugs11:03
* tbr checks the brand of the desk: ATLAS11:18
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warthog9good morning16:58
warthog9how goes it this fine Thursday, full of meetings, and now happily coffee16:58
prpplaguewarthog9: greetings16:58
prpplaguewarthog9: conference call day!16:58
warthog9prpplague: coffee is the only saving grace for conference call day16:59
warthog9that and it's not Friday like it was at Red Hat16:59
warthog9starting conference call day with a 7am phone call, was never fun16:59
prpplaguehehe yea, my first call on thursday is at 6am with TI india17:02
prpplaguejoy joy17:02
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ecdheWhen I boot the minnow angstrom image, I'm not seeing any /dev/spidev0.0 devices.18:28
ecdheI think I've read that the stock minnow image comes with kernel support for SPI, is that right?18:28
prpplagueecdhe: for minnow or minnow max?18:37
prpplagueecdhe: yes i should have the SPIdev kernel driver loaded by default19:12
prpplagueecdhe: sorry i don;t use angstrom much, and i'm swamped with minnowmax currently19:12
ecdheprpplague, no worries.19:12
ecdheI'm just not seeing any spi looking devices in /dev/ on the minnow and trying to figure out why.19:13
ecdheI wanted to make sure I didn't need to rebuild a kernel or a custom image with yocto.19:14
warthog9ecdhe: minnow v1 or MAX (v2) ?19:53
warthog9ecdhe: there's a board file you need to load to get spidev working19:53
warthog9I'm not sure where it's at though...19:53
ecdhewarthog9, minnowboard v119:55
ecdheIs the MAX even available?19:55
warthog9ecdhe: yes*19:55
warthog9*: pre-orders are getting filled, and there are folks who have them in their hands19:55
warthog9no in-stock quantities yet19:56
ecdhewarthog9, what is the format of the board file?19:57
ecdheIs it a .so lib file?19:58
warthog9ecdhe: it's a kernel module19:59
warthog9should be very similar to this:
warthog9ecdhe: second let me poke around see if I can find one20:02
ecdhewarthog9, okay!20:02
warthog9ecdhe: can you take a look and see if spidev is loaded?20:03
warthog9(the kernel module)20:03
ecdhemodprobe -l???20:03
ecdheokay, one sec20:03
ecdhe`lsmod | grep spi' shows nothing.20:04
warthog9`lsmod | grep -i minnow` ?20:04
warthog9`find /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/ | grep -i "spidev\|minnow"`20:05
ecdheOkay, that turns up a spidev.ko20:07
warthog9try modprobe spidev20:07
warthog9err `modprobe spidev`20:07
warthog9see what happens20:07
warthog9not 100% sure that'll work20:07
warthog9but it's worth a shot20:08
ecdhewarthog9, it DID work!20:08
ecdheAnd now this log will be googleable forever!20:08
warthog9ecdhe: do we log this channel?20:08
ecdheFreenode is scraped.20:09
warthog9ecdhe: not all of it20:09
ecdheBefore I asked you this question, I did some duckduckgo searching...  it turned up stuff off of this channel.20:09
warthog9yup :-)20:09
warthog9that's good to know20:10
warthog9I should add that to the topic20:10
ecdhewarthog9, now that the kernel module is loaded, how do we activate it to get our /dev/spidev0.1 device?20:11
warthog9it's in but that didn't show up?20:12
warthog9that's where you need a board file20:12
ecdhelsmod shows spidev20:12
ecdheAhh, gotcha20:12
warthog9dvhart: --^ do you know of a board file for spidev on minnow v1?20:12
warthog9ecdhe: I'm not sure if he's back from lunch yet20:12
ecdhewarthog9, is dvhart in Oregon too?20:21
warthog9ecdhe: yeah20:21
* mmetzger wonders whatever could be in this Mouser box...20:22
warthog9mmetzger: monkeys20:22
warthog9mmetzger: or a boat20:22
mmetzgerwarthog9: Mouser must have an even wider catalog than I expected20:23
warthog9mmetzger: if it's a MAX you are required, by me, to take pictures and post them on the social media outlets so we can all cheer :-)20:23
warthog9that is purdy20:26
warthog9I hadn't actually seen the box yet20:26
warthog9mine come in anti-static bags ;-)20:27
mmetzgerit looks suspiciously like the one for my Minnowboard ;)20:27
warthog9mmetzger: don't mess with what works ;-)20:27
tbrwarthog9: this channel used to be yocti logged, probably still is20:27
warthog9tbr: that's my guess20:28
tbrI also had my bot here for a while, until situation clarified and logs became public20:28
tbrwarthog9: as linked from minnowboard.org20:29
warthog9yeah, that's what I found20:29
ecdhedvhart: ping20:40
dvhartecdhe, pong20:49
ecdhedvhart, just wondered if you knew about a board file for minnow v1 spidev?20:49
dvhartecdhe, I haven't written one myself - it would be good to get one into a repo as an example20:50
ecdheDo folks typically write their own?20:51
dvhartboardfiles tend to be fairly trivial20:51
dvhartyou could use the calamari.c in minnow-max-extras as an example20:51
calculusthat is a cute heatsink on the max20:52
dvhartecdhe, if you wanted to write a spidev boardfile, I'd like to add it to this repository20:52
ecdhedvhart, I'll get back to you?  We'll work on that this afternoon, may contact you tomorrow.20:53
dvhartecdhe, awesome20:54
ecdhedvhart, will a board file cause udev to populate /dev with teh proper spidev devices?21:03
dvhartsorry, I haven't written a spidev boardfile, so I don't have any direct experience with it21:04
dvhartI suspect you would need a udev rule though21:04
dvhartin addition to the driver21:04
ecdheUltimately we are going to be communicating with our SPI device through python.21:05
ecdheBut our python library want a /dev/spidev0.0 device, or something like it.21:05
dvhartyup, that's typical - nothing out of the ordinary there21:05
ecdheThere's no device there currently, even though the kernel module is loaded.21:06
dvharthave you looked at the boardfile I pointed you to?21:07
ecdheYes, the calamari21:07
dvhartyou will need to modify it to use spidev instead of the mpc32xx driver21:07
dvhartat the very least21:07
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ecdhedvhart, what line of code registers a module with the name 'calamari'?
ecdheThe second link was the closest I could find to a string name.21:27
dvhartecdhe, sorry - I'm I can't walk you through it right now - having a minor technical disaster here in my office I need to get resolved :/21:42
ecdheNo worries, I'll be around tomorrow.  Almost 5 here anyway (CST).21:43
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