Friday, 2014-08-01

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* Bhaal shakes his fist at Mouser02:21
prpplagueBhaal: hehe02:26
prpplagueBhaal: more boards rolling off the line daily02:26
prpplagueBhaal: just going to a few more weeks to get all the pre-orders filled02:26
BhaalI should have pre-ordered sooner, didn't realise they wouldn't take my money on the spot...02:27
BhaalIf I knew that I would have ordered the moment I see it02:27
BhaalMy backorder still says 08/05/2014 so hopefully it will actuall ship next week...02:29
* Bhaal doesn't hold his breath02:29
prpplagueright now we are running batches of 300 pieces at a time02:30
fireglowsounds like a lot to me02:30
prpplaguebut starting 8/6 we are running 1k batches02:30
prpplaguethat will got for 4 weeks02:30
prpplague(4 batches of 1k)02:30
prpplagueafter that we move to 5k batches02:31
Bhaalprpplague: Have you any idea how many mouser have on backorder?02:31
prpplaguethat should be pretty steady for right now, but we expect to bring on a second assembly shop in december02:31
prpplagueBhaal: i can't comment on that directly, but i can tell you currently we have active purchase orders for over 40k units02:32
BhaalThat is a whole lot of orders, so the runs of 300 are being split or its all going to Mouser?02:33
prpplagueall to mouser currently02:33
prpplaguei'll try to grab some video of the top assembly this weekend02:33
BhaalThat would be really nice to see!02:34
prpplagueBhaal: we have a real nice video on the beaglebone black as well as the original minnow02:36
BhaalSo all the purchase orders for the large number of units are ordered sight unseen?  same as general public?  Or have commercial buys been given a little more info (not complaining, just asking)02:37
prpplagueBhaal: i don't understand you question02:37
prpplagueBhaal: here is the video of the black assembly -
BhaalLike board schematics and stuff that hasn't been released yet02:37
* Bhaal watches video and stops asking questions for a moment02:38
prpplagueBhaal: when dealing with distributors we share info up front, and provide board samples02:39
prpplagueBhaal: pretty standard practice02:39
BhaalYeah figured, just wondered is all...02:42
BhaalWell, I have a whole new respect for how many people it must take to get these boards out of the factory..  I know a lot is done by machine, but all the burn-in and testing etc etc02:43
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relaxedprpplague: Anyway you could test mpv using vaapi on the max?03:04
prpplaguerelaxed: not my area, make warthog9 code put on his test list03:06
mmetzgerprpplague: Nice job to you & all on MinnowMax - haven't had chance to play with it much, but good looking board.03:10
prpplaguemmetzger: you get your board?03:10
mmetzgerprpplague: Yeah, earlier today03:11
prpplaguemmetzger: please feel free to troll Bhaal03:11
mmetzgerMade a rather amusing round trip from Richardson to Mansfield back to Richardson to Mansfield area....03:11
prpplagueBhaal: ya here that! mmetzger is taunting you!03:11
prpplaguemmetzger: ??03:12
BhaalI started to like you for a moment there prpplague ... Now I am not so sure03:12
mmetzgerprpplague: I work with some clients in Richardson so had it delivered there, then live semi-near Mansfield.03:12
prpplaguemmetzger: ahh03:13
* prpplague lives over in hurst03:13
Bhaalmmetzger: Its not trolling unless your face is in the picture03:13
Bhaal(I need something to aim at later)03:13
Bhaalprpplague: one question: How did you go from thinking you needed a much larger heatsink to needing such a small one?03:14
prpplagueBhaal: hehe03:14
prpplagueBhaal: ssshhhh03:14
prpplagueBhaal: don't tell03:14
prpplaguemax is design to work with a number of the baytrail processor line03:15
prpplaguesome bigger than others03:15
prpplaguesome smaller than others03:15
BhaalWithout a board redesign, good move03:15
Bhaalthought you might just have underclocked (yes, I thought that would be odd)03:15
BhaalWait, not atoms? wow!03:16
prpplaguecurrently max ships with baytrail-i processor03:17
BhaalA pentium in a bay trail-m?03:17
mmetzgerBhaal: In jest of course, but -
Bhaalmmetzger: Its ok, I haven't spoken enough to you in order to form an opinion of you, but it is starting off much lower then prpplague's did :)03:18
* prpplague grabs another beer and reviews lure design files03:19
BhaalThese are user proposed? or ones which you are workign on?03:20
prpplaguemmetzger: for getting started -
* mmetzger becomes mildly amused at the idea of a BBB lure...03:20
prpplagueBhaal: ones we are working on03:20
prpplaguemmetzger: hehe, i'll get you some pictures on monday....03:20
prpplaguemmetzger: the automated flasher we are using is a beaglebone black with a custom cape03:21
prpplaguemmetzger: we flash the UEFI firmware and mac address on the max with beaglebone black03:21
Bhaalreduce, reuse, recycle? :)03:21
mmetzgerprpplague: Now to setup a cross-compiler for the BBB on the Max...03:22
Bhaalprpplague: Get that firmware bug sorted?03:22
prpplagueBhaal: yea03:22
prpplagueIka Lure03:22
BhaalWas wondering for a brief moment why I suddenly felt a draft...03:26
Bhaalventilation fans have just kicked in...  first time in weeks03:26
prpplagueBhaal: arduino style headers03:29
BhaalAye, its a damn fine looking lure!03:29
prpplagueBhaal: calamari lure -
prpplagueBhaal: basically an educational lure03:30
mmetzgerprpplague: Just noticed the Max doesn't have a USB Dev port like the orig Minnow - was this not in the SoC, or just never got used?03:30
prpplaguemmetzger: not on the SoC03:30
Bhaalprpplague: That's a good lure to help get the max in to a similar market as the Pi...03:33
mmetzgerah - figured that was the case.03:33
BhaalStill a month or so of Winter to go and its 30'C outside right now...03:34
BhaalThankfully the humidity is low though03:34
BhaalThat would be great for the schools!03:40
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warthog9prpplague, relaxed: I'll put it on the interns todo list ;-)04:12
calculusI like the solder pool/fountain in the assembly video06:04
BhaalYeah, that amazed me slightly, how it doesn't get where its not meant to be06:28
Bhaalprpplague: Oh, any external way of telling whether the Max I get has the newer firmware, or do I need to boot it to see?06:28
Bhaalprpplague: Also, you said it can be updated via software, is that inside the bios or from Linux?06:29
seaLneBhaal: the max i ordered on the 20th of june is despatched but not the one i ordered a week later to give you an idea of how they are getting on07:00
BhaalI ordered mine on the 1st July (Mouser time) ... so yeah, guessing its still a few days off, probably next week going by their guesstimates07:03
seaLnenow i just have to wait till at least monday before it is delivered07:07
BhaalGawd, wish my first one would hurry up :/07:49
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inflexlo lo lo08:20
inflextold you not to buy until they hit the shores :D08:20
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Bhaalinflex: I'd still be saying the same thing, cept I would be having to wait longer :)09:22
relaxedIn the pictures I've seen a small silver heatsink on the max and a larger green one. Anyone know which it will include?10:05
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seaLnerelaxed: i think it was only the earlier pre-production boards that had the larger heatsink11:06
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inflexwonder if you can knock it off and put your own on11:27
inflexie, ar ethey using thermal transfer glue, or thermal paste + mechanical hold down11:28
tbrpictures looked like glue, but that can be solved. (pun intended)11:35
tbrit does seem to have clearance for a larger heatsink and holding pins11:36
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inflexja, I saw on the earlier pictures it did... what about the 'official release' build?12:14
tbrinflex: that's a unit someone got yesterday
inflexwell, if it's thermally fine with that, then I'd leave it.  A little concerned about survivability in this area of the world, with 42'C/110'F and high humidity12:37
inflexStill, at least the aircon here won't have to fight so hard anymore against the machines in the room... dropping from 200W to closer to 20W12:37
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BhaalThe official release has the small aluminum heatsink .. It is thermal glued, and its suggested that it shouldn't need to be changed, as prpplauge mentioned to me the other day, the larger heatsink is there for bigger bay trail SoCs22:59
BhaalIt does say on the main Max page that it will operate up to 70'C though I am not sure if that is CPU temp or ambient..?23:01

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