Sunday, 2014-08-03

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BhaalThis week has to be the week10:10
* Bhaal crosses his fingers10:10
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macmeckwill this week be the week? still waiting for the availability announcement for the seacat lure. last info was end of july13:56
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prpplaguemacmeck: poduction of the seacat has been delayed due to the high deman for minnowmax21:13
prpplaguemacmeck: we hope to get it into full production in the new 3 weeks21:13
prpplaguemacmeck: we have about a dozen lures that are in the final stages of pre-production21:14
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macmeckprpplague: if you could only send them over  for testing :-)22:14
prpplaguemacmeck: you already get your max?22:18
macmecknope, wanted to order it together with the seacat to test my complete setup with multiple hdds22:19
macmeckso, I'm still waiting22:20
macmeckif you need testers for this kind of setup you can send both over...22:23
prpplaguemacmeck: send me you shipping address and some info on what yo are trying to do as part of your project22:39
prpplaguemacmeck: danders@circuitco.com22:39
macmeckprpplague: coolio, i will22:46
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warthog9is it sad the only "good" hdmi screen in my house, is my tv?23:22
warthog9and I need to do a fedora install on a MAX and need said screen? ;-)23:22
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prpplaguewarthog9: i just purchased two of these -
prpplaguewarthog9: got these as well -

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