Monday, 2014-08-04

warthog9prpplague: that doesn't look bad00:11
warthog9I saw lilliput has some 7in 1080p screens00:12
warthog9and I saw a cheap 22in 1080p led tv for $150ish00:12
warthog9my downside is the only "place" to put it in my office would be on an arm and to have it float00:12
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zenlinuxprpplague, nice timing! I've been looking at the Lilliputs to get one for home. They're kinda pricey, and that Sceptre should do the trick nicely at a hundred bucks01:28
calculusthe only hdmi screens I have are lapdocks01:53
fireglowany news or updates on the MAX and coreboot?02:14
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zenlinuxfireglow, I saw something mentioned on the G+ feed for minnowboard the other day05:58
zenlinuxlooks like support is now upstream05:58
fireglowzenlinux: cool, thanks06:00
warthog9fireglow: it's mostly upstream06:07
warthog9I think the patches are making their way through gerrit basically06:07
fireglowvery nice06:08
warthog9and I think I ran into the UHS-I hardware bug today06:09
warthog9this of course makes some plans SLIGHTLY more obnoxious06:09
warthog9fireglow: it'll get fixed in firmware, but that hasn't been done yet (that I know of)06:12
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seaLne"On FedEx vehicle for delivery" \o/07:56
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Bhaalprpplague: Seems Mouser are trying to tell me it might ship on the 5th10:08
Bhaalor maybe that is when the shipment of Max's arrives at Mouser... Meh10:09
Bhaalnot long now either way (they sent an email update)10:09
Bhaalprpplague: Ohhh, and the email came out of the hong kong office...10:14
BhaalMaybe this is why its taking so long10:15
av500email takes a boat to OZ?10:15
BhaalPondering whether or not they have sent Max's to their HK warehouse to then be distributed to Oz from there....10:16
seaLneBhaal: my max that just arrived was saying 5th before it was dispatched10:19
BhaalWell I've had no other email other then this today...10:20
seaLneand i've just discovered there are more than 2 sizes of hdmi connector making it a bit harder to play with :-(10:20
Bhaalsaying they will ship when everything arrives...10:20
BhaalseaLne: Is that the 2nd one you ordered?10:20
seaLnenope just the first10:20
seaLnemouser seem to slow down fedex10:21
BhaalWho was it who ordered a 2nd a week after the first with vastly different shipping times...10:21
BhaalI went with FedEx coz its the best for getting it here into Aus10:21
Bhaalreliably I mean10:22
seaLnei did but haven't heard anything about my second yet10:22
BhaalAhhh cool ok...10:22
BhaalI've had about 10-15mins sleep in the last 36hrs or so...10:22
Bhaalmeaning, I am easily confused right now..10:23
seaLneno worries, annoyed that i hadn't realised that there is mini and micro hdmi connectors as well as the full size10:24
BhaalHaha yeah, just like USB darn it10:24
seaLnetime to hunt for somewhere local that sells them10:27
BhaalI can get them locally thankfully...10:33
BhaalAnyway, I am about to pass out, would prefer to do it lying down in bed...10:33
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Alex_______Hi, I started with the MAX today, but after a couple of boots the screen is not getting an input signal from the board anymore. Issue is exactly like in this thread: . Is there a download place for the UEFI firmware so that I can reflash it?14:27
Alex_______or is there another solution available :-)?14:27
tbrmh, you just missed prpplague, but maybe warthog9 can say something14:28
Alex_______I have a dediprog around, so I think reflashing is not an issue... as long as I can get the image from somewhere14:29
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warthog9if alex gets back can someone mention to him to look at the bugzilla, there's a firmware he can snag in there17:03
* tbr makes note17:04
ecdhewarthog9, have you driven any SPI peripherals from the minnow board?17:11
ecdhePerhaps in that fancy dog of yours?17:25
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warthog9ecdhe: two that I know of17:38
warthog9and nothing on the dog yet17:39
warthog9haven't had time17:39
warthog9too much other carp going on17:39
warthog9what frightens me slightly is that I still haven't fully tested my demo for this week17:40
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ecdhewarthog9, a coworker of mine has been an advocate for minnowboard here.17:57
ecdheWe've got half a dozen V1s.17:57
ecdheHe's getting frustrated about SPI though.17:57
ecdheI looked at some code that dvhart wrote to try to get a "board file" going.17:57
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ecdheWe are experienced in writing embedded spi drivers.17:58
ecdheWe both run linux laptops/workstations.17:58
ecdheBut neither of us knows much about spidev.17:58
ecdheAnd after four afternoons of trying to get a /dev/spidev0.0 device show up on the minnow my coworker is looking at another platform (we've got a deadline.)17:59
warthog9ecdhe: I assume you've seen the calamari board file?18:00
ecdheWe actually have the application code written in python.  Python accesses the SPI port through spidev, which requires the correct device in /dev18:00
ecdheYes, but I have no idea how to take a C file can convert it into a file in /dev18:01
ecdheBut we're basically set to use the minnow if we can get SPI going.18:07
ecdheI really just need to see a device at /dev/spidev1.0   -- any tutorials?19:01
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ecdhewarthog9, is there somebody on the minnow team we can talk to?21:16
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warthog9ecdhe: about the spidev stuff? I think Darren already responded to the e-mail you put out on the mailing list21:37
ecdheHaven't seen it.21:37
ecdheOkay, spam has it.21:37
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warthog9and I finally have a booting minnowmax fedora on sdcard image21:56
warthog9I may have also picked the slowest sd cards in existance21:57
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warthog9is it wrong that I'm force compressing a btrfs file system so it boots faster? ;-)22:25
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