Tuesday, 2014-08-05

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Bhaalprpplague: That is pretty cool, if only there was a way to have a machine drop the Max on top and start the process then pull the max back off and continue on with the production line...02:21
BhaalThough I guess if you are already in a hands on state with the manual connecting for board testing etc I guess 1 more step isn't going to make too much difference02:22
prpplagueBhaal: we won't be doing enough production at our richardson location to justify that amount of automation02:23
prpplagueBhaal: but it will certainly come close02:23
BhaalAhhh fairymuff...  It's a great use of the beagles though, good thinking! :)02:25
prpplaguehehe, we are using a bunch of the units that failed during validation, all with minor issues, so it's more like recycling, hehe02:30
BhaalAhhh, so I wasn't wrong when with what I said the other day "reduce, reuse,recycle" :)02:31
prpplaguemmetzger i think also was the one talking about a bbb lure02:35
Bhaalbrb - I think there is an insect or mouse or something inside my PC or a rattly fan...02:36
prpplaguemmetzger: https://plus.google.com/101339419642360856354/posts/Lqf7huiXYpN02:40
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BhaalMmmm, it was a mouse, got in via a missing backplane cover...  Had dragged paper in there as well...02:59
BhaalMade a nest...02:59
ecdheBhaal, wow!02:59
BhaalNow I have to figure out how it got in the room/house...02:59
Bhaalroom easy, under the door, but house...  *sigh* there aren't any gaps/holes I know of..  Might have snuck in an open door03:00
ecdheBhaal, is it cold where you are?03:01
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Bhaalecdhe: It is winter and we have had some cold days, we are subtropical so we don't have snow or anything...03:06
ecdheCold is always when we've had the little critters join us.03:08
prpplagueBhaal: where are you located?03:11
BhaalBrisbane Australia03:12
prpplagueahh dandy03:13
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Bhaalbbs - installing new switch, old one has noisy/dead fan...03:14
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seaLneprpplague: i now get the "Restricted Availability" message on mouser as well for UK on my second max, despite just having had my first delivered yesterday05:33
seaLnewell actually not specifically on my order but when i look at the product page for the max05:36
BhaalseaLne: Yeah my order now says "Pending" for the date, but I am guessing that is because its the date they said it would be sent to me yet may not have left etc...05:37
BhaalseaLne: Actually, yes I am seeing the same thing05:38
Bhaalprpplague: Is the architecture tooo open? :)05:39
seaLneand i'd imagine neither the UK or Australia actually have any restrictions so seems like a general problem05:39
BhaalYeah, I cannot imagine this tech being a problem...05:41
BhaalseaLne: You don't have the nations nuclear launch codes embedded on each device do you?05:42
BhaalGoing to be really disappointed if this is an actual US Govt restriction05:44
seaLnethe high speed connectors are very hard to take apart, i stuck a mating one on to check some dimensions and now can't get it off :-/05:45
Bhaalthey are mating a little to well?05:47
Bhaalmating hard?05:47
seaLneyeah :-)05:48
prpplagueseaLne: yea, something is screwed up at mouser. they have all the paperwork already, but now they are marking it as only North America05:48
prpplagueseaLne: we have someone working on it05:49
prpplagueBhaal: there are no restrictions05:49
seaLnethanks, just wanted to check you knew it seemed to be more general05:49
prpplagueBhaal: the only two places we can't ship to are north korea and iran05:49
prpplagueseaLne: yea they have a locking method05:50
prpplagueseaLne: the easest way to get them apart is to use a thin blade to pry apart at the edges05:50
BhaalseaLne: And then never let them mate again!05:51
BhaalThough you might end up with a whole batch of Minnowboard Max's...  could make some money from it? :)05:51
BhaalOk, I think I have exhausted that...05:51
seaLneyeah i was just a bit wary about damaging them as they are rather expensive connectors. i imagine if they are attached to a board they are ealier to get apart05:52
Bhaalprpplague: Hmm, ok..  So they are still shipping just screwed up the setting on the website?05:52
seaLneits a plot by the USAians to get their maxes first :-)05:53
prpplagueBhaal: we aren't sure what's going on with mouser, but we have someone working on it05:57
prpplagueBhaal: they have two conference calls setup for tomorrow on it05:57
prpplagueBhaal: and we confirmed today that mouser does have all the paperwork05:57
prpplagueBhaal: so it is being escalated05:57
prpplagueand just fyi another 300 boards were completed this afternoon05:58
prpplagueBhaal: all but 2 of the 300 powered up first time05:59
BhaalGuess I could be waiting a heap longer now if all their stock suddenly goes off to people way up on the list :/06:00
prpplagueBhaal: and those 2 had tomstoned resistors that got caught during qc06:00
seaLneis the last number on the white sticker the serial or count of the maxs?06:00
prpplagueseaLne: it's a serial number with no relation to the count06:00
prpplagueseaLne: it's combo of the date and batch06:01
prpplagueseaLne: and lot number of cpu06:01
Bhaalprpplague: Eeeep, so the resistors can be replaced and the board sold anyway or are they held back for spares etc?06:01
seaLneyeah, had wondered if i had max number 23206:01
prpplagueBhaal: yea that's normal during builds06:01
prpplagueBhaal: they just get caught in QC and go to rework to get fixed06:01
prpplagueseaLne: that means you got the 232 board out of that batch06:02
prpplagueBhaal: so based on today's results we are clear to do 1k unit builds starting on wednesday of next week06:02
BhaalAhhhh very good06:03
BhaalThis mouser issue is not helping my impatience...06:03
prpplagueBhaal: nor ours06:03
* prpplague goes to bed06:03
Bhaalnight mate06:03
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warthog9woot, tutorial works!07:42
warthog9now to back up the sdcard before I forget07:42
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programtruckIf you already shipped any MinnowBoard MAX lE3825 Dual-Core ?09:15
tbrI've seen people reporting that they got theirs09:17
tbrseems to be those who preordered very early on09:18
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aholler_does one minnowboard max box contain a golden ticket for something?10:41
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seaLnemine didn't11:00
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BhaalEh, who cares about a golden ticket I just want my max!11:27
BhaalAnd no word from Mouser about what is going on since they screwed things up11:28
BhaalWhat I don't get is why it takes so much effort for Mouser to fix the problem, if they have already shipped some OS with no problems then they know everything is ok and all they have to do is fix the setting on the website...11:40
ahollerit's likely the same as in all companies. You have to find someone able to fix it, you have to find someone who enables the fixer to fix it and you have to find the one responsible for all the stuff to let the enabler and fixer let do their job11:45
ahollerand this is very simplified. If take care that these people might work in different countries and everthing which shows up on the webside has to be verified by various people (e.g. lawers an such), then this is lot more than just telling someone across the room to fix stuff11:49
ahollerthings are becoming crazy fast in big companies. And I assume mouser isn't really a tech company but a trading company. Which means tech people (those which understand and could fix the problem) might be rare there.11:53
ahollerwhatever the problem is. ;)11:53
ahollerand the world is filling up with more and more spineless people, which makes things even worse because nobody wants to be responsible or change anything12:02
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BhaalI don't mean to sound unappreciative of prpplauges's efforts...14:36
Bhaalhmm, he not here...14:36
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