Wednesday, 2014-08-06

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grybmadscihas anyone managed to get a Max to PXE boot, by any chance?00:45
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prpplaguegrybmadsci: i know it has been tested, but not by me00:49
prpplaguegrybmadsci: best to post to the mailing list for faster response on those types of inquires00:49
grybmadsciprpplague: thanks, i'll do that.  any idea where there might be docs on how to give it a try?00:50
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grybmadsciprpplague: the UEFI bcfg command seems to be not implemented, so i'm a bit at a loss of what to even try00:50
prpplaguegrybmadsci: all docs available are on the wiki pages00:50
grybmadsciprpplague: thanks, what's the address for the mailing list?00:51
grybmadsciprpplague: Nevermind, found it, thanks!00:53
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Bhaalprpplague: What were the results of conference calls?06:39
Bhaalwith mouser06:39
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tyriishi, i have a few questions. Is it possible to run xbmc media center on the minnowboard max dual core? Is it possible to play 4k movies? How many transfer speed OS possible via the network Adapter with a samba share? I have a cubietruck the network is connected to an USB bridge it seems so i have a max raze off 480 mbps in samba this is about 35+ MB/s07:12
tyriisOS = is...07:13
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tbrtyriis: I've seen someone post a photo of a minnowmax running four video decodes in parallel with some acceleration. no idea about the details.07:33
tbrbut it's standard intel stuff07:33
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tyriistbr: yes i have See this video. I want to run xbmc on it if it work i order it. The cubietruck seemed so nice and now i think that it was mich money for a micro nas08:01
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tbrtyriis: well, this is not a consumer product. some assembly required. Also it's new and not many people have one yet.08:09
av500so, these days even cheap embedded boards are too expensive...08:22
aholler_the 35mb/s was likely through the hd. a gb-network (or half-gb in case of imx) doesn't help much if the datas come from an usb-hd or something similiar slow.08:52
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Bhaaltyriis: The network is on it's own pci-e lane08:54
Bhaalas is the video I believe08:54
tbrvideo is in-soc IIRC08:55
koennetwork was in-soc for the old minnow08:56
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BhaalYeah it is, but it still needs a lane does it not?09:01
av500penny lane09:04
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tyriisso i can except the full speed off the nic@minnowboard max?10:47
tyriisbhaal: thanks this helps me a mich already.10:49
Bhaaltake 3?10:49
tyriisdann autocorrect10:49
tyriisi will wait to be sure xbmc is working well10:50
tyriisor maybe not if i can not ressist so long :)10:51
Bhaaltyriis: When mine arrives I will be doing tests like that10:51
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ahollerwhen. But I'm pretty sure we all will be noticed if that finally happens. ;)12:14
ahollersorry. I know that might be a major pain for you (waiting for new toys is always a pain), but it's becoming a bit boring to read about it again and again every day.12:19
BhaalI like how people say sorry before issuing a complaint...12:30
Bhaalmakes me laugh12:30
Bhaalaholler: I was actually trying to point out to tyriis that one of the things I will be testing is xbmc performance...12:31
ahollerI could just have said "shut up, it's annoying", but most of the time I try to be polite12:31
BhaalIf I had of said "WHEN" instead of "when" then I would happily accept your complaint12:31
BhaalIn *this* instance I was not trying to say "HURRY UP WHERE IS MY MAX?!?!?!"12:32
BhaalI was just trying to be helpful to someone who wasn't even sure if they wanted to buy one yet *shrug*12:33
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RzRabout to boot linux on mmax12:41
BhaalWhat flavour?12:42
RzRwill document this on elinux12:42
Bhaalnot familiar with that on12:42
RzRthen here i am12:42
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RzRis mmax supposed to boot 32bits efi fw ?14:22
RzRseems not14:22
prpplagueRzR: not it ships with 64bit uefi14:34
prpplagueRzR: pretty much all of the standard linux distros only include support for 64bit uefi14:35
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RzRnot tizen :)14:56
RzRbut I put this on my todo list14:57
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av500wasnt tizen cancelled by samsung?15:27
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zenlinuxav500, one does not just "kill" tizen16:23
tbryeah, it tends to come back as a zombie in the form of the $next $corporate partnership driven Linux mega project destined to fail16:28
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tyriis_bhaal: do you write your results somewhere?16:30
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macmeckprpplague: did you get my mail?20:28
prpplaguemacmeck: indeed20:29
macmeckall included what you need?20:30
macmeckthe power supply for my hdds just went up in smoke but i'll find another way ;-)20:33
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grybmadsciIs the source available for the Minnow Max firmware?20:48
grybmadsciI've found the source for the MinnowBoard firmware on, but can't find anything specifically for the Max.20:48
dvhartgrybmadsci, not yet, we're very actively pushing for this.20:49
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prpplaguegrybmadsci: the UEFI isn't public yet, but the max support in coreboot is being pushed into mainline now21:36
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Bhaalprpplague, tyriis, inflex: Morning23:17
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