Thursday, 2014-08-07

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RzRhumm no more display on poweron15:01
RzRis there a reset feature ?15:02
tbrdid you fry your UEFI? time for a reflash of that15:33
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RzRjust emailed to list15:38
RzRis this documented somewhere ?15:38
tbryes and someone said that a new firmware was on bugzilla15:40
RzRok let's hunt for this15:40
prpplagueRzR: hey, just joined in the channel15:43
prpplagueRzR: what is the question?15:43
tbr15:01:06< RzR> humm no more display on poweron15:43
tbr15:02:20< RzR> is there a reset feature ?15:43
RzRI fear I'm the 3rd one that got UEFI fw broken...15:44
RzRSo I added a "known issue" chapter on this wiki page :15:44
RzRIt would help to get some instructions to fix this ,15:44
RzRas it was suggested by dave :15:44
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RzRNow let me detail and report how did It went to this "bricked state" ,15:44
RzRif someone care about reproducing this.15:44
RzRFirst, I made a tizen image with EFI support (gummiboot)15:44
RzR( I can share it at )15:44
RzRkernel did boot before reporting some errors on HDMI screen :15:44
RzRintel_powerclamp: Intel powercalmp does not run on family 6 model 55 drivers/rts/hc... : unable to open rtc device (rtc0) mmc1: error -04 whilst initalising SD card mmc1: Got command  interropt 0x0 even though no command op was in progress (last one repeated 7 time)15:44
prpplagueRzR: we've seen a few report this. there are two distinct issues15:44
prpplagueRzR: just fyi15:44
prpplagueprpplague == dave15:44
RzRok nice to meet you15:44
prpplagueRzR: greeetings15:44
prpplagueRzR: the first issue is that some of the stored configurations in the spi flash have to be recovered, this can take up to 120 seconds15:45
prpplagueRzR: during that period, it may seem that the board is not booting15:45
prpplagueRzR: do you have a serial console connected ?15:46
RzR>>>>MemoryInit Done15:46
RzRand hanging15:46
prpplaguecan you leave it sitting there for 3 to 5 minutes to determine if it recovers?15:47
prpplagueRzR: as a side note, there is a page for the original minnow with some info on flashing -
prpplagueRzR: the exact same instructions apply to the max15:48
RzRso i just reboot w/out sdcard and observe ?15:48
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prpplagueyes please15:48
RzRok i can let it run the next 12 hours :)15:49
prpplagueif it doesn't recover in 3 to 5 minutes there is something else going on15:49
prpplaguebased on your serial console the, UEFI is loading15:49
prpplaguebut it looks like it may be stopped just before loading the UEFI shell15:49
prpplaguethis is consistent with the SPI flash recover mode15:50
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prpplaguewe are adding a debug message to indicate that15:50
RzRis this "crash" related to software use ? or is it just comming from nowhere ?15:51
prpplagueRzR: basically each time the system is booted, the UEFI scans the connected devices and creates a list that is stored on the SPI flash15:52
prpplagueRzR: a certain amount of space in the SPI flash is set aside for that information15:52
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prpplagueRzR: basically what's happening is after a certain number of boots, the UEFI will need to "defrag" that area15:53
RzRI did try to boot it less than 10 times15:53
RzRgot it 2 days ago15:53
prpplagueRzR: but the board as it was sent to had been booted a number of times during the validation cycled15:53
RzRyea probably15:53
RzRand maybe others did use it15:54
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RzRi got it from unofficial/internal channel :)15:54
prpplagueRzR: but the new version of the firmware is going to address this issue by only updating specific values rather than updating all of the values15:54
prpplagueRzR: any progress on the serial console?15:55
RzRnone i can see15:55
RzRwas the last thing printed15:55
prpplagueRzR: ok you have two options, we can drop ship  a replacement to you in exchange for this one (i'd prefer that so i can do an analysis on the board)15:56
prpplagueRzR: or you can reflash the board with flashrom and some hardware15:56
RzRok I can get an alt one15:56
RzRbut I can also share the image you can try ?15:57
prpplagueRzR: the OS or firmware image?15:57
RzRI have some notes15:57
prpplagueRzR: yes i would like that too15:58
prpplagueRzR: you can post the notes on the wiki if you so choose15:58
prpplagueRzR: also what type of display are you using?15:58
prpplagueRzR: is it an HDMI or DVI display?15:58
prpplaguetrue hdmi?15:59
prpplagueok thanks that is helpful15:59
RzRmy board ref15:59
RzRBy default mmax boots to EFI shell mine was 2.40 [1.0] Current running mode 1.1.215:59
RzRthat's what I noted15:59
RzRbefore the disaster16:00
RzRare you in the US ?16:00
prpplagueindeed circuitco is based on richardson texas16:03
prpplagueRzR: how many boards do you have?16:10
RzR1 here16:10
RzRbut I can have a backup one soon16:11
RzRprpplague: the OS image is online16:12
RzRunsure it is the cause of the disaster16:12
prpplagueRzR: grabbing it now16:13
prpplagueRzR: you were using the image from usb thumbdrive or from a uSD card?16:15
prpplagueok thanks16:23
prpplaguei'll test with both16:23
RzRas you want16:24
RzRI have this FIC usb debug board home16:24
RzRi'll keep you up to date tomorow16:24
prpplagueRzR: worst case we can ship another out to you and get that one back for an autopsy16:25
RzRI'll documment my wip on elinux also16:25
RzRok that's nice from you too16:25
RzRon the other one I'll have to upgrade efi before it breaks right ?16:26
prpplagueyes i would recommend upgrading it16:27
RzRtell me if this OS image is a minnowbomb ? :)16:33
prpplaguewill do16:34
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prpplagueRzR: were you able to fully boot that image?16:55
prpplagueRzR: i am not getting any UI or serial console getty16:55
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RzRprpplague: it did print on hdmi17:12
prpplagueRzR: yea i am familiar with the device17:26
prpplagueRzR: what i don;t remember is the voltage level on the board17:26
prpplagueRzR: if it is 3.3V or 1.8V17:26
RzRI should check the wiring17:28
prpplagueyea 3.3V17:31
prpplagueyou'd need a level shifter to connect up to that17:31
RzRI think I have a max232 somewhere17:32
RzRmmax is 1.8v ?17:32
prpplagueRzR: for the spi flash header, yes 1.8V17:32
RzRhow am i supposed to wire that thin connector ?17:34
prpplagueRzR: you mean the FPC connector on th eopenmoko board?17:35
RzRI have the FPC ruban too17:37
prpplagueRzR: you can wire directly to the 2x10 header for jtag17:38
prpplagueRzR: since those are the pins that would be used17:38
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RzRunsure i'll start a such project17:59
* prpplague is VERY familiar with the flyswatter18:00
RzRI see those SN74AVC4T24518:00
RzRcoming from Texas too ;)18:00
RzRso FS will support minnowboard too18:04
aholleror use a random arm-board18:06
ahollerok, it might bite the intel or vice versa ;)18:08
RzRyea I have a couple of arm boards18:09
RzRrpi , a2018:10
RzRcould access to more devices18:10
RzRmine do LvTtl so 3.3v18:11
RzRnot 1.8v18:11
ahollerone with a dt-kernel, and of course 1.8v spi) should do the trick too.18:11
RzRa20 support device tree why ?18:12
ahollerdt because otherwise you have to fiddle with board-files to explain the kernel that there is a flash somewhere18:13
* RzR <3 sunxi 18:14
ahollerwith spidev you nedd some sw to programm the flash. I thought abut just using the in-kernel-stuff18:17
RzRnever used those18:17
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aholleran 1.8v avr (atmle) might work too18:27
ahollermight be even easier than to fiddle with a linux kernel18:28
prpplagueaholler: flashrom supports spidev18:28
prpplagueRzR: the original flyswatter doesn' support 1.8V either18:29
prpplagueRzR: it's basically the same configuration as the openmoko debugger18:29
RzR Datasheet - v1.21 (2012-04-06).pdf# Supports 1.8/3.3 V voltage supply Flash18:29
prpplagueRzR: flyswatter2 can support 1.8V18:29
RzRis this spi ?18:29
RzRanyway mine is a2018:30
prpplagueRzR: indeed18:31
prpplagueRzR: the firmware is stored in a SPI Flash device18:32
ahollermy latest arm-toy has 1mm-headers, as diy-friendly as 1.8v ;)18:33
ahollerthat uext-header has spi, if connected18:35
ahollernot sure about the voltage18:37
RzRaholler, 3v3
ahollernot necessarily for spi and i2c too18:42
ahollerbut a look into the schematics will help. e.g. on my arduino-clone from olimex the uext-header just uses the voltage I selected for the avr, which is either 5v or 3.3v18:43
aholler(on the i2c and spi pins)18:44
ahollerbut you've said you could get a second mmax. doesn't it support spidev too?18:46
RzRno idea it was never used18:47
ahollerthat bug sounds like what killed some samsung laptops18:49
aholleruefi-vars do seem to be a bit fragile ;)18:50
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* RzR remembers the amiga shell that booted in lightspeed19:15
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JefroI have a stupid user question about SATA. I'd like to plug in a SATA 2.5" HDD or possibly an SSD. What should I plan to use to power the drive?19:36
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JefroCan I use J2 for this? assuming a soft-start drive or an SSD19:47
Jefrolowspeed pins 2&3 are probably a better option if they can push 500ma. at least my soldering skills wouldn't be put to the test just yet.19:50
prpplagueJefro: yes you can use J2, but generally i'd recommend getting a power supply with a splitter19:50
prpplagueJefro: the low speed pins are good for 1A per pin19:50
prpplagueJefro: the flotsam lure , aka mSATA lure, will allow you to add a mSATA ssd easily19:51
Jefroah, thanks, that sounds like a saner option19:52
Jefroso a seriously easy max-based NAS is (1) max, (2) flotsam lure, (3) giant msata drive, or small msata OS drive and giant USB3 drive, load debian and boom19:53
JefroI have the OS on a SD card now and it is slow beans. Would a class 10 card be better?19:54
JefroI think this is the one that came with my original minnow v119:54
ecdheJefro, yes, that's a slow card.  We got some faster ones on amazon and were blown away by the difference.19:54
Jefroecdhe excellent, thanks - I'll do that, or steal one from my son's camera (shh)19:55
ecdheWe bought SanDisk Extreme 16GB cards and have been very happy with them.19:55
ecdheI think they're $20.19:55
Jefrothat sounds perfect, probably cheaper than a lure19:55
Jefroprpplague can the SD reader use SDXC, or just SDHC?19:58
Jefrofound a class 10 from gskill for only $11:
prpplagueJefro: i normally like to use a USB3 thumbdrive for core os testing20:32
prpplagueJefro: but yes it does support SDHC20:32
Jefrook, thanks. I have a USB3 backup (spinning) drive that I'd like to just plug in and use. Think I'll serve the OS with an SDHC class 10, should be 25mb/s or better - close to USB320:41
Jefroclose enough for a quick NAS anyway. next step is to port Baryon:
prpplague*ATTENTION* just fyi the documentation issue with Mouser has been resolved. international orders and shipments have resumed for minnow-max20:43
macmeckhuh, but mouser is not shipping to europe (or at least Germany) any more?20:51
prpplaguemacmeck: there was a paperwork mixup between mouser and intel with regards to ECCN on the processors20:52
prpplaguemacmeck: that has been resolved20:52
prpplaguemacmeck: all international shipments and orders have resumed20:52
macmeckokay, i just checked their website which doesn't indicate a price and says that they cannot ship... so I'll wait for the update there20:53
prpplaguemacmeck: yea, it was just fixed about 20 minutes ago20:54
prpplaguemacmeck: so it will take just a few for the update to happen20:54
macmeckbut that's good news!20:55
JefroExcellent news21:01
macmeckprpplague: do you know if the test devices have already been shipped? any ETA?21:01
macmeckI don't wanna push, I'm just excited and need to order some additional components which should arrive in time with the board...21:02
prpplaguemacmeck: no your stuff hasn't shipped yet21:02
prpplaguemacmeck: i have them in the queue, but we have to get some more boards out to Mouser and Tigal first21:02
prpplaguemacmeck: best guess is mid to late next week21:02
macmecksounds good! thanks!21:03
prpplaguemacmeck: ping me next week for an update21:03
macmeckyep, I will21:04
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Jefrodamn xubuntu installer keeps crashing on a directory I can verify is actually there22:45
Jefroany known issues about installing xubuntu to a SD card on the machine? I'm using a fast card (Sandisk Ultra class 10 32gb) and installing from a USB key. I keep getting write errors on the SD card.23:03
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