Tuesday, 2014-08-12

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BhaalInge-: Gawd, let them fill orders for the first released board :)03:35
Bhaalprpplague: When will CC have their own order page?03:36
BhaalI am seriously pissed off with Mouser now and will likely never order from them again...03:36
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Inge-Bhaal: sure - I have just seen talk of both 4GB and quad core. interesting to hear the plans.03:52
BhaalInge-: Indeed! :)  No argument here03:52
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BhaalJust really pissed at Mouser for sending my board to someone in the US because the screwed up the shipping status for the Max...03:53
Inge-yeah sucks.04:01
Inge-what are your plans for it?04:01
BhaalThe first board, it will become a data recovery node...04:03
BhaalBut I can see quite a number of them coming here to live...04:04
BhaalEspecially when someone brings out a few different cases for them...04:04
BhaalWell, really only interested in a VESA mount case, after that, don't really care...04:05
prpplagueBhaal: tigal is coming online shortly04:07
BhaalWould love a "lure" which matched up with the onboard sata port and the 5V fan header that ended in a regular PCB mounted sata+power connected...04:07
prpplagueBhaal: not sure i understand04:08
Bhaalprpplague: Understand I am not criticizing CC04:08
prpplagueBhaal: understood, i meant about the sata port04:08
Bhaalprpplague: I want a board I can slide a 2.5" drive (HDD/SSD) onto and then mount it ontop of the Max with the correct standoffs...04:09
BhaalSo it's not a lure as per usual, it doesn't connect to either the low speed/high speed connectors...04:10
BhaalIt would connect to the SATA port, and umm, J2?  The 5V 1A fan header...  In a press down sort of fashion (this you would do after already connecting and screwing the HDD to the card...04:11
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Guest48142hello buddy i want buy a minnow board but many websites have not it ,can you help me how buy it in china?04:36
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asa1986hello ,i want to buy minnowboard  v(1) but i cannot find it in china ,can you guide me,plz?05:08
Bhaalprpplague: Hey umm, any imagery for the 4 port USB lure?05:26
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* warthog9 notes his return from DEFCON07:56
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calculuswarthog9: is your OS/computer still safe? no intrusions08:49
tbrI thought you just go there with a throw-away device and incinerate it on your way home?08:52
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aholler_so it's an offense conference with the wrong name?09:53
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ahollerbtw., I've just come across a handy sata-cable: http://www.watterott.com/index.php?page=product&info=383610:01
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BhaalAlso, prpplague I would like to buy direct from supplier if it cuts down costs...  hence why I asked about the store10:27
seaLnehas anyone had any sucess using a hdmi to vga adaptor with a max? i'm wondering if it not working might be it powering its self from the max hdmi10:28
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BhaalseaLne: Sorry, no success at all...11:55
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seaLneBhaal: does that mean you finally got a max?11:59
BhaalUmmm, those were my shifty eyes...11:59
BhaalSo, no..  Mouser decided to send my Max to someone INSIDE the USA :)12:00
* Bhaal pokes aholler12:00
Bhaalaholler: Now that I mention you and looked to see when you last posted...  Damn, that is a nice looking sata cable!12:01
seaLneinteresting and they seem to be available on ebay as well12:07
Bhaalforgot the sata connector on the max is not vertical12:09
Bhaalno wonder prpplague was giving me strange looks12:09
BhaalSolution is still simple though...  onboard msata->sata ... pulling power from J2 somehow12:10
Bhaal"You need to solder the jumper upside down so the lure can connect to it from underneath the max"12:11
seaLneeven with that don't you still need a sata cable anyway to got to the disk?12:16
BhaalThe max is pretty much the same size as a 2.5" drive...12:16
BhaalWell that's a problem for a 2.5" HDD lure12:16
BhaalseaLne: not if you used the msata12:17
Bhaaloff the highspeed connector12:17
BhaalDoesn't matter, it wouldn't quite work... not if you were trying to put the boards together with standoffs between them12:19
seaLnewell the HS connector comes in different heights for that12:19
Bhaalyeah, but 2.5" hdd is pretty much exact same dimensions as the Max12:20
BhaalI need to stop thinking out loud12:20
RzRhi is this the samsung efi breakage we talked https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7731112:24
yoctiBug 77311: was not found.12:24
RzR Bug 77311 - samsung_laptop + EFI12:25
yoctiBug https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=77311 was not found.12:25
ahollersilly bot12:28
aholleryocti: no botsnack for you12:28
yoctiaholler: Error: "no" is not a valid command.12:28
RzRyocti, NotAValidCommand12:28
yoctiRzR: Error: "NotAValidCommand" is not a valid command.12:28
RzRORLY ?12:29
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aholleranother bot scared away ;)12:29
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* Bhaal chuckles12:30
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Bhaalaholler: I picture "Homer" from Simpsons doing the "AH!" turning and running thing12:33
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prpplagueBhaal: hey, i missed your comments15:31
prpplagueBhaal: what was it you were asking?15:32
prpplaguewarthog9: can you set the channel to auto-op yocti on join so halstead doesn't have to do it every so often?15:33
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warthog9prpplague: let me see if i have those powers...16:38
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BryansteinAnyone here gotten spi to work with any distro?17:20
BryansteinI'm going to post to the list here soon...just figuring I'd ask before I sent my message17:20
BryansteinSPI on the max that is17:20
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dvhartBryanstein, we have, yes17:56
dvhartBryanstein, what are you trying to do?17:56
dvhartThere are example test cases in the minnow-max-extras repository17:57
Bryansteindvhart, I get an error when I try to load the driver on the yocto sato image17:57
dvhart3.14 kernel?17:57
dvhartwhich driver, what's the error?17:58
Bryanstein[  597.682946] pxa2xx_spi_pci: probe of 0000:00:1e.5 failed with error -1717:58
BryansteinLinux intel-corei7-64 3.14.4-yocto-standard17:58
dvhartAre you in PCI mode or ACPI enumeration mode?17:58
dvhartconfigured in the firmware in the LPSS config menu17:58
Bryansteinerr not sure. It's the default mode17:59
dvhartstill PCI I believe17:59
dvhartdoes lspci list a SPI device?17:59
Bryanstein00:1e.5 Serial bus controller [0c80]: Intel Corporation ValleyView LPIO1 SPI Controller (rev 0c)17:59
dvhartok, then definitely PCI17:59
dvhartdid you build this image?18:00
Bryansteindvhart, https://www.yoctoproject.org/downloads/bsps/daisy161/intel-corei7-6418:00
BryansteinThis is where it comes from18:00
dvhartright, OK, so we need to verify that has all the SPI/PCI clock stuff that we pushed more recently (still being finalized upstream on LKML)18:01
dvhartMy suggestion here is to switch to ACPI mode18:01
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dvhartit works in PCI with the latest kernel, but the ACPI mode will just work now - path of least resisitence18:01
dvhartsee the wiki for the menu path to make the change:18:02
BryansteinYeah I saw some common clock stuff...really more than I wanted to read :oP18:02
Bryansteindvhart, I've been all through those menus, lol so I'll have no problem getting to it18:02
BryansteinIt was said that "everything" works on that image so I gave it a whirl.18:03
dvhartBryanstein, I would have thought everything works too18:03
dvhartBryanstein, where did you get a pointer to that image?18:03
BryansteinSeems to not be the case, well without that tidbit of changing the numeration mode18:03
dvhartthe PCI mode should work too18:03
dvhartbut I don't want you blocked while I investigate that18:04
Bryansteindvhart, well just thumping around and err maybe you mentioned it on the list :oO18:04
dvhartBryanstein, would you be willing to open a bug in bugzilla? Add the URL, the error, etc. so we can track it please?18:04
dvhartmany thanks18:05
Bryansteinhere ?http://goo.gl/rc9zv118:05
dvhartyup, new->yocto project components->BSPs->bsps-meta-intel18:07
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ahollernow that's a great flame: http://lkml.org/lkml/2014/8/12/45920:36
ahollerunfortunatley we've already entered the century of the silliness ;)20:38
prpplagueaholler: hey there20:38
prpplagueaholler: did you have a question about something over the weekend20:38
ahollerno, I'm still fighting with arm-kernels instead of using intel for low-power-systems ;)20:39
ahollermaybe with the next round of chips build with 14nm ;)20:40
prpplagueaholler: i had a note that you had some question or something on the channel over the weekend20:40
ahollerunlikely, I've posted an url to a sata cable today morning (yesterday for you), nothing else.20:41
prpplagueaholler: ahh maybe that is what it was20:42
prpplagueaholler: you still have the url?20:42
prpplagueahh nice cable!20:43
prpplagueaholler: Bhaal was asking about a sata lure20:44
prpplagueaholler: i think i got the messages mixed up20:44
ahollerit read more like he's searching a case which has a 2.5"-hd-slot20:45
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ahollerbut it's a development-board. Also that doesn't mean anything today, it's just an excuse to sell broken stuff with limited warranties (e.g. missing drivers and such) ;)20:48
ahollersorry for beeing cynical ;)20:49
prpplagueaholler: yea, the race for cheap and soon, generally doesn't leave time for refined products20:50
prpplagueaholler: seems like you had something before on the same lines that i was going to respond to, but got distracted20:50
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Bryansteindvhart, bug submitted21:00
dvhartBryanstein, thank you kindly21:01
dvhartdid ACPI solve the problem for you?21:01
Bryansteindvhart, didn't try it yet...let me reboot and give it a spin...let you know in a sec21:01
BryansteinAt least I get an error on this 3.14 kernel...I have a 3.16 kernel that says nothing and does nothing21:14
Bryansteindvhart, nope doesn't work21:14
BryansteinNow in this mode...it acts like all the other kernels...just says nothing and no device shows up21:15
dvhartdo you see anything under /sys/class/spi_master ?21:19
dvhartroot@intel-corei7-64:~# ls /sys/class/spi_master/21:19
Bryansteindvhart, lemme look...I know it was there on the other kernels21:25
Bryansteindvhart, yes it's there21:26
dvhartOK... so what are you expecting to happen?21:33
dvhartBryanstein, ^21:33
dvhartThe driver you referred to only loads the spi_master bus driver. If you want to load device drivers, you'll need to do something like what is described here:21:35
Bryansteindvhart, well I figured that there would be a platform file in there that makes /dev/spidev show up21:35
dvhartThat driver is here:21:36
dvhartIf this is significantly different than your experience with other hardware - please point me at an example driver that does what you would expect21:37
BryansteinOk...but isn't this supposed to be in say arch/x86/platform/minnowboard or something?21:38
* dvhart points Bryanstein at "How not to write an x86 device driver"21:39
Bryansteindvhart, well I saw it happen in realtime21:39
dvhartoh OK :-)21:39
dvhartso, there are two points to see here21:39
dvhart1) everything we talked about last year21:39
dvhart2) the spidev device needs a device  to create the spidev entry for21:40
dvhartthere isn't such a device on the minnoboardmax itself21:40
dvhartthe lures have some, thus the calamari lure board file I reference above21:40
dvhartthese boardfiles will not be accepted upstream21:40
dvhartthey are useful for prototyping, so we made them available in the extras repository21:41
dvhartultimately, we will enable this via SSDTs21:41
dvhartwith ACPI 5.1 now complete and the _DSD support now in the spec, we are working on platform device description mechanisms21:41
dvhartlook for patches on LKML this week21:41
dvhartBryanstein, does the point about bus vs device for spidev make sense?21:42
dvharthaving trouble articulating that succinctly21:42
Bryansteindvhart, yes it does...I was just seeing if there would be a change in the flux of the platform file for Minnowmax...led heartbeat/cpu flashing is nice to have too21:43
dvhartRight. The max doesn't have such devices onboard, so it's a bit different from the minnow v1 in that regard21:44
BryansteinOk I gotcha, hence 2) the spidev device needs a device  to create the spidev entry for21:44
dvhartwe could right calamari boardfiles and submit them, but they would just be rejected on LKML.21:45
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