Thursday, 2014-08-14

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RzRone again Re: [MinnowBoard] Minnowboard Max no longer booting to UEFI Shell08:29
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BryansteinAnyone used the max with a sata enclosure yet?16:23
BryansteinI have one and it's only reading 1's only reads one drive in the UEFI and the OS16:24
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BryansteinAnyone used the max with a sata enclosure yet...mine only reads 1 disk16:28
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prpplagueBryanstein: i am sorry i am not sure i understand your question16:30
prpplagueBryanstein: can you link me to the specifications of the sata enclosure that you are using?16:30
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Bryansteinprpplague, I have a sata enclosure...I'm wondering if others have connected their max to a sata enclosure16:30
Bryanstein1 sec16:30
prpplagueBryanstein: ahh ok, a multi-drive bay16:32
mmetzgerLooks like it requires a port-multiplier capable port16:33
prpplagueBryanstein: warthog9 i think purchased one, but i don't think he's tested it16:33
prpplaguemmetzger: correct16:33
prpplaguemmetzger: btw, your eval unit should be going out today with the prototype/tester seacat lure16:33
mmetzgerprpplague: ?  You thinking of someone else?16:33
* prpplague looks16:34
prpplagueahh right it is macmeck16:34
mmetzgerNot that I'm going to turn down free hardware ;)16:34
prpplaguemmetzger: hehe don't you already have your max?16:34
prpplagueBryanstein: i don't think the current firmware has the port-multiplier enabled16:35
mmetzgerprpplague: Yup - but I'm not going to make that be a reason to stop.16:35
prpplagueBryanstein: let me send an inquiry on that16:35
prpplaguemmetzger: hehe16:35
prpplaguemmetzger: sorry, saving the evals for folks who either don't have one already, or who are doing some dev/testing16:35
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prpplagueBryanstein: were you able to get your board reflashed?16:36
Bryansteinprpplague, ah...that's a booger...I see in the uefi that it only sees 1 drive16:36
mmetzgerprpplague: No worries - I wouldn't take one unless I had specific need / possible big order.16:36
prpplagueBryanstein: ordering one now for testing16:37
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Bryansteinprpplague, not yet...been busy running around with my hair on fire for Fossetcon16:39
prpplagueBryanstein: ahh16:39
Bryansteinthat multiplier...very coveted! Any idea when that might make it in the mix?16:39
BryansteinI can't start realizing the max as a NAS without it!16:40
prpplagueBryanstein: carpman is whipping up a small FTDI based tool to do the flashing16:41
prpplagueBryanstein: we'll get one out to you as soon as we get some ready16:41
prpplagueBryanstein: it really hasn't been on the agenda16:41
prpplagueBryanstein: so no clue16:41
prpplagueBryanstein: i just ordered one of those devices, so i'll start getting the testing and such scheduled16:42
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macmeckprpplague: just read your comment about the shipment, thanks!16:57
macmeckfollowing the discussion above, the SATA port on the board isnot port-multiplier capable?17:03
prpplaguemacmeck: the specs on the controller in the baytrail-i indicate that it is17:06
prpplaguemacmeck: however, the UEFI Firmware has to identify the controller as support port-multiplier, and currently it doesn't17:06
macmeckokay, so more a wait-for-it and not a doesnt' work17:09
prpplaguemacmeck: yea17:13
macmecklovin' it already17:14
prpplaguemacmeck: primary concern right now is to make sure that all of the validation testing during post-production is working as smoothly as possible and17:14
prpplaguemacmeck: that we are on track for all the planned lures17:14
tbrwill be hard to wait until ELCE to get my max :)17:16
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zenlinuxhere's a fun fish hack: launching salmon via a cannon:
prpplaguetbr: hehe17:19
prpplaguetbr: i'll bring some calamari lures for the yocto day stuff17:19
prpplaguetbr: i'll see what else is ready by then17:19
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prpplaguenew updated wiki page for the lures18:06
prpplaguefeedback is greatly appreciated!18:06
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macmeckhad a look at it like two hours ago, was still the old version. now there's so much more :-) great!18:31
macmecklures are not stackable, right?18:31
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prpplaguemacmeck: most of the ones we are making initially are not stackable18:36
prpplaguemacmeck: but there is no technical reason that they can not be18:36
prpplaguemacmeck: we are just pushing to get things out the door, then get feedback on changes18:37
prpplaguemacmeck: the seacat you are getting is a "side by side" version for testing18:37
prpplaguemacmeck: the production version will be smaller and fit inside the outline of the minnowmax18:37
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Bryansteinprpplague, what cape is that you are using to flash the minnows?18:48
calculusjetsam and flotsam, both described as mpcie lures18:55
calculusyet the schematic has msata for flotsam18:55
prpplagueBryanstein: custom one18:56
prpplagueBryanstein: we call it the "pervert" cape18:56
prpplaguecalculus: thank's i'll get that corrected18:57
* calculus imagines the office conversation, it is my turn to play with the pervert, you have had your chance18:57
calculusprpplague: no problem18:57
calculusprpplague: just lucky I am not charging for a max for my time/feedback18:58
prpplaguecalculus: hehe19:00
prpplaguecalculus: fixed19:00
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gavtyvDoes anyone know Minnowboard MAX's capability to playback HD video?19:44
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prpplaguegavtyv: yes, it plays hd video20:05
prpplaguewith audio20:05
gavtyvI'm gonna try ordering again. This time from TIGAL, since Mouser had problems importing the board to EU20:08
gavtyvBtw. does the BIOS support booting from USB?20:12
gavtyvWith properly would be faster and more stable?20:12
prpplaguegavtyv: yes it supports booting from usb, both the USB2 and USB3 ports20:14
prpplaguegavtyv: tigal hasn't gotten a shipment of boards as yet, because we are working to fill the pre-orders from mouser20:14
prpplaguegavtyv: the international shipping issue at mouser has been resovled20:14
gavtyvSo mouser is currently shipping?20:15
gavtyvprpplague: It still says "This product may require additional documentation to export from the United States." on mouser website20:18
prpplaguegavtyv: mouser has been shipping for 3 weeks, there was just a hiccup in the documentation for a couple of days20:18
prpplaguegavtyv: that's only if you are in iraq/iran/north korea20:18
gavtyvprpplague: Damn it. That hiccup got my order canceled. I hope the "waiting-line" isnt to long.20:26
prpplaguegavtyv: it's getting shorter20:26
prpplaguegavtyv: mouser should start showing stock within a few weeks20:27
gavtyvprpplague: OK. Nothing else to do than sit tight and wait then20:27
gavtyvprpplague: Thx for taking your time to answer.20:29
calculusprpplague: copy/paste error, ika and calamari sound almost feature identical20:30
* prpplague looks20:30
prpplaguelooks like warthog9 was doing some work on that20:31
warthog9my fault20:31
warthog9and yes copy/paste20:31
warthog9I had a couple of people jumping on me for some info, and prpplague wiped out the link I had to the ika stuff, so I was fixing things20:32
warthog9I'm fixing it20:32
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ka6soxI never can tell if these lures are on the drawing board, alpha, beta, or ready for folks to buy.22:42
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